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Doctor Who: Underwater Menace epub

by Nigel Robinson

Doctor Who: Underwater Menace epub

ISBN: 0426203267

ISBN13: 978-0426203261

Author: Nigel Robinson

Category: Science Fiction

Subcategory: Science Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Carol Pub Group; New edition edition (August 1, 1988)

Pages: 144 pages

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Rating: 4.1

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The Underwater Menace is the half-missing fifth serial of the fourth season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 14 January 1967 to 4 February 1967

The Underwater Menace is the half-missing fifth serial of the fourth season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 14 January 1967 to 4 February 1967. The story constitutes Jamie McCrimmon's first journey with the Doctor as a travelling companion. Only two of the four episodes are held in the BBC archives; two remain missing

Doctor Who-The Underwater Menace Paperback – 21 Jul 1988.

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ogy Zaroff had introduced into.

ogy Zaroff had introduced into Atlantis. Above the noise of the mining equipment and generators and the rattle of the coal trucks as they moved along their rails was another deeper, more sonorous sound. It seemed to make even the walls shake with its vibration. Ben had nightmare visions of the entire roof, which was supported only by wooden beams, crashing down on them.

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DOCTOR WHO. The Classic Series. The Underwater Menace. Is there something fishy going on in Atlantis, as the TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island?

DOCTOR WHO. Is there something fishy going on in Atlantis, as the TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island? Episode One. Arrival on a volcanic island. Will the Doctor escape from Zaroff?. Episode Two. Is Polly doomed to become a fish person?

Doctor Who Time Travels by Book People (Paperback, 2007).

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The Underwater Menace was the fifth serial of season 4 of Doctor Who. As of 2019, its second episode is the earliest surviving Second Doctor telerecording. Currently, only episodes two and three survive in full. The TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island. Before long, the travellers are captured and taken into the depths of the Earth, where they find a hidden civilisation - the lost city of Atlantis.

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Mass Market paperback.
Chances are if you're seen the surviving scenes onscreen, or waded through the reconstruction, you'd agree with a lot of the criticisms. The good news is the book does such a great job of explaining what doesn't make sense with our eyes. There are also small bits of continuity tie-ins that we won't see again until many regenerations down the road.

To sum it up: If there had only been a budget to match the script, and perhaps an extra episode (yes, you heard me. They could have packed one more episode into this!! How many times do you hear THAT said of Classic Who??) we would have had one of the greatest of all Who-villains--crazy as the Master, amoral as the Rani, and as chillingly effective and believable as Tobias Vaughn.

"Are you kidding me" is the logical reaction to this statement, but read the book. The reader learns what the viewer does not: Zaroff is a master manipulator, a puppeteer and chessman. He plays Ming the Merciless with this shy, culturally stifled people: and who is his only opponent? A ridiculously young Time Lord, who cannot be properly identified because he is still trying to learn who he is, and is as distractable as a child while at the same time keeping the clear-eyed, cold view of right and wrong children have.

It's a fascinating face-off. Zaroff controls an entire people because he has regressed them into the level of children. They can do nothing without his approval, permission, or knowledge. But along comes a far more powerful child...

ENEMY OF THE WORLD fans will doubtless feel cheated that they missed out on another scene like this:
Ben, Polly, and Jamie are on the edge of the crater watching him dancing a jig in the water in his rolled-up trousers.
"Are ye sure yon Doctor's right in the head?"

Ben, Polly, and Jamie have plenty to do and don't stint on the smart-alec comments. Jamie has a very survivalist attitude, and his paternal streak comes full out when it looks as though Atlantis is on its way to a watery death. Its fun to see more of Ben take on a proactive role, and Polly is quite reluctant to don the guise of "hapless girl" but by the time THE MOONBASE comes about, she appears to have an epiphany that it is no more humiliating than the Doctor's childish disguise. Secondary characters are not given short shrift either. The enslaved sailors are as vivid and believable as any TARDIS companion. The book explains beautifully why Ara was so weirdly happy to drop everything and rescue Polly for the sake of the Doctor. So beautifully that you may have a "d'oh!" headslap moment because it's just so OBVIOUS an explanation--in hindsight. Likewise Ara's friendship with the old carpet seller, and the grumpiness of the guards. We learn WHY the Atlanteans never come to the surface--and we believe it. We are sadly aware of modern struggles between religion and science today, and the book is elegantly clear in showing the penned-up madness on both sides.

