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Pandora by Holly Hollander epub

by Gene Wolfe

Pandora by Holly Hollander epub

ISBN: 0450553450

ISBN13: 978-0450553455

Author: Gene Wolfe

Category: Thriller and Mystery

Subcategory: Mystery

Language: English

Publisher: New English Library Ltd; 1st (British) paperback edition (December 5, 1991)

Pages: 208 pages

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Rating: 4.8

Votes: 543

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To Aladdin Blue and David G. Hartwell, because this is mostly their fault.

To Aladdin Blue and David G. It’s also the only book of mine to sell, so far. I started writing it the day after I moved in with Blue, but it took over a year to get it finished and it hung around various publishers’ offices for about as long as it would’ve taken me to get through college, assuming I’d gone to college. Then Ms. Sudden down at the BPL introduced me to this real writer who knows Joe Hensley and everything.

Pandora By Holly Hollander book.

Pandora by Holly Hollander: a novel. Holly Hollander's seemingly chance encounter with the enigmatic detective Mr. Blue takes on added significance when her family becomes involved in a murder that centers on the contents of a mysterious. Gene Wolfe was born in New York City on May 7, 1931

To Aladdin Blue and David G.

Pandora by Holly Hollander. How the Box Got to Barton2. How I Met Aladdin Blue3. How I Lost Every Cent and Had to Hitch4.

Some are naive, as in Pandora by Holly Hollander or The Knight; others are not particularly intelligent (There Are .

Some are naive, as in Pandora by Holly Hollander or The Knight; others are not particularly intelligent (There Are Doors); Severian, from The Book of the New Sun, is not always truthful; and Latro of the Soldier series suffers from recurrent amnesia. Wolfe wrote in a letter, "My definition of a great story has nothing to do with 'a varied and interesting background. Gate of Horn, Book of Silk: A Guide to Gene Wolfe's The Book of the Long Sun and The Book of the Short Sun: Michael Andre-Driussi (Sirius Fiction, 2012, ISBN 64279-55-X). Shadows of the New Sun, an anthology of stories by other authors which are all explicitly based on Wolfe stories (TOR Books, 2013). Maybe the cover illustrator just saw Pandora + Gene Wolfe and assumed fantasy. Or maybe Wolfe told him to make it deceptive

Pandora By Holly Hollander book. Or maybe Wolfe told him to make it deceptive. I really feel that the author included a lot of hints that the story was going to at least have fantasy elements, such as individuals mysterious knowing or sensing things.

Holly Hollander, a bright teenage girl in Illinois, is understandably curious about what's inside, but when the box is opened, death is unleashe. leaving Holly at the center of an intricate mystery that only she can solve. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

New York : T. Doherty Associates. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by sf-loadersive. org on April 27, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Pandora by Holly Hollander - Wolfe Gene Molly was there, too, working on the books or something behind the counter. Molly was Larry’s wife

Pandora by Holly Hollander - Wolfe Gene. I guess locks run in the Hollander blood; one of these days I’ll get in the business if I have to open a deli. That was a joke, but it’s really the truth about locks. They’re nice and solid, and they’ve got this shine to them and snap with a good, solid chink. Molly was there, too, working on the books or something behind the counter. Molly was Larry’s wife. She was from some little place the other side of Nashville, and it was my opinion that if somebody thought she was pretty that somebody’d make a pretty good truck driver.

Perhaps a lesser work in Wolfes career, Pandora is nevertheless a spellbinding, interesting tale worthy of the master.
But when I was done re-reading this book, I literally put it in the recycling bin. Normally I would put a book I didn't want out in the laundry room. But I would not want this to be someone's first taste of Wolfe.
PANDORA, BY HOLLY HOLLANDER is perhaps Gene Wolfe's most mainstream novel. A murder mystery set in a small town in Illinois, the novel contains little of the fantastic elements of his other works, such as his acclaimed masterwork The Book of the New Sun. The book also lacks the puzzles for which Wolfe is notorious, so that the reader gets pretty much everything on the first time through.
The narrator of PANDORA is Holly Hollander, a 17-year old girl who, though plainly immature, is no ditz. She has a thing for mystery novels and can think quite logically. The plot of PANDORA is that Holly's mother buys an locked box marked "Pandora" to be the star attraction of the annual town fair. Tickets are sold, and whoever wins the raffle gets whatever is in the box. I can't say too much to spoil the plot, but the box unleashes death and Holly is determined to find the culprit.She meets a criminologist, Alladin Blue, who seems to know more than he should about the people of her small town.
PANDORA was the third of Gene Wolfe's turn-of-the-90's trilogy of books with contemporary settings. It is perhaps the least substantial, both THERE ARE DOORS and CASTLEVIEW better reward repeat reading with their numerous riddles. Nonetheless, PANDORA is entertaining, and I'd recommend it to any fan of Gene Wolfe. Nonetheless, for people who haven't read anything by Wolfe, I'd suggest starting with the Book of the New Sun, his acclaimed four-volume work.
This one for me was an incredibly quick and easy read. It was fun, and not nearly as dense as most of Wolfe's other works. It dealt with a story written by Holly Hollander, a younger woman who is caught up in some strange events when her mother brings home a strange box labeled "Pandora" which she auctions off the right to open and keep the contents during a fund raiser. As one would guess, opening up pandora's box is not exactly the wisest decision and events lead towards multiple deaths, including at least one murder and the eventual revelation of 'who done it'.
This is a great mystery, with odd twists and thrilling turns, told with a refrshingly new voice about a very unseemly murder. Although not overtly at first (ignoring the title), it uses every bit as much symbolism and allusions and references and all that kind of literary stuff that make you wonder--as people who read Gene Wolfe's work already know about--what you're gong to catch the next time you read it. Arthur'd be proud.