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Rules of Vengeance epub

by Paul Michael,Christopher Reich

Rules of Vengeance epub

ISBN: 0739358022

ISBN13: 978-0739358023

Author: Paul Michael,Christopher Reich

Category: Thriller and Mystery

Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense

Language: English

Publisher: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (August 4, 2009)

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Rating: 4.5

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He lives in California with his family.

Rules of Vengeance: Jonathan Ransom, Book 2. Written by Christopher Reich. Narrated by Paul Michael. A riveting sequel to the New York Times bestseller Rules of Deception that confirms Christopher Reich as the master of the espionage thriller

Christopher Reich at the 2008 Texas Book Festival. Rules of Vengeance (2009) - New York Times Bestseller. Rules of Betrayal (2010) - New York Times Bestseller. The Prince of Risk (2013).

Christopher Reich at the 2008 Texas Book Festival. Christopher Reich (1961-11-12) November 12, 1961 (age 58) Tokyo, Japan. Invasion Of Privacy (2015).

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Christopher Reich Rules of Vengeance. The second book in the Jonathan Ransom series, 2009. To James F. Sloan Deputy Assistant Director, United States Secret Service Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Assistant Commandant for Intelligence, United States Coast Guard With respect and admiration for a life lived in service of the United States of America. lt;reuters newsflash london 11:38 gmt a powerful car bomb exploded this morning at 11:16 gmt in the london borough of westminster. Immediate casualties are said to number four dead and more than thirty wounded.

Reich . книга Rules of Vengeance. This book is dedicated to James F. Sloan. On a personal note, I’d like to thank the team at the Body Refinery in Encinitas, California, especially my trainer, Michael Barbanti, who goes the extra mile to find new and imaginative ways for me to work off my creative anxieties. Res firma, mitescere nescit. Finally, I would like to give a shout-out to my family, who inspire me to give it my best day in, day out: to Noelle and Katja, who I love more every day, and to my wife, Sue, who is always my first and best critic. Sloan

Rules of Vengeance book. A riveting sequel to the New York Times bestseller Rules of Deception that confirms Christopher Reich as the master of the espionage thriller.

Rules of Vengeance book.

Narrated by Paul Michael

Narrated by Paul Michael.

ALSO BY CHRISTOPHER REICH Featuring Jonathan and Emma Ransom: Rules of Vengeance Rules of Deception The Patriots Club The Devil’s Banker The . Brunner shouted his name.

ALSO BY CHRISTOPHER REICH Featuring Jonathan and Emma Ransom: Rules of Vengeance Rules of Deception The Patriots Club The Devil’s Banker The First Billion Th. Michael! The American stretched out an arm. Brunner threw himself at the hurtling figure.

Meet Christopher Reich, author of RULES OF VENGEANCE and the forthcoming RULES OF BETRAYAL.

A riveting sequel to the New York Times bestseller Rules of Deception that confirms Christopher Reich as the master of the espionage thriller.Months after foiling an attack on a commercial jetliner, Doctors Without Borders physician Jonathan Ransom is working under an assumed name in a remote corner of Africa while his wife, Emma, desperate to escape the wrath of Division, the secret American intelligence agency she betrayed, has vanished into the netherworld of international espionage. Both look forward to sharing a stolen weekend in London—until an ambush on a convoy of limousines turns their romantic rendezvous into a terrorist bloodbath. In the aftermath, Emma disappears and Jonathan is apprehended by the police and threatened with life imprisonment unless he helps secure his wife’s capture. Faced with an impossible decision, Jonathan makes a daring escape. On the run, herealizes that his only option is to become a spy himself in order to track down Emma and discover the true nature of the conspiracy she appears to be masterminding. In the process, Jonathan begins to realize that all along he’s been a pawn in a high-stakes game of international intrigue and one-upsmanship far beyond his imagining.
This series is a new favorite of mine. I love all the deep conspiracies and aircraft. Yes, it has too much in the way off over the top saves, amazingly uninjured people even when shot or blown up, but it is certainly a hard ook to put down. Secret government agencies and smart but regular people who become heroes, and always have amazingly broad skill sets, make for entertaining stories. Most of the plot is plausible but don't expect too much realism. Reich knows his business and I believe that he has done extensive research to get the details right. If you are Bloomingdales compelling read with characters you want to be good, this is a great series to read.
I read Rules of Deception. I agree it helps to read this book if one has. However, even that experience could not get me in gear on this one. I also agree with a reviewer who noted it probably helps if you can read this on a long, rainy weekend without distractions as I too, kept finding when I would miss a day or so, that I would have to re-read a chapter or so to get back in pace with the author.

