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It Ain't All for Nothin' epub

by Joel Peter Johnson,Walter Dean Myers

It Ain't All for Nothin' epub

ISBN: 0064473112

ISBN13: 978-0064473118

Author: Joel Peter Johnson,Walter Dean Myers

Category: Young Adult

Subcategory: Literature & Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Amistad; Reprint edition (April 1, 2003)

Pages: 240 pages

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Rating: 4.2

Votes: 673

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Walter Dean Myers was the New York Times bestselling author of Monster, the winner of the first Michael L. Printz Award; a former National Ambassador for Young People's Literature; and an inaugural NYC Literary Honoree.

Walter Dean Myers was the New York Times bestselling author of Monster, the winner of the first Michael L. Myers received every single major award in the field of children's literature. He was the author of two Newbery Honor Books and six Coretta Scott King Awardees

The book, It Ain't All for Nothing is about a boy named Tippy and his grandmother, Carrie. Tippy is living with his grandmother and are both doing great. Until, one day his Grandmother Carrie gets real sick and is needed to go to the hospital. Tippy needs to live with his Father, Loonie.

The book, It Ain't All for Nothing is about a boy named Tippy and his grandmother, Carrie. Tippy's mom passed away a bit after he was born.

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FADE IN: INTERIOR: Early morning in CELL BLOCK D, MANHATTAN DETENTION CENTER. In the second book of the CRUISERS series, Walter Dean Myers explores the world of competitive chess as seen through the eyes of a group of middle school misfits. And heading for juvie. He's a good kid, a great friend, and a star striker for his Highland, New Jersey, soccer team.

by Walter Dean Myers. Hi my name is Alvin Fortson and I read the book It Ain't All For Nothing. I think this story is very good because in the story they do things that people do in everyday life and that is why I like the story. The book is about a boy that has no mommy because she died when he was first born.

Full recovery of all data can take up to 2 weeks! So we came to the decision at this time to double the download limits for all users until the problem is completely resolved. Thanks for your understanding! Progress: 8. 1% restored. Главная It Ain't All for Nothing. It Ain't All for Nothing. Life in Harlem isn't easy, but Tippy and his grandmother are doing okay.

Life in Harlem isn't easy, but Tippy and his grandmother are doing okay. Then Grandma Carrie gets sick, and Tippy goes to live with Lonnie, his father. Lonnie's got his own thing going on, and he doesn't have much room in his life for a son he barely knows -- unless, that is, Tippy is willing to walk the far side of the fine line between right and wrong. Grandma Carrie always said if he had Jesus in his heart there wasn't anything to worry about, but sometimes it's not that simple. When the chips are down, will Tippy be able to call for help -- and is there anyone out there who will listen?

THIS is indisputably the greatest book I've ever read in my entire life! I first read this book while in 5th grade. I'm now 40 and refer back to it's many teaching points. A few years ago, I opened with an excerpt from this book at the DC Shelter. The language is familiar. Author Walter Dean Meyers takes the reader into Urban New York and leads him/her on a journey to survive. I've also used this book as a read aloud when I taught school. It's a timeless classic!
For my son - these are the best books I can find with African American young males dealing with urban issues. Wonderful author
My son thought it was a good book.
Book was in excellent shape to cost 1 cent! Took a little while to get here but it made it right at the nick of time.
Overpriced for a paperback!
Book Review of "It Ain't all for Nothin"

The book "It Ain't All For Nothin" (1978) by Walter Dean Myers is a fiction story about a father named Lonnie and son, named Tippy. Is where Tippy goes through the roughest time adjusting to living with his father Lonnie. Why? Because his father Lonnie abuses him physical and mentally; also he has no steady job. So he steals and robs other people for a living with the help of his friends. And this isn't how Tippy's grandma raised him to live. But he have no where to go after his grandma become ill, and unable to care for the state think?

While reading this short novel I give it two thumps up. This novel is very good. It shows readers what a struggle it can be to live with an abusive person-Especially when you're used to doing the right thing and now you can't even be yourself anymore. It Ain't All For Nothin reminds of another novel I read last year. Black Girl Lost by Donald Gainer. Both novels...are two young black kids who are in an abusive home. [ With no one to rely on in the time of need have despair.] Until one day God must have known this was enough on their tiny hearts and sent someone their way for salvation. But the only thing different about that Tippy in ItAin't All for Nothin is a boy and his father Lonnie abuses him. Sarah, a character in Black Girl Lost is being abuses her mother and her drunk male friends.

The novel's conflict is very dramatic in some of the chapter. Sometime the character Tippy would describe the beating his father would give him. For instance Lonnie thought Tippy would rat him out to the cop about a robbery he made Tippy be part of, so he beat Tippy like he was a man his age. I became upset and angry not just with this one occasion there are many more. But looking from Lonnie's point of view,I can't understand his frustration of having to step up his responsibility of being a man. And he can't meet the standard of being a real man because he hasn't been in Tippy's life. So he gets high and drunk to relief his frustration. But taking out on his son is not the answer.

This novel is an easy reading. It doesn't have any weakness in the story and throughout the story it remains the same with its main purpose to grab the viewer's eyes. The book is for anyone who is interested in (reading the novel). It Ain't All for Nothin by Walter Dean Myers is very nice piece writing and could be read by many age groups. It probably would open up some people maybe parents who act beat their kids. The is help to non violence for everyone the world.

Sweety Pie
(...)I read this book in my Language class. I'm writing this book review based on the review that the other kids made and they put false facts in their review. But my own opinion was the book was great except for the end they never told what happened to his grandmother. This story takes place in New York, Harlem on St. Nicholas Avenue. Just because this story takes place in the ghetto doesn't mean it's bad. The main character is a twelve year boy named Tippy his mother died when she was having him and his dad well you know the deal a black man that stall. Well like any other black kid you know what happened to the kid-- the grandmother takes him. But when Tippy was born his grandmother didn't like him because she felt like Tippy took her only daughter's life, but hated Tippy's father even more. As he grows she learn to love him. But life isn't that good his grandmother has to go in to the hospital and Tippy goes to live with his dad that don't know anything about kids. The book is a great book and the people put you in mind of every day people so it might relate to so people lives. When Tippy first moves with his father he scared and told not to call his father dad. It hurt Tippy, but he tried not to pay to much mind. Then there comes a time when Tippy stop praying because he thought in was no use. In this book a father learns how to be a dad, a young man stands up to his father, (with nothing to loose), he robs stores, but still do what's right. Will recommend this book to any (...)student.
I'm a seventh grade student from Sampson G Smith and I read this book in my language class. I disagree with the others reviewers because the book was beautiful and very thoughtful. It's about a 12 YEAR old child named Tippy and it takes place in Harlem and it talks about how doing stuff that you think is wrong is bad and it seems like our world. Tippy was living with his grandmother but she got sick and had to go to the hospital. Tippy starts living with his father and get put on welfare. His father Lonnie is an alcoholic. They lived in a two room apartment. Lonnie has two friends named Bubba and Stone. At first Lonnie was a bad parent but then when you get in the middle he starts to change. This book is really interesting because it's really most about how things in life like problems are really complicated and you going to have to deal with it. The most likely part I liked was the one where Lonnie has tears running and he says goodbye. The one I didn't like was when Tippy gets hit a lot of times. I think other kids should read this book because it really deals with the pressure you go through and it's mostly like when you need to go to get help, go ahead.