Tangents epub

by Greg Bear

Tangents epub

ISBN: 0575041412

ISBN13: 978-0575041417

Author: Greg Bear

Category: Science Fiction

Subcategory: Science Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Warner 1989; First Ed edition (1989)

Pages: 288 pages

ePUB book: 1400 kb

FB2 book: 1331 kb

Rating: 4.3

Votes: 822

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Multi-award winning author Greg Bear established himself as the most ambitious and imaginative of the potential successors to Arthur C. Clarke with his bestselling space operas Eon and Eternity.

Multi-award winning author Greg Bear established himself as the most ambitious and imaginative of the potential successors to Arthur C.

Gregory Dale "Greg" Bear (born August 20, 1951) is an American writer and illustrator best known for science fiction. His work has covered themes of galactic conflict (Forge of God books), artificial universes (The Way series), consciousness and cultural practices (Queen of Angels), and accelerated evolution (Blood Music, Darwin's Radio, and Darwin's Children). His most recent work is The Forerunner Saga, written in the Halo universe. Greg Bear has written 44 books in total

ACCEPTABLE - May have major wear and tear. Additional Product Features. Place of Publication.

ACCEPTABLE - May have major wear and tear.

In the last years of the Forerunner empire, chaos rules. A major science fiction author continues one of the most famous SF stories of all time. The Flood-a horrifying shape-changing parasite-has arrived in force, aided by unexpected allies. Isaac Asimov's renowned Foundation Trilogy pioneered many of the familiar themes of modern science fiction and shaped many of its best writers.

Tangents by Greg Bear (Warner Books, New York, 1989). This is a hardcover with dust jacket in archival protective mylar sleeve. The book is in Good condition. Eternity by Bear Greg - Book - Paperback - Science Fiction. Eternity : The Spectacular Sequel To Eon. Book Condition:Fine. Clarke with his bestselling space operas . Used availability for Greg Bear's Tangents. Genre: Science Fiction.

Bear, Greg - Tangents. Bear, Greg - Tangents. Download (lit, 333 Kb). Epub FB2 PDF mobi txt RTF.

Blood Music was great. Schrodinger's Plague was pretty good too. The others not so much.
"Tangents" is a mixture of mostly strange, bizzarre 'hard' sci fi and a few stories that actually are easy to grasp by the casual scifi reader (which I am one). Dealing with the drawbacks of genetic programming in a very futuristic world, "Sisters" was touching emotionally, a fascinating short story that was very well written. "Blood Music", the short that spawned an entire novel by the same name, had an intriguing premise, while "Tangents" (the story) showed us the musical bridge to the fourth dimension but the real star of the show was the haunting "Dead Run" which was turned into a Twilight Zone episode. Its by far the best of the bunch. The rest range from disgustingly strange, "Sleepside Story", which is one of the worst pieces i have ever read, and a giant waste of time, and the same sentiments apply to "Webster". Casual sci fi'ers might want to look elsewhere.
An earlier story collection, and he writers an introduction talking about the difference between forward looking and 'past=comforted' pepole in America, relating that to science fiction.

A pretty good bunch of stories, averaging 3.44.

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'Sleepside Story' gets me every time I read it.... along with the mind bending 'Tangents' and the classic 'Blood Music', this collection shows the many facets of Bear's talents. All high quality, thought provoking story telling!