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Seeds of Fire: China And The Story Behind The Attack On America epub

by Gordon Thomas

Seeds of Fire: China And The Story Behind The Attack On America epub

ISBN: 1893302547

ISBN13: 978-1893302549

Author: Gordon Thomas

Category: Social Sciences

Subcategory: Politics & Government

Language: English

Publisher: Dandelion Books; Edition Not Stated edition (January 15, 2001)

Pages: 524 pages

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Rating: 4.9

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China will use the current global crisis to launch itself as a new Super-Power and become America's new major enemy, according to. .

China will use the current global crisis to launch itself as a new Super-Power and become America's new major enemy, according to Gordon Thomas, an internationally recognized expert on intelligence matters. On September 11, 2001, the same day the World Trade Center and Pentagon were hit by terrorists, a Chinese Peoples Liberation Army transport aircraft from Beijing landed in Kabul with the most important delegation the ruling Taliban had ever received, says Thomas. He describes the ongoing threat from China in his new book, Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America.

In addition to being a social history which ranges deep behind the hidden face of China, Seeds of Fire is also a narrative which lends numbing credibility to what so far has only been a hint of China's real intentions in the Third Millennium and the first real insight into how the Bush Administration intends to deal with them. The Secret Mysteries Chronicled in Seeds of Fire. com User, January 14, 2002. Gordon Thomas's Seeds of Fire is a thorough and frightening expose of Israeli and Communist Chinese intelligence operations against the United States.

Gordon Thomas (21 February 1933 – 3 March 2017) was a British investigative journalist and author, notably on topics of secret intelligence. Seeds of Fire: China And The Story Behind The Attack On America. p. 524. ISBN 978-1893302549. Thomas was the author of 53 books published worldwide including The Pope's Jews, Secret Wars and Gideon's Spies. Thomas got the scoop on the nationalisation of the Suez Canal for the Daily. Express in 1956 Contents.

523 pages : 23 cm. "Gordon Thomas reveals information about China's intentions to use the current crisis to launch itself as a new super-power and become America's new major enemy. On September 11, 2001, the. Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. had come to sign the contract with Afghanistan. that would provide the Taliban with missile-tracking, state of the art communications, and air defense systems. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Gordon Thomas, the author of Gideon's Spies, a shallow and sensationalistic book about Israel's Mossad, goes .

Gordon Thomas, the author of Gideon's Spies, a shallow and sensationalistic book about Israel's Mossad, goes completely off the deep end in this book, presenting a variety of improbable conspiracy theories along with everything he can find that relates in any way to China. Unfortunately, it's not enough to make a coherent case and the book comes perilously close to sinking into the muck of sleazy sensationalism.

Seeds of Fire: China and the Story behind the. Attack on America.

Gordon Thomas provides up to date information from his global intelligence contacts on Osama Bin Laden, terrorism and how it is.Seeds of Fire is the inside story behind the first global war of the 21st century.

Gordon Thomas provides up to date information from his global intelligence contacts on Osama Bin Laden, terrorism and how it is being countered. He has written on intelligence matters for a quarter of a century. Over 50 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. it is supported by over 100 pages of CIA, FBI and other intelligence agency documents. Already prepublished in 11 countries, it is likely to surpass the record sales of Gideon's Spies in 45 countries. Purchase seeds of fire online.

com sales rank listings in two days, has just learned that Jonathan Pollard - the spy convicted of espionage against the United States 17 years ago - was secretly visited in his . Federal Prison on Monday, January 7 by former. Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Natanyahu. Pollard - who is a central figure in Thomas, Seeds of Fire - was convicted of espionage against the United States.

