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Lucky Man: A Tubby Dubonnet Mystery (Tubby Dubonnet Series) epub

by Tony Dunbar

Lucky Man: A Tubby Dubonnet Mystery (Tubby Dubonnet Series) epub

ISBN: 0440226627

ISBN13: 978-0440226628

Author: Tony Dunbar

Category: Thriller and Mystery

Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense

Language: English

Publisher: Dell (December 1, 1999)

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Rating: 4.8

Votes: 864

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Suddenly Tubby has a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. Because a little matter of office sex has turned into a nasty mystery of murder, rape, and suicide, real and imagined.

Praise for LUCKY MAN, SIXTH book in the TUBBY DUBONNET SERIES by author Tony Dunbar. new orleans times picayune. Lucky man. A tubby dubonnet mystery. Dunbar catches the rich, dark spirit of New Orleans better than anyone. booksBnimble Publishing. All rights are reserved.

Tubby Dubonnet Series. 9 primary works, 16 total works. Book 1-2. Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries Vol. 1-2. by Tony Dunbar. Envision This: A Tubby Dubonnet Short Story. Meet Tubby Dubonnet, easygoing, quick-thinking N. ore. Shelve Envision This: A Tubby Dubonnet Short Story. Shelve Lucky Man. Want to Read. Mouth-watering New Orleans cuisine and a box set.

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Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries. Tony Dunbar - Tubby Dubonnet 02 - City of Beads. Tubby Dubonnet is a New Orleans lawyer without a lot of ambition or illusion. New Orleans Attorney Tubby Dubonnet is getting tired of his slow-moving, indolent city-with all its dirt and dancing, its colorful characters and corruption.

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Book in the Tubby Dubonnet Series). Just when he thinks things have settled down in New Orleans, attorney Tubby Dubonnet finds himself negotiating for the political survival of his judge, Al Hughes, who's being framed by a vicious prosecutor for sex crimes. Meanwhile, Tubby's best friend is having an affair with an exotic dancer that may be connected to the case against the judge.

Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries Vol. 1-3. October 2, 2016 By Just Kindle Books

Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries Vol. October 2, 2016 By Just Kindle Books. Now you can get the first THREE hard-boiled but humorous mysteries in the food-friendly TUBBY DUBONNET series by Edgar-nominated author Tony Dunbar at a delectable price. Filed Under: Featured, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Tagged With: book, ebook, kindle.

Tony Dunbar: Night Watchman: A Tubby Dubonnet Mystery Garden District Book Shop.

It's a city of sin. And murder is only one of them.New Orleans Attorney Tubby Dubonnet is getting tired of his slow-moving, indolent city--with all its dirt and dancing, its colorful characters and corruption. For Tubby, a change of scenery might be in order, until a moralistic crusading prosecutor tries to destroy the career and reputation of Tubby's favorite judge.Suddenly Tubby has a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. Because a little matter of office sex has turned into a nasty mystery of murder, rape, and suicide, real and imagined. And with more than a fair share of femmes fatales around him, and some dangerous criminals masquerading as reputable businessmen, Tubby suddenly has a lot more to do than avoid his next bottle and plot his next meal: he needs a lucky break--just to stay alive....
This book is full of unresolved plot holes. Also there is no ending it just stops. I thought I had a copy that was missing a few chapters.
Shelter from the Storm melts into The Crime Czar the way The Crime Czar melts into Lucky Man, the sixth book in this fine series. The first three books were a little more standalone, although they share many characteristics that run true all the way through. The second three feel like a single narrative contained in three book covers.

In this book, politics steps to the fore as Tubby represents a New Orleans judge who has a very vindictive DA bearing down on him. I really appreciated the political intrigue and all of its details. The portraits of fund raising, ass-kissing, and general back scratching amongst New Orleans' political class make this book worth reading just for that alone.

There were also some pretty harrowing action scenes.

This is a highly recommended series, but be sure to read the books in the order they came out in, as each subsequent book has many spoilers.
Tubby has to be the most interesting lawyer in New Orleans, always surrounded by a diverse group of characters, and this story does not disappoint. A judge is setup, a rich man is killed, and then there Tubby right smack in the middle of the whole thing. With help from his staff and associates he gets to the bottom of all that is currently going on. A good read.
Managed to read all of it but it seemed to me that it just quit. I never felt that there was any conclusion to any of the story lines started during the book
I finished reading the book hoping that it would come together but it didn't. It felt unfinished at the end. There were too many characters and it was hard to figure out how they would fit in. It was my least favorite book I have read in a long time and I don't intend to read another Tubby Dobonnet book.
You should always start by reading the first book in a series of books. I should know better than to argue with a lawyer however, I feel, in this case, I need to point out that the ball was fumbled in the Red Zone. The author gave the reader a mystery where the only mystery was, "What was the Plot?" This lack of obvious plot was compounded when the author decided the book was done, without warning, leaving the reader wondering if something is missing from his copy.
All this being true, at least from my perspective, the author does an admiral job of placing the reader in the middle of New Orleans. The characters are real and the reader will soon feel as if he knows each one personally. Some the reader will like, some will be hated and some are truly from the shadows of lower New Orleans.
The book kept my attention until it dropped me at the end; I wondered what I had missed or what was missing. Therefore, I only gave the book a THREE STAR review and I am not sure I would recommend it to my friends.
I love the colorful, quirky characters in this series. I wish there were current books to be read...I visited the New Orleans area in 8/13 so a lot of the location references had significance to me, just a great, fast moving read!
Okay, I admit it. I am a Tony Dunbar fan, as least as far as his Tubby Dubonnet series is concerned. Tubby is a frustrating character who is deep and wise and philosophical and doomed to repeat self-destructive behavior over and over again. He makes a little progress novel by novel so I hang in there for him to really climb out of the holes he digs for himself. Dunbar takes us into the underbelly of the South and holds us there through his adventures in what often seem hopeless cases. But he surprises us with the occasional stroke of brilliance and his unerring understanding of human misbehavior and his generous heart. And the endings do contain that little twist I didn't anticipate. These are fun reads and I will keep reading them as the series progresses.