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Guide to Free Campgrounds (Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds) epub

by Don Wright

Guide to Free Campgrounds (Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds) epub

ISBN: 0937877522

ISBN13: 978-0937877524

Author: Don Wright

Category: Sport

Subcategory: Hiking & Camping

Language: English

Publisher: Cottage Publications; 14 edition (June 1, 2011)

Pages: 600 pages

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Rating: 4.8

Votes: 240

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Not only will this book pay for itself the first time it is used.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Don Wright is the author of 23 books and more than 2,700 national magazine articles, nearly all about recreational vehicles, RV travel and .

Don Wright is the author of 23 books and more than 2,700 national magazine articles, nearly all about recreational vehicles, RV travel and campgrounds.

Campground Directories by Don Wright; Guide to Free and Low Cost Campgrounds, Camping with the . Western County and City Parks Another title by Don Wright. com at 15% off cover price.

Campground Directories by Don Wright; Guide to Free and Low Cost Campgrounds, Camping with the Corps of Engineers and, Western County and City Parks! camping, fishing, RVing . Site powered by Weebly.

Guide to Free Campgrounds book.

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Guide to Free Campgrounds.

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The Wright Guide to Don Wright. Not only will this book pay for itself the first time it is used, but it also provides information on stunning park campgrounds across the great United States. We try to describe everything to the best of our ability. Nearly 12,000 campgrounds are listed, including national parks, national forests, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, state parks and forests, wildlife areas, small mom-and-pop campgrounds and thousands of city and county parks with camping.

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The Guide to Free Campgrounds, 14th edition, merges the eastern and western versions into one book and includes only campgrounds with RV sites; tent-only campgrounds have been eliminated. The new edition contains more than 14,000 public campgrounds, including National Forests, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and Corps of Engineers. It also includes thousands of county and city parks with camping. The campgrounds in the book have overnight camping fees of $12 or less per night. The book gives detailed directions to each campground, along with facilities and activities available there. At thousands of federal and state campgrounds where the Federal America the Beautiful Senior Pass is honored, the book provides specific discounted fees that are charged to senior citizens with the lifetime pass. For the first time, GPS coordinates are provided for nearly every campground in the book, including remote, off-the-beaten-path camping areas.
I've been using this book for a month into a two month trip across the country. I've been pretty disappointed so far.

The majority of campsites listed are not free. Campsites which are $12 or under are included. That would be okay, but the author includes campsites which are under $12 for senior citizens or during the off season. This is frustrating for someone who is under 65. For example, there may be two campgrounds in the area. Campground A charges seniors $12 and non-seniors $25. Campground B charges everyone $15. Campground B is not listed in the Free Camping book. Campground A, which is more expensive, is listed.

The bigger problem I have with this book is the accuracy of the information. Last night we needed to do laundry and take a shower. We picked a campground which was listed as having showers, coin laundry, and other facilities. When we arrived at the campground, it was obvious that there were no shower facilities, but we inquired. The campground host laughed and said that he had no idea how anyone got the idea that there were showers -- there never had been any. No laundry or anything else, either.

Another time we followed very specific directions to a designated camping area. The road was barely passable. In fact, at the end, before reaching the campsite, the road was completely impassable. The area also appeared to be frequented by drug users.

I understand that fact checking a work of this sort must be difficult. However, it would be more helpful to users if more attempt was made to verify that roads are meant for cars/RVs rather than off-road vehicles and to verify the facilities available.
The 'Guide to Free Campgrounds" is a useful tool for finding free, or low cost, campgrounds. (Most of my choices seemed to be low cost, $10 or less, rather than completely free.) However, i found it hard to use. Most travel days I try to estimate where I will end up when I am ready to set camp for the night. Then I look for campgrounds in the area. To use this book, I have to pull out a map, make a list of towns near my ending point, then search thru the book town by town to find a campground. Tedious!

A very useful addition, I think, would be pages of maps with major highways and cities with free campgrounds labelled, similarly to the way AAA marks their maps to work with their travel guides and campground books. That would remove much of the tedium.
Apps are beginning to take over for the written book, but for confirmed boondockers like ourselves there is still no way to easily search for or find out of the way and low priced campsites for the night. Particularly here in the West, we have been treated to "park anywhere" no utilities but very scenic sites on BLM or Forest Service lands that are in no other resource that we know of. Our last edition was getting pretty ragish and we were really glad to see the new one come out.
I used this book on my trip home from Glacier National Park this summer when we were just "winging it". We weren't sure how far we would get on our drive home, so I pulled out our book when we were getting ready to stop for the night. It was nice knowing where lots of inexpensive campgrounds were located, as well as the rules and regulations for the state/government lands. We ended up staying on NFS land for free overnight, and you can't beat that!
The book is rather large, about the size of a phone book. The construction could be better, I live in Wyoming, and I feel like the pages in the back of the book are going to come out, so I'm very careful when I use the book.
I've had both the Eastern and Western editions in the past and was always confused why certain central states were not in the book I expected them to be in. This solves that issue once and for all as everything is in one book. This book is primarily directing you towards either public lands with no facilities, rustic campgrounds with limited facilities, or senior discounts (in which case, they list the higher rates for others.) You'll find places you never knew about. Great for new off-the-grid campers...or experienced ones looking for their next adventure! In general, however, if you need a flush toilet or shower, this won't help you.
Only bother with this is you're a senior with no time table to follow. You'll waste time, money and gain a headache in exchange. Go online and read reviews for the campsites before heading out as you may find the quoted rates apply only to seniors, off season, or simply out of date.
Well its not exactly FREE camping...It should of stated, "Cheaper than dirt..."
If you want to try boon docking, or exploring...and save a few
bucks avoiding expensive RV parks this is a good book.
It is big...and bulky but worth the $. There are a few mistakes. We checked out
several campgrounds in our area and they are free or under $20. I suggest
a few pictures of sites...or go online and google earth them. Yes, you can surf the net to find
same camp sites but this is nice consolidated version. Prices are reasonable
alternative to $35-60 night stays.
Hundreds of campgrounds are listed many that are free. Included are all sites under $12 so the list is very extensive. You need to be aware that the costs included senior discounts.