Argues that China offered weapons and other technology to the Taliban and Osama bin Laden as part of a strategy for becoming the leading enemy of the United States and a major military power with missiles targeted at North America.
and then maybe, just maybe, you will hesitate and think long and hard before throwing that 'Made in China' item in your basket! If ONLY Americans would simply REFUSE to buy 'made in China', we would all be SO much better off! But, sad to say, sheep don't usually behave so intelligently, nor take actions for self-preservation, as in 'sheep to the slaughter'.
While quite an interesting book, the title is deceptive. There is relatively little regarding 9/11, China's involvement or otherwise. It's really like two books in one. The beginning chapters - which include some rather extraordinary accusations of CIA's involvement in mind-bending experiments, remote viewing, and such - are a description of the compromise (theft via subterfuge) by Israel of a secret computer program originally developed for the Department of Justice - the Prosecutors Management Information System, or PROMIS - Israel's modification of PROMIS into an intelligence-gathering tool, Israel's subsequent duplicity with China knowingly to the detriment of the US, and China's use of PROMIS (now Enhanced PROMIS) to obtain US nuclear secrets from Los Alamos lab (the Wen Ho Lee case). The last chapter describes China's long-term goal of becoming a superpower rival of the US and some of its activities in support of anti-US terrorism. Sandwiched in between is an excellent description of China's student democratic movement that ultimately ended in the massacre in Tiananmen Square in June 1989 and the US's tepid response to it. The connection between the student uprising and China's geopolitical aspirations isn't really clear beyond, perhaps, showing that China's communist politburo was (and still is) run by ultra-conservative hangers-on from the Long March who are not averse to violently suppressing dissent.
The often book reads like a novel. It contains an incredible amount of insider detail - deals, business relationships, covert assignments, confidential conversations, the contents of secret US intelligence reports, first-hand accounts of Chinese military operations in Lhasa, and on and on. Of the little of which I have prior knowledge, he is accurate; of the rest, I can only guess. He doesn't use footnotes, but attributions are often contained in the text as well as in a description of sources by chapter at the end of the book. Apparently he had access to many primary sources - personal diaries and personal interviews with key participants - as well as secondary sources, but still the level of detail is phenomenal.
The ultimate message of the book is a warning about China. Beijing within the decade may take the place of Moscow as our primary enemy, along with international terrorism. The new world order, as we already know, will not be peaceful. We will be faced with new threats - old and new enemies, all with new capabilities, and all looking at relations with the US as a zero-sum game. It brings to mind the Westerns in which young gunslingers look to make a name for themselves by challenging the old guns. And like it did for those old guns, these challenges are quickly going to become exasperating.
Anyway, this is an excellent read. How accurately it projects our future remains to be seen.
Don't let the three stars fool you, as Seeds of Fire is, I believe, essential reading for those who are interested in the consequences of reform in hostile nations. It's also key to understanding the brutality of some nations, in particular those that practice communism, in their pursuit to quell the masses. Nobody can be certain that their rights (in this case the student's constitutional right to demonstrate as per the Chinese constitution) will forever be secure; no matter where they live.
However, the deduction of two stars was for the following reasons. First, this book is NOT a compilation of reasons why some believe that China will go to war against the US by 2015. That is the premise under which the book is promoted, but it simply isn't true. Not only does the author not provide a modicum of reasoning as to why China would even want to do this, but he tries to demonize China by pointing to its domestic policy in the handling of the student uprising to claim that it is indicative of potential conflict in the realm of foreign policy. Clearly, how a nation handles the affairs of it's own people is going to differ from how a nation handles the affairs of citizens from other countries. Basically, if you are looking for a book which discusses the threats of China on the US in the possibly near future, you had better look elsewhere.
Next, the book is a little disjointed. It can basically be broken into three parts:
1) The sale of enhanced PROMIS to foreign countries by Mossad agents to steal national secrets.
2) The Student uprising of 1989 in Tiananmen Square and the resulting massacre
3) A Pentagon report on the status of many nations (not just China) dealing with their potential threats to the US.
Unless the author had some highly sophisticated and transcendental writing style which I simply could not comprehend, the three sections, in my opinion, are loosely joined.
There were some aspects about the Tiananmen massacre which were left out that I feel would be of interest to the reader. One example is that many of the leaders, such as Wang Dan and Wuer Kaixi, profited by all the publicity by becoming successful businessmen.
Overall, the story is captivating, but I wonder how much of it really happened and how much is the author filling in holes that resulted in interviewing many different people who each had their own, and sometimes conflicting, history of the events leading up to the Tiananmen massacre.