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Gut Symmetries epub

by Jeanette Winterson

Gut Symmetries epub

ISBN: 0676971024

ISBN13: 978-0676971026

Author: Jeanette Winterson

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Language: English

Publisher: Vintage Books / Random House; Later Printing edition (1998)

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Acclaim for Jeanette Winterson’s.

Acclaim for Jeanette Winterson’s. At every turn. fresh, vivid way of putting things stops one dead in admiration. In Gut Symmetries, Ms. Winterson has struck gold. Her prose is luminous, precocious, naughtily excessive. Time Out. Read for those generous portions of incredibly rich, delicious, sexy writing that Winterson cooks up so well.

Gut Symmetries is a 1997 novel by the British literary writer Jeanette Winterson, exploring themes of human relationships and physics

Gut Symmetries is a 1997 novel by the British literary writer Jeanette Winterson, exploring themes of human relationships and physics. The book deals with a love triangle between Alice (a young British physicist), Jove (who is a male physicist at Princeton), and Jove's wife Stella; Alice has relationships with both of them. The title relates to the GUTs (grand unified theories) of quantum physics and cosmology, and the symmetries they involve.

Page about Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winterson. A celebration of the human heart in all its frailty, confusion and excess, Gut Symmetries is a lyrical evocation of parallel lives, loves and universes, from one of Britain’s best loved authors. Why did you want to write about quantum physics?

Page about Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winterson. Why did you want to write about quantum physics? I was interested in it. Science fascinates me and I’ve taken New Scientist for years. All of my books are preoccupied with time – it starts right back in Oranges in the Deuteronomy section. In Sexing the Cherry I use time vertically, not just horizontally, and in Gut Symmetries I wanted to explore the dimensionality of time

Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Jeanette Winterson.

The Algonquin Hotel; Dorothy Parker, James Thurber, The New Yorker, my father in 1957

The Algonquin Hotel; Dorothy Parker, James Thurber, The New Yorker, my father in 1957. d our reservations were at the Algonquin Hotel. He had booked his old room and even packed a tie he used to wear in those days. Red silk with little white polka dots, he never would say who had given it to him. 'Never tell all thy love. Like my grandmother he kept secrets the way other people keep fish. They were a hobby, a fascination, his underwater collection.

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Jeanette Winterson - Gut Symmetries Jeanette Winterson is a spectacularly good writer; her style experimental and unconventional, but always with purpose.

Jeanette Winterson - Gut Symmetries. Winterson is unmatched among contemporary writers in her ability to conjure up new-world wonde. beautiful, stirring and brilliant story. First there is the forest and inside the forest the clearing and inside the clearing the cabin and inside the cabin the mother and inside the mother the child and inside the child the mountain. Jeanette Winterson is a spectacularly good writer; her style experimental and unconventional, but always with purpose. She writes to destabilise our assumptions, and then places her very real and human stories in a world where we are questioning everything.

by. Winterson, Jeanette, 1959-. Fiction, Fiction - General, Couples, Interpersonal relations, Ocean liners, Lesbians. Toronto : Vintage Canada.

The highwire artist of the English novel redraws the romantic triangle for the post-Einsteinian universe, where gender is as elastic as matter, and any accurate Grand Unified Theory (GUT) must encompass desire alongside electromagnetism and gravity. One starry night on a boat in the mid-Atlantic, Alice, a brilliant English theoretical physicist, begins an affair with Jove, her remorselessly seductive American counterpart.

This story, and the way that it is written, do a marvelous job of defining life and it's myriad ways. That it is written from the perspective of a physicist provides a truly unique view of all the perspectives of life and love. It is written in the way that I wish I could write now and did write in my youth.
Amazingly beautiful.
I can't wait to read Winterson's other work. Her writing is amazing. I am reading Gut Symmetries again in order to mark my favorite observations and language play.
Beautiful read
Great book. Great author.
It feels a bit of a challenge to review Jeanette Winterson’s wondrous 1997 novel Gut Symmetries. And that is Gut, not as intestinal, by the way, as I quickly discovered but as in Grand Unified Theory, which Wiki gives as : a model in particle physics in which at high energy, the three gauge interactions of the Standard Model which define the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions or forces, are merged into one single force. Though Winterson does also twine in what might be described as our own visceral gut instinct to that more dizzying ‘strong interactions of forces’

