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A Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation epub

by Catherine Crier

A Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation epub

ISBN: 0060766123

ISBN13: 978-0060766122

Author: Catherine Crier

Category: Memoris

Subcategory: True Crime

Language: English

Publisher: William Morrow; First Printing edition (March 8, 2005)

Pages: 416 pages

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Rating: 4.8

Votes: 349

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Catherine Crier is the host of Court TV's Catherine Crier Live

Catherine Crier is the host of Court TV's Catherine Crier Live. A distinguished attorney, legal analyst, and the youngest state judge ever to be elected in Texas, Crier has received an Emmy Award for investigative journalism and the DuPont-Columbia Journalism Award. Also the author of the New York Times bestsellers A Deadly Game and The Case Against Lawyers, Crier lives in Westchester County, New York.

Catherine Crier named this book "A Deadly Game" because at times during the investigation of the disappearance of Laci Peterson is seemed that Scott Peterson spent a lot of his time playing games, especially with the police. This book focuses very much on the investigation, and you definately get the feeling that when dealing with sociopaths of Scott's type, the criminal thinks he is cleverer than the police, media and relatives/friends of the victim, and can easily fool everybody.

Crier, Catherine; Thompson, Cole.

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Catherine Crier is the host of Court TV's Catherine Crier Live. A telephone book on the counter was open to a garish full-page ad showing a young man being handcuffed by a uniformed officer. Criminal Defense - Former Deputy District Attorney," the ad read. Among the specialties the lawyer listed was murder.

Scott Peterson became the prime suspect in the disappearance of Laci almost as soon as she was reported missing. For two years rumors, myths, illogical scenarios, lies, contradictions, suspicion, and strange behaviors floated like balloons over the case. Scott Peterson became his own worst enemy when he started to stumble through public statements. He was a definite flight risk and thus was arrested the day the DNA reports on his wife and son were released.

Filled with newsbreaking revelations – the definitive journalistic account of the Laci Peterson murder investigation . . . and of the sociopathic Scott Peterson's journey from philandering to murder to Death Row.

Catherine Crier has been covering the Peterson case since Laci Peterson was first reported missing from her home on 24 December 2002. Crier, a former judge and one of television's most popular legal analysts, was among the first to question the behaviour of Laci's husband, Scott Peterson. And with her network of journalistic sources, Crier was soon able to penetrate the core of the police investigation that followed – gaining access to a huge and revealing body of police reports, wiretap transcripts of unreported conversations of Scott's, photographic evidence, and other exclusive materials. Drawing on these resources – and on extensive interviews with key witnesses and both of the lead investigators on the case – Crier has written this astonishingly detailed and intimate look at the most unforgettable murder case in America since that of O.J. Simpson.

Thoroughly engrossing yet highly disturbing, Catherine Crier's A Deadly Game will make news – and create an indelible portrait of a sociopathic killer.

But because of the typos, the incredible amount of hyphenated words, it is only a good book. Lots of information not previously released and very informative. But Laci's name misspelled LCI countless times detracted from the book. And I do not understand the amount of hyphenated words! Po-lice. Really? Over and over. Need a proofreader? I can help!
Catherine Crier did a perfectly splendid job of writing a clear, concise, and accurate account of the entire Scott Peterson case, from well before Scott decided to kill Laci, to after the trial, with its perfectly justified verdict, and the sentence of death for Scott. The author also reveals lots of things not told before, which for those of us who want as much truth about something like this that we can get is very important. Hundreds of little details of the actions of Scott Peterson point directly to deliberate murder and guilt. It is my opinion that for anyone who still has lingering doubts that Scott murdered Laci and their unborn son, please read this book. Because it gives us REALITY. And while it is true that sometimes reality is ugly and hard to accept, the truth is STILL the truth. And Catherine Crier tells it in this book. While I never had any doubts that Scott did indeed murder Laci, this book gives me a solid absolute certainty.

Scott Peterson is a sociopath, totally. End of Story.

My heart goes out to Laci's mother, her entire family, and all their friends. In an odd kind of way, Laci still lives in the hearts of many of us. And this book helps me better understand why.
I have read Sharon Rocha’s book as well as Anne Bird’s book regarding this case. Both of those books give personal views of Scott through the eyes of people who loved him & didn’t want to believe that he was a monster capable of killing his pregnant wife.

This book goes in depth into the police investigation as well as illuminating the lies he was telling everyone. It gives a lot of information not presented at trial or shown in the numerous documentaries that I have seen on this case.
The editing in the first part of this kindle book is unforgivable. Nobody checked the first half for mistakes. Laci is frequently referred to as LCI. This book should not be full price unless it can be corrected. Many words are misspelled and mis hyphenated. It is distracting, but my mind was able to overcome it. I did learn new things.
It was a really good read, I liked the story so gave it 5 stars but maybe since I have this on my tablet, the writing, the editor did a poor job, so many misspellings, the way it was worded, I mean seriously bad, a child could have done better but still I liked the story

This guy should be on death row, he took the life of his wife and unborn child, this author went from the beginning to end, his family, just as worse, I'm glad his half sister spoke out against him.

I'll save this book so I can read it again, even with the poor editing, there are three others written that I want to read also, specially the one by Laci's mother
The formatting for the Kindle ebook copy needs to be severely corrected. There is many mistakes on every single page like the ones I cited in the subject line, I don't know how this left Amazon with so many glaring mistakes for public consumption.

Multiple mistakes aside, this is a mostly straightforward telling of the events lifted from police reports and interviews. I realize America rewards their sociopaths, not punishs them. However, it is one thing to go into Wall Street finance as a sociopath, it is another to marry one & attempt to have a family life with them. It is weird how no one mentions that something is very 'off' about Scott Peterson before getting involved intimately with him.
This true crime story was fascinating, I finished it in a day because I simply couldn’t put it down. The author takes us into the the world of Scott Peterson and we get to see his mom events from the moment he first called his wife’s mother to report her missing

From the onset Scott showed little to no emotion, in fact it was noted that he was more upset over burning chicken at a family bbq than he was about his wife’s disappearance .

The reader gets to see for themselves the lies Scott told to every person he spoke to, in real time. The author doesn’t have to insert her own bias in for the reader to note that Scott is a pathological liar.

Even if you have followed this case from the beginning this book will still shock and surprise you with the callousness and self centered actions of Scott Peterson after the murder of his wife.
The book itself is excellent and deserves 5 stars. There was literally no editing done on this. In many places it is very difficult to read because of the typos. Since I read almost nothing but Kindle books, I am accustomed to lousy editing and in most cases it doesn't really interfere with the story line. In this book, the names are sometimes wrong, there are so many hyphenated words that it is difficult to read. It is a terrible shame because this is a book with a true story to tell and it does injustice to the real people involved.
From the first page I knew it was going to be how I had it would be written. Every step from very minor details and thoughts of the officers and investigators was noted in the book. Times and thoughts were all written in proper time with the events that unfolded. I actually felt the emotions come through on each individual as I read and that to me is a very good writer. I didn't feel the writer was just putting down details from her own conclusions but managed to get the facts into the book in a way that kept me interested. I am retired from law enforcement and I have read many, many true crime stories and I have found this also strengthened my understanding my job and my way of looking at things in an impartial way. As this was such a trauma that shocked the country and then some I felt the writer let me be a part of the investigation as well as part of the family and to be able to grieve with them at their loss. Well researched, and able to reach the reading audience on an intelligent level. I cried many times though out the book.