Jonathan Ransome is at once the unluckiest guy in the world as well as the luckiest. Unlucky to have met and married his wife Emma. Lucky to have survived the process and to have made it through two novels in one piece. (That gives away nothing of the story)

Having discovered that Emma is some kind of a governmental agent in Rules of Deception and accepting that they must be apart for a considerable time due to her activities, Ransome is a member of Doctors Without Borders who has been laboring in the hinterlands of civilization when he is brought to Paris to be the guest speaker at a medical conference.

It is not long after arriving in Paris that he meets up with Emma (as she had planned). However, her idea is for this to be a last farewell. Jonathan has other ideas and for the rest of the book he chases the ellusive Emma across many borders attempting to understand her true identity and prevent her from carrying out a mission that could have serious implications for world peace.

What costs this book a couple of stars for me is the Perils of Pauline nature of Ransome's adventures. Just before the train runs over him as he is tied to the tracks, SHAZAM...he is off in another direction time after time.

I can understand how some might find this to be the way they like a book to go and those that do have given this four and five stars. My wife liked it much more than I. So, either I am being too much of an old codger about this type of writing or perhaps I am on to something. You read it and and you decide. It won't be a waste of your time.
How many levels deep under cover can a secret agent go before they are actually working for the agency that they are trying to double cross? I mean really, this agent was so many levels in that I was almost completely lost at the end. And how many people on your team do you have to attempt to kill before you are actually working for the enemy? This book was very intriguing. I like that you didn't really know who was working for whom until the very end. I would love to read more about Dr. Ransom. I would recommend this book to those who love spy stories.
Pretty good shoot'em up adventure novel, but I was disappointed with Reich's naivety about weapon details. Such as when he speaks of ammo "clips" VS "mags". The WWII M-1 rifle used a clip. Most other modern weapons use magazines. In addition, true weapon pros (MIL & police) carry their pistols with the firing chamber loaded. They would not be chambering a round just prior to battle - they would always be - fully loaded.
In this 3rd install of the Ransom series, many of the characters from the previous book return, new roles attached or adopted. I can't say much more without giving away some of the surprise twists.

If you're a fan of Ransom and his wife-of-uncertain-loyalty, this will be a treat.

My only significant negative? There is a Bad Guy who knows that Ransom is his enemy, but still plays the typical villain, giving the hero information and allowing him to escape because, well, that's how it has been done from Bond days on....
This book was an enjoyable read for me as I like good mysteries. And for those readers that finish a book and want more of the story the "Rules" series of three books provides more of the adventure. Although I've read all three "Rules" books in order and I'd recommend that, one can read any of the three "Rules" books for an exciting adventure.

I believe there is a lot of realism to the "Rules" series. The books aren't the type where the killer lived in the targets attic for three months and used the target's shower and computer during those months and is so good he goes undetected. Then flys off on his Gulfstream after the deed is done. The C. Reich books will be much more real.

I've recommended the series to friends that have also enjoyed the books.
I really enjoyed this book and was thrilled to realize that it is part of a series! I instantly bought the third book in the series. I didn't read the first one, but the author gives you a good recap of what happened, so it is not immediately necessary to go and buy the first book. This is definitely a new series that I will invest time and money into.
Again and again, you have to be a lover of thrillers to read them. To be fair, mr. Reich writes good action, he skilfully twists and twirls his plot. The problem is, I just can't completely suspend the logic and the reality. His characters are devoid of any human characteristics. They barely have one dimension, God forbid two. Nothing they do make any sense. So, even if the ride was pleasent enough, the place of arrival wasn't worth it. It could be my fault after all. Nobody tricked me.