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Cracking the GRE with CD-ROM, 2001 Edition (Princeton Review) epub

by Karen Lurie

Cracking the GRE with CD-ROM, 2001 Edition (Princeton Review) epub

ISBN: 0375756264

ISBN13: 978-0375756269

Author: Karen Lurie

Category: Test Preparation

Subcategory: Graduate School

Language: English

Publisher: Princeton Review; Pap/Cdr edition (June 13, 2000)

Pages: 416 pages

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FB2 book: 1886 kb

Rating: 4.7

Votes: 636

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This book also includes four full-length sample GRE CATs on a Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM. Quick feedback-predict your GRE CAT score instantly.

WE KNOW STUDENTS Each year we help more than two million students score high with our courses, bestselling books, and award-winning software. This book also includes four full-length sample GRE CATs on a Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM.

Cracking the GRE Mathematics Subject Test. CRACKING the · CODING INTERVIEW. 81 MB·145,573 Downloads. CRACKING the. CODING INTERVIEW.

In Cracking the GRE, we'll teach you how to think like the test writers . We don't try to teach you everything there is to know about mathematics and essay writing–only the techniques you'll need to score higher on the exam. There's a big difference. This book gives you 120 practice test questions covering each section of the exam, plus a CD-ROM with four full-length practice GRE tests and instant score reporting. All of our practice questions are just like the ones you’ll see on the actual GRE, and we fully explain every solution.

Karen Lurie has written five books, including the LSAT/GRE Analytic Workout and GRE Crash Course. Библиографические данные.

The sample questions were exactly what I found in my actual test, especially those in the analytical section. My actual score was great and I strongly feel that this book had a lot to do with it. Other books didn't discuss how to take the exam like this one and focused mainly on practice questions.

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Cracking Gre w/ CDROM. Cracking Gre with CD-Rom 2003. Cracking the GRE. Karen Lurie.

4. Cracking the GRE 2011 (+ DVD-ROM). Adam Robinson, Karen Lurie, Magda Pecsenye.

The Princeton Review doesn't try to teach you everything there is to know about English, mathematics and analytic thinking. They just tell you what you need to know to score higher on the GRE. There's a big difference. In Cracking the GRE, The Princeton Review will teach you how to think like the test makers.This is accomplished by teaching you how to:Eliminate answer choices that look right but are planted to fool youSolve GRE analogies when you're not sure what all the words meanMaster the vocabulary words that appear most often on the GREsolve GRE algebra problems by "plugging in" numbers in place of letters*This book gives you 135 practice test questions covering each section of the exam, plus a CD-ROM with four full-length simulated GREs and instant score reporting. The questions in these tests are exactly like the ones you'll see on the actual computer-adaptive GRE, and every solution is fully explained.Contents include:I OrientationIntroductionGeneral StrategyII How to Crack the Verbal SectionThe Geography of the Verbal SectionAnalogiesSentence CompletionsAntonymsReading ComprehensionVocabulary for the GREIII How to Crack the Math SectionThe Geography of the Math SectionNumbersVariables and EquationsFiguresIV How to Crack the Analytic SectionThe Geography of the Analytic SectionArgumentsGamesV How to Crack the Optional Writing SampleThe Optional Writing AssessmentVI Practice SetsReady for Some GRE Aerobics?BinsAnswers and Explanations
I used this book several years ago and I'm sure there are more current editions. However, this book was extremely helpful for the GRE.
This book helped me a lot to get a good score on the GRE. It should be complemented with the official GRE book though. Some math problems are too easy.
I took the GRE three days ago, and found this Book/CD combo to be moderately helpful. I didn't actually use the CD at all (since I couldn't get it to work), but the word list was somewhat useful. However, I got through the list of high frequency words fairly quickly, and the Princeton doesn't give you a larger list to learn, which I found out was necessary. I also used Barron's "How to prepare for the GRE test" which had a longer vocab list.
I would like to comment that there didn't seem to be enough review questions of each type. At the end of the book there are sample questions, but when you add them all up, there are only a small number of questions of each type. Like in the verbal questions, there are only 5 antonym questions per bin, and only 3 bins. So that's only 15 antonym questions to practice. And I needed to practice more than that.
As a plus, information was presented very informally, so it was fairly easy to understand. I worked through the book in a short amount of time, so I understood the format of the GRE and how to best approach the different types of questions. However, how to study and what to review once you were done studying was not really present in this book. For example, I would have liked more review of the math concepts that I had to remember for the test, and as already mentioned, more vocab words (that were on my GRE test) that were not on the Princeton's list, yet were on long lists in other books (such as Barron's).
In the end, I would say this was a good starting book, but if you are able to memorize the ~350 words in the Princeton before your test, you should get another book with more vocab to learn.
If you are in a hurry and just looking to get a decent score on the GRE this is a good book. It gives a good overview, decent tips and enough vocabulary to get by. The math review section is very good at getting you back up to speed with junior high and high school math. It's amazing what you forget. In addition, you get 4 online practice tests which are good for learning pacing and were a bit harder than the GRE official practice tests.
The caveat though is that this book is not for those who want a high score on the GRE. There aren't enough practice questions or alternative techniques for process of elimination. As well, the word list is way too short to make a dent in the amount of words you should know. The math practice section was woefully inadequate and some of their techniques didn't add up (no pun intended). When taking the online tests, the tips for getting a better score are laughable. However, it may be worth shelling out the money just to have the practice exams, but I think you can just sign up online for those without having to buy the book.
Bottomline: Try Barron's - much more comprehensive.
After having taking the GRE, I can say that though the book does provide some insight into the test which is essential to understanding how the exam is written and how to score well when taking it, what it does not do is provide example questions that approach the difficulty of problems which will be seen on the actual exam. This is particularly evident in the verbal section. The "high frequency words" are a good starting point for vocabulary study, but it is unlikely that many of them will show up on the exam. Why? When taking the exam, everyone must sign a form stating that they won't divulge information on test questions to outside sources. Think about it. That means that either the PR stole that high frequency list from ETS, or they have looked at retired exams and compiled their list from that. Since ETS hasn't sued PR for such an infraction, we can assume the latter is true. If it is true that PR simply took retired exams (which can be seen in full from the ETS publication on the GRE) then you can bet that most of those words will NOT appear on a new exam. Otherwise if you took the exam enough you could get a very high verbal because the same words would come up. The vocab list I used was 1300 words long, and I still saw words on the exam that I had never seen before. Your best bet is to get familiar with the words, but don't waste your time memorizing the definitions inside and out. You don't generally need to know them that well. A good rule of thumb is to take the number of words with which you can familiarize yourself reasonable within a week, and multiply that by 10. There are many websites that offer GRE vocab lists for free, and from what I have seen after taking the exam, I can say that they are pretty helpful.
The bottom line is this, it is a good place to start out, but overall the review is far more simplistic than the actual exam. Some better materials are the Barron's guide and the afore mentioned ETS publication. If you are crunched for time, better skip this one altogether and use another publication.
Though I've taken numerous standardized tests before, its been quite some time since I was required one. This packet was an excellent, excellent refresher, and I imagine will help to bump my score up a few points as well.
The text itself is useful in its hints and strategies. And I thought that the software was a really nice edition. If for no other reason, it forces you to adapt to a computer type test, where you must learn to work away from the question...
Overall, I thought that this was an excellent review source. I could find no fault in its methodology or material. I would like to say that you would probably benifit more from such a review if you took the time to review well ahead of time (a month or two?) instead of last minute... Just a thought.