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Chaos in America epub

by John Lafayette King

Chaos in America epub

ISBN: 0922356246

ISBN13: 978-0922356249

Author: John Lafayette King

Category: Other

Subcategory: Business & Finance

Language: English

Publisher: Amer West Pub & Dist; 1st edition (November 1, 1990)

Pages: 118 pages

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Rating: 4.6

Votes: 690

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Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author.

Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author.

AN EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE BOOK and an honest portrayal of what is to come. Dr Kings warnings should be heeded!!

Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). AN EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE BOOK and an honest portrayal of what is to come. Dr Kings warnings should be heeded!! - - State Senator . Richardson, State of California. had helped investors safeguard and build their next eggs through his monthly newsletter for over 17 years. book How to profit from the coming depression as a best seller. Among his predictions were the oil price decline of the 80's, the farm crisis, and the stockmarket crash of 1987.

by John Lafayette King. Publisher: America West Publishers & Distributors. Weight: . 3 lbs. Dimensions: . " x . ". You Might Also Enjoy. Select Format: Paperback. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again.

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Ships from and sold by The Book Depository U. Lafayette in America Paperback – 29 August 2016. by John Davis 1838-1915 Long (Creator).

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Visit of the Marquis de Lafayette to the United States. The Marquis de Lafayette was the last surviving French general of the American Revolutionary War in 1824, and he made a tour of the 24 states in the United States from July 1824 to September 1825. He was received by the populace with a hero's welcome at many stops, and many honors and monuments were presented to commemorate and memorialize the visit.

Auguste Levasseur’s Lafayette in America is a journal of General Lafayette’s 1824-1825 Farewell Tour of all 24 United States

Auguste Levasseur’s Lafayette in America is a journal of General Lafayette’s 1824-1825 Farewell Tour of all 24 United States. In this book, Lafayette’s private secretary describes how the now 67-year-old hero of the American Revolution and apostle of liberty in Europe was welcomed in an adoring frenzy by the American people. With its panoramic view of the young country – its burgeoning cities and towns, its technological innovations like the Erie Canal, and its industrious people – this book captures America on the cusp of its jubilee year. King can thank the late Elsie Freitag for his success. 901 W Lafayette Blvd (4,283. 54 mi) Detroit, Michigan 48226.

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Today, Lafayette's name is prominently memorialized in the . Lafayette played a critical role in the ultimate victory of the Revolutionary War, co-leading American forces in the successful siege of Lord Cornwallis' British armies at Yorktown. As a result of his atheism, Paine returned to America in 1802 to scorn and ridicule, and died in obscurity in 1809.

Information on the economic crisis, decline of the American Dream with the history. Learn how to survive with proper investments, real estae, food, energy and self defense. Shows the signs of economic crisis, with long Historical cycles and implications. This is the update of Dr's King Previous Book "How to Profit in the Coming Depression" which sold over a million copies.
This book doesn't really say much more than what is already public knowledge for those in the know.
This book is some 260 pages long. 22 of them are a sort of epilogue/appendix where most of the useful material resides--that is if you don't know anything about our economy nor have taken high school or college economics 101 nor American government 101. You pretty much have to have had your head in the sand all your life to find anything worthwhile in this book. At page 200 I am still trying to find something useful to know about the present state of our government and what the Congress has done to our finances. Mr King does not deserve the appendage of PhD. He doesn't know how to write for one, rambling through 200+ pages saying essentially the same thing over and over under the pretense of different topics; "We're in trouble,We're in trouble,We're in trouble,We've overspent ourselves into a bottomless pit!"

In the first place, he appears not to have done very good research, for in his introduction he repeats a political hack phrase attributed to De Toqueville; "America became great because America was good...." Wrong, John, he never said that. You can't find it in any of his writings. What about the rest of your sources?

In the second place anyone who has a decent high school education knows that Capitalism has no connection with financial systems. Capitalism is a system of distribution of goods based on private ownership of those goods. But Mr King conflates that with the evils of finance, namely debt. Private ownership of the means of production of goods has nothing to do with being stupid enough to borrow under terms that will destroy your capacity to manufacture and remain competitive in a market. Part of his solution to poverty is the redistribution of wealth under a system he doesn't identify, but is obviously Socialism.

The real problem is we the people have allowed our Congressional representatives to legally plunder our pockets to the point where the interest on government debt has destroyed our monetary value in any world market. Mr King doesn't seem to get the distinction, and correspondingly doesn't get the fine distinctions on other matters as well. He does however bring it home to the American consumer, blaming him in part for this attitude of borrowing to live well, rather than saving and pay as you go.

There is hardly more than a page's worth of remedy, and his subtitle "Surviving the Depression" bears little advise better than what your grandparents should have told you. If you want to get a simple feel for the hazards of debt and interest, read The Richest Man in Babylon which has been around for decades. You can get more detailed information without all the hyperbole and rhetoric inferring Americans are corrupt or debauched from basic college textbooks which explain how finance works and how the Fed has meddled in our economy.

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