Essentially, this beautifully written, dazzling, dizzying novel is a story of an affair, though I even wondered whether describing it as a novel was quite right. It is more like a kind of prose poem, a metaphysical meditation. There is a narrative, but it is not linear. Everything tangles and connects, but is also reassuringly present. I know, irritating waffle from me, but the book is a kind of treasure chest, and the reader picks out fragments and gets obsessed by them, and another reader will probably pick out something quite different

Alice is an English theoretical physicist, and is working through her family history, particularly approaching that time where parents become frail. Jove (Giovanni) is an Italian American, from a Catholic background, older, charismatic, and in the same field. His wife, Stella is a magician of words, a writer, of Jewish background, mysticism her heritage. The three are tied as the electromagnetic weak and strong interactions, merged into a single force. Even in the names of her characters, Winterson is saying more than lies on the surface

“Mathematics and physics, as religion used to do, form a gateway into higher alternatives, a reality that can be apprehended but not perceived. A reality at odds with common sense”

Lest it seem just some writer’s conceit to weave the story of an affair (whether or not it is a mite more unusual than expected) with a meditation on quantum physics and tangles of mysticism, think on this : The quantum world, with all its peculiar charms, quarks and disappearing cats in boxes, alive or dead, and particles which manage perhaps to be waves, here, not here and there, turns on its head the solidity of our world. The chair I sit on, so solid seeming, is full of space. Think about that quantum world, and suddenly the world and its comforting familiarity is upside down, looking glass, topsy turvy, strange, enchanted and magical seeming. A pretty parallel to the headiness of falling headlong into love, discovering not only that the world itself is strange, but the lover and the beloved are strange, enchanted and magical to each other. That quantum world of interactions of forces merged into a single force

“Breathe in, breathe out. You breathe time and time’s decay. Matter disposing of itself, still imprinted with its echo, the form it took, the shape of its energy for a little while.

The mediaevals thought that the damned lived in Satan’s belly, hot pouch of indigestion, but damned or saved, what we were continues in the lungs of each other. Nitrogen, oxygen, tell-tale carbon.

Do not mistake me. This is not the afterlife. This is no afterlife. There is life, constantly escaping from the forms it inhabits, leaving behind its shell. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. History is in your nostrils”

Winterson has provided a work-out for mind, heart and viscera, seething with energy and conundrum. I am not sure why or how did not read her when she wrote her first novel back in the 80’s. But I’m thrilled to have a back catalogue to explore
Gut Symmetries is woven around many things. (Around is the perfect word here.) First, it's about time -- time as it spirals around and around, ahead and behind -- plus, time and space, and how they relate. Second, it's about triangles, in love, and in the Universe. For instance: Science, Astrology, Tarot. Past, present, future. The deep, the surface, the sky. Man, woman, child. Stars, starfish, sharks. Father, mother, daughter. Judaism, Catholicism, Agnosticism. And many more.

It's also about duality: Love-hate, up-down, life-death, attraction-repulsion, wealth-poverty, young-old, normal-paranormal. And many more. The title refers to two things: the gut in the body, and the Grand Unified Theory in physics. The symmetries relate to the physics, and to the love affairs & themes and their resolution.

Don't be intimidated by the physics -- this story is certainly not just about science, and it's certainly not dry and boring.

All of the themes (listed and unlisted) are worked together and around a riveting story. Winterson is a consummate wordsmith - part poet, part mystic, part philosopher, part Jungian, part physics professor (in this book). She is also a wonderful storyteller! She takes huge risks in the structure and subjects of her works, and crafts her books in a way that is so fresh, and unique, that every chapter is a pearl. She has such immense, blazing talent as a writer, that reading her books is a privilege and an absolute joy.

4 ½ stars, only because she has written some other books that are so stellar that this pales in comparison; and this is an AMAZING book!