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Webster's New World College Dictionary epub

by Michael E. Agnes

Webster's New World College Dictionary epub

ISBN: 0764556029

ISBN13: 978-0764556029

Author: Michael E. Agnes

Category: Reference

Subcategory: Dictionaries & Thesauruses

Language: English

Publisher: Webster's New World; 4th Edition - Amazon Edition edition (August 14, 2003)

Pages: 1752 pages

ePUB book: 1123 kb

FB2 book: 1142 kb

Rating: 4.7

Votes: 877

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Nice work Webster's New World Dictionary. I've been a fan for years. Keep up the good work.

Dictionaries & Dictionary Books. Webster's New World Roget's A-Z Thesaurus. Webster's New World College Dictionary, (Cloth Plain Edged).

4th ed. by Michael Agnes, Michael E. Agnes, David B. Guralnik. Published 1999 by Macmillan in New York "A Webster's New World book"-T. Published 1999 by Macmillan in New York. A Webster's New World book"-T. 423. Library of Congress.

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The Definitive Guide to American English Webster's New World College Dictionary includes more unique Americanisms - more than 12,000 - than any other college dictionary.

The most useful and authoritative dictionary you can own-over 163,000 entries. Selected by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other leading newspapers as their official dictionary of choice. The Definitive Guide to American English Webster's New World College Dictionary includes more unique Americanisms - more than 12,000 - than any other college dictionary. Its crisp, dynamic defining style is itself uniquely American. Отзывы - Написать отзыв.

Webster's New World Basic. has been added to your Cart. Definitions are based on the renowned Webster's New World College Dictionary-always reliable and up to date. write with real confidence. Discussions of synonyms show you how to pick your words carefully and correctly. Notes on usage provide expert advice on grammar and punctuation.


Selected by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other leading newspapers as their official dictionary of choice.

Up-to-Date Entries for Today’s WorldNearly 7,500 new entries bring meaning and understanding to changes in lifestyles, technology, medicine, society, world politics and cultures, and more.

Over 850 Illustrations, Photographs, and MapsImportant people, places, objects, and concepts are clearly illustrated to help you recognize and identify them.

Expanded Reference Information with a Four-Color World AtlasNumerous tables, charts, and lists provide a handy reference to geographical and other useful data. Special sections also include important historical documents, a guide to punctuation, and full-color maps of the world.

Thousands of Geographical and Biographical EntriesThe people and places that shape our worldview are fully covered. Entries are part of the A—Z body of the dictionary, so they are easy to find. Many entries include maps or photographs.

Helpful Notes, Examples, and SynonymsTo help you choose words precisely, usage notes give important cautions and explanations. Examples put words into meaningful context. Synonym notes list related words and distinguish among their meanings.

Easy to Read and UseEach page is designed so you don’t have to work to find the information you want.

The Definitive Guide to American EnglishWebster’s New World College Dictionary includes more unique Americanisms – more than 12,000 – than any other college dictionary. Its crisp, dynamic defining style is itself uniquely American.

I bought the Fourth Edition instead of the Fifth Edition after reading comments about print size; while the Fourth's is small, it apparently is larger than the Fifth. For a decade or so, I had been using Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, and was unhappy with some definitions. In my opinion, that dictionary, the publisher of which is different from Webster's New World, too readily accepted as alternate meanings those that a small portion of the public had mistakenly assigned, instead of adhering fixedly to a standard. Webster's New World is the choice of The Associated Press, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. That's good enough for me.
This is a fine basic dictionary that satisfied my basic needs. The print is large enough to be readable with my reading glasses on (yes, my eyes are that bad). I read some reviewers' criticisms about the inadequacies of this dictionary, and I have no reason to believe they are incorrect. For the majority of individuals, like myself, this dictionary will serve your needs quite nicely. You know, even basic dictionaries such as this one are quite humbling. I have a number of advanced degrees, have lived almost 67 years, and am still humbled to this day by what I DON'T know. Perhaps that is the ultimate purpose of dictionaries. At any rate, I like this one very much. Highly Recommended!!
As a purchaser of Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition published in 1972, I have used this dictionary for nearly 40 years. But as all things do, it's bindings have become compromised with age, and it is beginning to come apart. I've been nursing it along for the past few years mainly because I appreciate the editorial craftsmanship that went into its composition, chiefly the etymological history of the derivation of the words it defines. No other dictionary that I have scanned in recent years (save perhaps the Oxford English Dictionary) seems to go the extra mile when it comes to the preservation of the accuracy of the etymology. The Random House and Merriam Webster dictionaries I have looked at are woefully deficient in this area. I was therefore not looking forward to having to replacing this dictionary with a freshly published book.

