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Soul of a Guardian (Love, Heart & Soul, #16) epub

Soul of a Guardian (Love, Heart & Soul, #16) epub

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Publisher: Wings ePress (2009)

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Soul of a Guardian book. broken loyalties, betrayal and death .

2010) (Book 16 in the Love, Heart & Soul series) A novel by Angela Verdenius. only they hold the knowledge to take back what has been lost, but they've been hunted until only one remains standing. can he capture and keep the heart of the woman who is such a mystery? Or will the Soul of a Guardian be consumed in the final destruction? Used availability for Angela Verdenius's Soul Of A Guardian.

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Soul of a Guardian is an excellent addition to Ms. Verdenius’ Heart and Soul series, she never fails . Reya walks the edge of insanity, her soul darkening beneath a bloody secret. Verdenius’ Heart and Soul series, she never fails to keep you turning page after page until you reach the end always leaving you craving for more. Other Works From The Pen Of. Angela Verdenius. For love, Maverk will follow the Reeka warrior into the nightmare reaching out for her. Heart of the Betrayed August 2003. Betrayed once, Dana trusts no man. Garret will risk everything to prove his love – even if it means assisting her betrayer, and entering a country split by hate.

Books in the soul guardians series .

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Soul of a Guardian by Angela Verdenius
Futuristic Romance- June 2009
4 ½ stars

Futuristic romance is my favorite genre and Angela Verdenius excels at her craft! Although this is the latest in her series of books this can be easily read by itself. For those who have read her books you will be pleased to know several characters return and this book will make you feel right back at home!

Angela Verdenius books often feature the infamous Daamen traders as her heroes. They are 7 ft tall men who are: easy going, love to have a good time and are extremely attractive. They are also very protective (especially of their woman) and respected in the intergalactic planets.

The handsome Daamen trader in this story is no exception. Heddam is a Daamen trader who mourns the loss of his male friends. They are committed to their mates and as a result, no longer any fun. Heddam loves being single and enjoys life especially when there are so many beautiful woman just waiting for him in his travels. While on an assignation with one of those lovely ladies Heddam finds a beautiful woman hiding in his room with a dead woman at her feet. Heddam is instantly fascinated by her even as she draws her weapon on him.

Tasita come from a secretive planet called Aora. A planet that has lived in peace for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, there was a revolution and she was on the losing side. Now she is a Guardian on the run. As a Guardian she was born with the role of protecting Aora's ruler, the High Empress. But now the High Empress is dead and Tasita and her fellow surviving Guardians hold the key to the Aora Empire. And the new dictator wants it back, badly. In addition before their High Empress died, she commanded the Guardians to reinstate her rightful heir no matter the danger to themselves. But it looks like Tasita's luck may have run out as agents of the new order are fast closing in on her hiding spot. Tasita knows she only has minutes and mourns the loss of her fellow Guardian. To her surprise she finds a handsome Daamen Trader with a soft spot for damsels in distress and he helps her escape. Although she is attracted to him Tasita is determined to protect him by leaving him behind. He is an outsider and to reveal the secrets of her planet are strictly forbidden.

Soul of a Guardian is an amazing futuristic romance. I was captured by the story from the very start and I could not make myself stop until I discovered the `secret' the Guardian's were entrusted to protect. I am astounded at Angela Verdenius storytelling skills. Her ability to create new worlds is riveting. As usual her Daamen hero is stubborn and fiercely protective. When it comes to his woman he will do whatever he can to keep her safe. But the heroine Tasita kept me spellbound. As a Guardian, her duty to her cause and the sacrifices she made were so admirable and noble. I was mesmerized by her: grit, courage and determination. It was her enthralling journey for justice that drove this story and kept me racing through its pages. The more I learned about the Guardians and the planet the Aora, the more I wanted to know! I hope the author will explore more of it's dwellers in her future books. (Hint!)

Angela Verdenius takes great care and pays detailed attention to her world building but in a way that it does not interfere with the characters or the relationship of the hero and heroine. I love futuristics and the joy of immersing myself into a new and fascinating new world. This book literally transported me into a different place and made me wish I was there! If you enjoy futuristic you MUST try one of her books!

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club
Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

The Aoran High Empress is dead and her loyal Guardians are being hunted down and killed. Only three remained and the new High Emperor will do whatever it takes to see them destroyed as he searches for that elusive something that will cement his position. Only the Guardians know what it is and how to use it.

The High Emperor's guards are closing in and it is up to Tasita "Tasi," the youngest Guardian to protect those still loyal to the Old Way. She holds the key to the power source the keeps the entire planet and it's residents strong. The last thing she needs is a too-hard-to-resist Daamen trader, Heddam, getting in her way, even if she reluctantly must admit he and his friends saved her life more than once.

Danger is imminent as the High Emperor's New Way of life threatens to overtake and destroy the Old Way. And what of this mysterious Third Way growing on Aora, if rumors can be trusted? Tasi is running out of time and Heddam refuses to let her face danger alone, even if it goes against everything Tasi protects about her people. Heddam has his work cut out for him if he ever hopes to claim the Soul of the Guardian in his chosen mate.

Soul of a Guardian is yet another fantastic book by Angela Verdenius. I discovered her around book six of this series and I have yet to read one of her books I have not liked. Here, Angela touches on the magical aspects of one of the planets in her world through the Guardians and their connection to each other, the rightful leader of Aora, and to the ultimate power source that feeds their abilities. This power source also does some pretty impressive things when channeled through the blood of the Aorans and the magical stone each has imbedded in their foreheads. With these new level in the Heart and Soul universe, Angela Verdenius opens up so many more avenues we can explore in future works.

Heddam and Tasi make a perfect match. The tension is thick from the first time they meet in the middle of a rescue. We know from that moment their relationship is going to be full of excitement. Things are complicated between them however with Tasi's duty to her people and the memory of her late High Empress. Much about the Aoran way is a mystery to everyone outside of their society which makes it impossible for Tasi to share her mission with Heddam. Daamens are infamous for their wild ways until they find their mate and Heddam knows Tasi is the one for him. All he wants to do is keep her safe but that would mean being involved in Tasi's mission and she can't have that. Seeing these two overcome their differences to find happiness makes for a very engrossing love story that will leave readers aching for more.

As is to be expected in any book in the Heart and Soul series, intrigue abounds. Angela Verdenius seamlessly weaves together multiple storylines that keep us guessing as to what is really going on. I had several guesses throughout the novel about what was going on and I really only had one figured out before the end of the book. Soul of a Guardian kept me guessing until the end and then threw a few surprises at me, which made for exciting reading.

As always with books in the Heart and Soul series, we get a chance to visit with many of our old friends, and make a few ones as well. I was especially thrilled to see one of my favorite couples, Shaque and Elyse from Soul of a Predator. These two are a very unusual pair due to their respective histories, but together they are such an amazing pair. I loved a chance to catch up with them and see how they have fared since their own story, especially Elyse and how she has managed to control her mutant side. And they are just a couple of the people we get to see again.

Angela Verdenius impresses me every single time I pick up one of her novels. I always think it will be hard to top each current installment in the series and then she goes and does it again! Soul of a Guardian has moved to the top of my list of favorites in the Heart and Soul universes. I always look forward to flying high in another adventure and now I can't wait to see where in the great galaxies we will visit next. Don't stop now Angela! I don't know how you manage it, but each and every time you manage to blow me away with a story that is as exciting, fresh and original as your first one. I hope you have plenty more yet to come.

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