Some of the highlights:
Foreshadowing the ENEMY OF THE WORLD, The Doctor is all set to take spade and shovel to the beach.

1) The Doctor's red spotted handkerchief makes one of its first appearances here when he uses it to bind up King Thous' wound. At this point he hasn't decided if he is a doctor of medicine just yet (that will happen later), but he does not hesitate to give him first aid.

2) The Doctor's smelling salts make its first appearance.

3) "The Doctor sighed. In his long life not one of his travelling companions ever seemed to have the good sense to stay still and do nothing. They always wanted to interfere and meddle, and invariably they always needed him to get themselves out of the mess they had put themselves in." (In the next episode, THE MOONBASE, the Doctor makes his first conscious life choice to seriously meddle, and he learns he is very, very good at it. This is where the Doctor truly becomes the Doctor.

4) We learn there are 900 Atlanteans. No wonder they were desperate when Zaroff came around.

5)"The great Professor Zaroff had always used other people and had always despised them, the followers, or the little men as he called them. But like many other dictators throughout history he had underestimated their worth or their anger when roused. Together they presented a formidable force. Nor the Fish People-the lowest of the low in all Atlantis--were bringing Zaroff's carefully-laid plans to a halt."

6)"In those clothes?" Asked Ben, finding himself once more in the position of reminding the Doctor of one of the more important facts of life: namely that a shabbily dressed little tramp usually encounters at least a minimum of resistance when trying to enter a zone of strictly regimented military security."

7) The Doctor carries spare components in his pockets.

8) Damon demonstrates his natural personality away from Zaroff. He thanks Sean and Jacko for warning him the levels are flooding and helps the others in the rescue.

9) If only we could see the part where Ben contemplates kidnapping Neptune the Octopus to sway Zaroff. Oh, if only.

10) Zaroff's speech of madness defies all belief. The version we see is just parody in comparison.

11) Zaroff's final showdown with Lolem should have been left in the script. While Lolem is chasing Zaroff around the chamber with his sacrificial knife, listing Zaroff's sins against Atlanteans and Amdo, Zaroff is scrambling for his fallen weapon. Ben kicks it away at every opportunity and through it all, the Doctor is frantically de-coding the sequence that will explode the planet. ... "In the ensuing chaos only Zaroff's pet octopus was likely to survive." I read that three times.

12) Damon stands up to the King quietly and thoughtfully, but lists his reasons. Because of the Doctor the Atlanteans will eschew superstition and pursue science without the slavery of fish people or religion. One gets the feeling he will be a major player for his people. Colin Jeavons is renowned for being a character actor that "never turns in a bad performance," and even though he could have easily slept his way through the role, he proves himself weary and bitter, baffled and chafing. He wants to grow but can't. Of all the Atlanteans, he knows better than anyone else that he is Zaroff's toy, a puppet to be broken at the madman's whim. The problem with Damon is he doesn't know ALL of his people are in this same situation! When he faces the truth, he stops hesitating and takes action.

13) The Doctor rescues his spade and shovel before they jump in the TARDIS.

14) Zaroff's pet octopus is not the joke on screen: "He [Zaroff] led the Doctor across the floor of the laboratory. There at the far end of the room in a huge water-filled glass tank was the largest octopus the Doctor had seen in his life. He watched on in amazement as Zaroff tapped the glass, just as if he might have been patting a pet dog.

"So you're hungry today, Neptune?" He said to his bizarre pet. "Did we forget to feed you?" He turned back to the Doctor. "He is beautiful, isn't he?"

"Oh yes indeed," muttered the Doctor, hoping he sounded sincere. For his part he had always preferred cats."

This book can be harder to find than the other Troughton era novelizations. Don't give up! I had a blast while I was reading it, and it was over with far too soon.
A number of stories vie for the unenviable position of the worst Doctor Who story ever made. This is one of them.
'The Underwater Menace' is a tale of unbelievable science being practiced by a truly insane megalomaniac (his plan must result in his own death) in an unlikely setting.
The TARDIS arrives on a desert island, and its crew are captured one by one. They find themselves prisoners in the lost kingdom of Atlantis. The Atlanteans are being aided by Professor Zaroff in their plan to raise the island back to the surface. But there is more to Zaroff's plans than even the Atlanteans know...
About the only thing we are spared is the over the top acting of Joseph Furst as Professor Zaroff in this fairly straightforward adaptation of a Doctor Who series that should never have been made. Get it if you must.