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Lord Valentine's Castle (Majipoor Cycle) epub

by Silverberg,Robert Silverberg

Lord Valentine's Castle (Majipoor Cycle) epub

ISBN: 0613918541

ISBN13: 978-0613918541

Author: Silverberg,Robert Silverberg

Category: Science Fiction

Subcategory: Fantasy

Language: English

Publisher: Topeka Bindery (July 1995)

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Rating: 4.6

Votes: 916

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Lord Valentine’s Castle. Lord Valentine’s Castle has everything.

Lord Valentine’s Castle. heady blend of rigorous SF world building and the poetic sensibility of fantasy fiction. A grand, picaresque tal. y one of the great storytellers of the century. Silverberg has created a big planet, chockablock with life and potential. This absorbing book i. uccessful in creating a wildly imaginative universe. It is also better written than most in this genre and deserves to be one of the year’s hits, sci-fi or otherwise.

He is a multiple winner of both Hugo and Nebula Awards, a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, and a Grand Master of SF. He has attended every Hugo Awards ceremony since the inaugural event in 1953. Silverberg was born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York.

Silverberg's Majipoor Cycle, set on perhaps the grandest and greatest world ever imagined, is considered one of the jewels in the crown of speculative fiction. 3 people found this helpful.

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A excellent follow-on to Lord Valentine's Castle. Valentine continues to struggle with the mysterious forces that are trying to take control of Majipoor. I love the setting, the characters and the alien feel of these books.

A excellent follow-on to Lord Valentine's Castle. Пользовательский отзыв - Mishmosh02 - LibraryThing. 14-year old Hissune is a clerk in the House of Records located in the Labyrinth. Feeling forgotten by Coronal Valentine, who had given him the position, and trapped in his subterranean station.

He is a past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the winner of five Nebula Awards and five Hugo Awards.

Sorcerers of Majipoor by Robert Silverber. he hour when safety leaves the throne of kings, the hour when dynasties change. Lord Dunsany The Sword of Welleran Once again for Ralph Ne plus ultra Sine qua non I. The Book of the Games 1 There had been omens all year, a rain of blood over Ni-moya and sleek hailstones shaped like tears falling on three of the cities of Castle Mount. the hour when safety leaves the throne of kings, the hour when dynasties change. Lord Dunsany The Sword of Welleran.

The Classic Bestselling Saga by Science Fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg Lord Valentine’s CastleHe is a man with no past- a wanderer. Book One of the Majipoor Cycle. By Robert K. Silverberg.

Somewhat dazed, Valentine wakes up in a field somewhere and is discovered by a passing herd boy. And thus begins Valentine's journey, from a puzzled and confused amnesiac to discovering who he really is.

Can you imagine, a person who was king (or "Coronal" in this case) who was somehow magically switched with another body, and the new Coronal is really wearing a new body.

Scary stuff. The first half of the book deals with not only his self-discovery, but his new loves and new adventures with people he may never have met, had he not been cast from his high and mighty throne.

The crux of the story really has to do with his own self-discovery, his haughtiness replaced with a simple understanding of reality, and then the merging of these two into Valentine the Coronal.

Several parts to this book I like. The author doesn't let on that Valentine is really actually the Coronal but weaves his readers through the self-discovery, laying clues along the way. And he does a bit of planet-building too. New aliens, ancient civilizations and so on. Unfortunately these are not fleshed out all that much.

Silverberg gets into the Metamorphs, the original race that "wasn't really using the planet anyway" and are on reservations. They're called Metamorphs because they can change themselves to look like anyone - shapeshifters.

Valentine meets with a group of jugglers who slowly realize he is not what he seems. It takes some convincing to get him to see that he is in fact the Coronal and that there is an usurper on the throne. And even then, he would prefer the simple life of a juggler to the dubious monarchy. What a conflict!

Despite the fact that there are aliens on this planet and that Earth is all but forgotten, and even the technology laid out in the story is forgotten as well, this story could easily fit in Medieval England or in a Marion Zimmer Bradley story. Calling it "science fiction" is a loose term. It's definitely a fantasy tale.

Bottom Line: Great story, full of imagery, bravery and self-discovery. I would have fleshed out some of the other alien races more and given less to the biology and geography of the planet. Perhaps Silverberg does so in the other books of the series.


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The extremely fascinating world of Majipoor is introduced in this novel. There are lots of great things about this book, but it doesn't really live up to its potential. While the characters, plot, dialogue, and imagery are all top rate, there is a serious lack of action and suspense. The book is very predictable (from the first chapter you'd be able to guess at most everything that happens in the rest of the book). I actually would have given this book three stars if not for the last couple of chapters, which contained some good action and threw in an unexpected (but welcome) twist.
The story takes you through Valentine's journey to take back his castle from a usurper. While there are a couple of times during the journey when he is challenged in some way or another, he is able to coast through most of his journey without too much adversity. While the story had all the elements of a truly epic adventure, Silverberg dissapoints by failing to give his character more than a small challenge every now and than. (There couldn't have been more than 2 battle scenes the entire book, and even those weren't very suspenseful). For the most part, Valentine and his friends have a free ride along their journey. They are always able to find everything they need and luck stays with them the entire way. Overall, this book was disapointing because it just didn't live up to its potential.
One of those books I couldn't put down as a kid, and also the reason I learned to toss oranges around, but unfortunately I could never progress beyond three.
Majipoor, it's size, varied population, exotic vegetation and back of beyond location has given Robert Silverberg an enormous opportunity for his imagination to bring us a true classic of science fiction. Just don't go dissecting Majipoor too much, but let your imagination float freely with his and enjoy the travels through a thundering good yarn.
In a novel that transcends the sci-fi genre, Robert Silverberg tells what may be among the finest novels of self-discovery through adventure and adversity. He also puts the sterling character traits of the title character on display- a man who the reader grows to admire through the course of the book. Finally, Majipoor itself makes a fascinating backdrop for the story. Among the best science fiction novels of the 1980s, and that's saying something. Highly recommended.
I've read this book over and over. My very battered paperback edition finally gave up and I had to download it to my Kindle. Great plot and characters set on a huge planet which is beautifully described. I wish I could visit Majipoor! Silverberg is a master, and for me, this is one of his best.
This book rates as one of the best fantasy books I've ever read. It was so full of creative, imaginative settings and creatures; the characters were well developed and the plot fast moving. Can't wait to read another one of Silverberg's books.
amazing world. Couldn't stop reading
very good