When I came across the availability of the Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition (book with CD-ROM) on Amazon, I jumped at the chance to own it, hoping, sight unseen, that it retained the excellence of editorial craftsmanship that my older volume preserved. To my delight and surprise, it did! Not only that, but the addition of the Reference Supplement in the back is packed with interesting and useful information for quick reference.

That this edition has retained the editorial vision and integrity of the first volumes published under the editorship of David B. Guralnik and Joseph H. Friend is a testament to the integrity of the publisher to retain the initial editorial vision for the volume and to carry it forward into future editions.

The addition of the CD-ROM only adds to the usefulness of this dictionary, as now I can easily look up anything while at my computer without having to turn one page of the hardcopy volume if I so choose. Having this dictionary available at the click of a mouse is an added feature and time-saving benefit.

Not everyone appreciates having the etymology of words documented. But as a former English major in college and a writer, I find this distinction to be useful in being able to determine the context of how words were first used and how that usage has changed over time. People tend to forget the original meaning of words and the significance that they can have on contemporary meanings and connotations, thereby losing insight into their original usage in the past. This can be especially crucial when endeavoring to determine, for instance, the legal meaning or definition of a word, and how the perception of a word's meaning can change over time.

I am thoroughly pleased with this most recent edition of the Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition that it is highly recommended to anyone considering it or in search of a replacement dictionary for their personal use. You truly won't regret owning this dictionary.
Note the '(Book with CD-ROM)' that is the reason for five stars. This is an excellent dictionary in its own right. But, getting up to get it off the shelf has caused me to not use it several times. And, it is a heavy tome: weight and contents. So, presto, now it is on my toolbar - one click away. And now I enjoy being able to access its content. A great marketing feature - a great incentive to purchase this item.
I purchased this dictionary as a birthday gift for my sister and she loves it. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because her birthday was in March and she didn't get the book until July. That was because I decided to pre-order an updated edition that was supposed to come out in April. I don't know whether or not that book was ever published. After I extended my order a couple of times, Amazon finally contacted me to let me know that the updated Webster's dictionary would not be available. I would have ordered this back in February had I known that it was the best I could get. That being said, she does love her dictionary.
I got a very nice copy with the included disk. This fourth edition is better than advertised. It looks like new, but a few (very few) pages have winkles that look like they happened when it was published. Also, the copy I got has a thumb index, which was a nice surprise. It was exactly what I wanted. There are pictures, tables, and a lot more. The print is a little small, and the dictionary is little thick. Over 1700 pages. One reviewer said the older editions were better, and that was another reason why I ordered this one. The shipment arrived in s short time, and the packaging protected the book. Good price too.
I am happy with dictionary. has clear print. right size for this 85 year old man, easy to use/read & has good supplemental info, e.g., pronunciation key, extensive supplements & excellent guide to the dictionary. RIGHT SIZE FOR USE IN MY OFFICE. GOOD PRICE FROM AMAZON. Shows all new words coined/meanings, pronunciations, etc.
Love this dictionary. Excellent, Excellent service. I ordered this book and got it three days later.
You just cannot beat that kind of service. That's awesome and that's the way to run a business and satisfy customers.
You'll get 100% from me. Thank you.