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Julia Roberts: America's Sweetheart epub

by National Enquirer

Julia Roberts: America's Sweetheart epub

ISBN: 1932270094

ISBN13: 978-1932270099

Author: National Enquirer

Category: Photo

Subcategory: Performing Arts

Language: English

Publisher: Ami Books Inc (June 1, 2003)

Pages: 224 pages

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Rating: 4.8

Votes: 994

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Julia Roberts : America's sweetheart. From the files of the National enquirer"-Cover. Bibiliography: p. 220-221. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

After all, to call Julia Roberts America’s sweetheart in 2018 feels both obvious . To judge by the National Enquirer headlines about her recurrent, ever-looming divorce, that hasn’t changed in recent years.

After all, to call Julia Roberts America’s sweetheart in 2018 feels both obvious and outdated. The label has always been an ill-fitting match, one given to her by the media. In her book American Sweethearts: Teenage Girls in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture, professor of gender and women’s studies Ilana Nash fleshes out these various ideas about how popular culture shaped this impossible ideal. In postwar-era films, she argues, the teenage girl became a fascination that helped to bolster a sexist ideology where young girls were both a fantasy and a threat.

America's Sweethearts is a 2001 American romantic comedy film directed by Joe Roth and written by Billy Crystal and Peter Tolan.

The title of America's sweetheart stuck with Temple throughout her life In 2003, National Enquirer released a biography of the star called Julia Roberts: America's Sweetheart.

The title of America's sweetheart stuck with Temple throughout her life. When Fox released box sets of her complete works on DVD in the early 2000s, the studio called them the America's Sweetheart collection. Keystone, Getty Images. In 2003, National Enquirer released a biography of the star called Julia Roberts: America's Sweetheart.

Pretty (nice?) Woman?! Go Google Julia Roberts reputation and words like bitc. ast. ud. ismissive. explode like firecrackers, perpetuating the long-held Hollywood myth that milady’s. explode like firecrackers, perpetuating the long-held Hollywood myth that milady’s mile-wide smile masks a monster.

America's sweetheart. Published 2003 by American Media in Boca Raton, FL. Written in English. Julia Roberts (1967-). 221 p. p. of plates : Number of pages.

We continue this week with Runaway Bride, the Julia Roberts rom-com that comes closest to explaining the seemingly everlasting appeal of America’s sweetheart. On a recent first date, I spent 10 minutes recounting the plot to My Best Friend’s Wedding to a man who’d never seen it. We went out a few more times after that, but it didn’t work out. It couldn’t. I was eight years old when I saw the movie in theatres with my sister and my mom. I’ll never forget.

JULIA ROBERTS American Sweetheart. What others are saying. Julia Roberts at an event for Erin Brockovich. 38 Roles That Prove Julia Roberts Is America's Sweetheart. Julia Like the sparkle in her eyes. From "Confessions from a Dangerous Mind" 2002.

Julia Roberts: America's Sweetheart [Jun 01, 2003] National Enquirer ...
It seemed familiar like I've red it before,but I am not totally sure if I have or not.This book is a biography of her life,but her life as a star and doesn't talk alot about how she was growing up. at least in my opinion.I guess the author didn't hear much about that.It was interesting at first hearing about the different movies she was in and the different men she had been with but after awhile it got boring.I hope that someday Julia Roberts learns to be more comitted to one man and settle down for the long time if she isn't already.There are good pictures including in the book however.
Almost sickening fawning. Hard to believe it was a book released by the National Enquirer. Dull and harmless read.
Yes, after the abysmal Rosie O'Donnell publication, I shuddered to read this one. If possible, this one was actually worse. O'Donnells actually had a variety of details and some facts to support said things, as well as quotes from friends, etc., but here it seems shorter and without any personal insight.

Focusing on Roberts string of "men" and Robert's career, there's just nothing that interesting about this book. It's spelled out Roberts had a tough time with her father, and hinted about obstacles with her brother, yet of course there's no way to know what could be factual from the information presented. Everything is so meagerly touched upon it almost comes across as whimsical gossip heard from a fifth party. No rational explanations are given on this supposed bloodline war, with no wrap-up or anything of the sort. As for the string of men, being an unmarried woman, her legacy of lovers just doesn't seem that high to me. Hell, I've dated more and had more serious relationships than Roberts, if you go by guidelines according to this book.

Sadly the only thing that the small spurts of lover's quarrels left me with is wanting to know more information, especially on the whole Keifer Sutherland deal. It figures that when it finally grows interesting, the section stops.

The end result is simply boring, with gathered quotes from a variety of sources, trying to paint a picture that doesn't have a proper enough sketching to come together for a realistic enough image. With no index and no solid storyline, this book is simply a waste of time. The only good thing about it is the writing style is so simple a child could read it easily, and there are pictures. Black and white pictures, but hey, still pictures. At least the O'Donnell book, while trashy, was interesting in some of the time span.
I'm not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but I decided to pick up this book and I thought it was a really fun read. Its light, easy to read and quick. I read it while on vacation and thought it was perfect for the time I spent by the pool. Mark Bego really knows his subject. I learned a lot and am definitely a fan. I will read anything else Mark writes...especially on my next vaction!
I have not read this book, and could not give it a 0,but the reviews say enough. It is insulting, as a silent-film buff to see "America's Sweetheart" under a picture of Julia Roberts...sure, she's a great actress of OUR times, but Mary Pickford will always be remembered and live on through her art of film as the original "America's Sweetheart." Anyone who knows of Pickford's astonishing work will agree she set a new standard in film, and it is a shame her pictures are not more readily available on DVD. Some available on Amazon are: Stella Maris, Daddy Long Legs, Little Annie Rooney, Tess of the Storm Country, and My Best Girl. Also Highly recommended is Eileen Whitfield's Biography, Pickford:the woman who made Hollywood. For the record, I have nothing against Julia Roberts, but I can't stand such unoriginality in a title. Julia Roberts has always reminded me of a gorgeous homecoming Queen, who happens to be a very talented (and popular)actress in her own right.