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by Krishna Winston,Ralf Georg Reuth

Goebbels epub

ISBN: 0151360766

ISBN13: 978-0151360765

Author: Krishna Winston,Ralf Georg Reuth

Category: Memoris

Language: English

Publisher: Harcourt; Reprint edition (November 1, 1993)

Pages: 471 pages

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Rating: 4.1

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Ralf Georg Reuth (Author),‎ Krishna Winston (Translator). According to Reuth, a correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a number of years have passed since there has been a good biography on Goebbels

Ralf Georg Reuth (Author),‎ Krishna Winston (Translator). According to Reuth, a correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a number of years have passed since there has been a good biography on Goebbels. Furthermore, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, some additional new diaries of the former Nazi and other documentation have come to light. Reuth traces Goebbels's life from a strict, lower-middle class, Catholic family, through his education and eventually his captivation by Adolf Hitler.

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Krishna Winston is an American academic and translator of German literature. She is the daughter of translators Richard and Clara Winston. Joseph Goebbels, Ralf Georg Reuth. Schlegel-Tieck Prize). She obtained her BA at Smith College, followed by an MPhil and a doctorate from Yale University She has translated more than 30 books, including works by Oskar Schlemmer, Golo Mann, Grete Weil, Christoph Hein, Peter Handke, Werner Herzog, and Günter Grass. She has received several prizes for excellence in translation. She obtained her BA at Smith College, followed by an MPhil and a doctorate from Yale University.

Translated from the German by Krishna Winston. London: Constable, 1993. She is the daughter of translators Richard Winston and Clara Winston.

Translated by Krishna Winston.

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GOEBBELS by Ralf Georg Reuth is a comprehensive overview of Paul Joseph Goebbels’ life and rise to power as head of Nazi propaganda. Reuth exposes the transitions that took place in Goebbels’ life and the reasons and causes for these drastic changes within the German Empire. Joseph Goebbels brought an understanding for the German people’s strife with him. Raised in a modest family, Goebbels knew of times the German people were experiencing during the Nazi Party’s rise to power.

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Ralf Georg Reuth, Krishna Winston.

Ralf Georg Reuth, Krishna Winston.

Eyewitness accounts, diaries, and archival material help to reconstruct the life of the head of the Nazi propaganda ministry
Very, very in depth. I enjoy it, but it is slow going.
Fantastic book
The man was mad. But he was also a marketer who beguild a nation for a monster and his master Hitler.
This book has 15 chapters and only 4 of them are about the war years. It's tilted more toward his early life and pre-war life. I think Peter Longerich's book is better and more extensive. This book is more like a cliff notes version of his life.
It is quite clear that the author has devoted years ofresearch to his subject, and that he has reconstructed the life ofthis enigmatic little man who churned the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany for nearly two decades largely through the examination of contemporary newspaper accounts. Mr. Reuth manages to convey to his reader the sense that Joseph Goebbels was a man driven to his demons by an unrelenting inferiority complex stemming from his physical ailments, his economic station in life, and his heartless rejection by classmates and childhood peers early in life. However, we do not hear much more about his family and youthful associates after the opening chapters. Goebbels private life (which is what the reader expects from a well-crafted biography) is subordinated by a minute by minute account of the rise and fall of National Socialism. Mr. Reuth's history of the Third Reich is interesting and highly readable, and he avoids the natural inclination to editorialize about his subject matter.
Reuth claims he embarked on this biography of Hitler's Propaganda Minister because there weren't any good books on Goebbels. Not only is this balderdash, his offering is the weakest Goebbels biography in recent memory. The writing style is extremely pedantic, plodding, slow-as-molasses and tedious. Goebbels was an extremely complex, brilliant, devious man, but you'll not encounter much of him here. Reuth inexplicably chooses not to use the copious 1920's Goebbels diaries, which David Irving included in his infinitely superior biography of "the little dwarf."
This book is heavily weighted towards Goebbels role in WWII Berlin, which is curiously among the least-interesting periods of his life. Utterly glossed over are the most engrossing years of the "Kampfzeit" in the 20's, where Goebbels was a discipline of Gregor Strasser and then only came under Hitler's spell once he met him. Then it was no turning back. There is shockingly little interest displayed here in Goebbels' fascinating private life. Magda, his wife, is scarcely mentioned, nor is Lida Baarova, the Czech actress that Goebbels fell in love with in 1938.
A chilly, disappointing read. Not recommended.
This book was originally written in German and I think the English version is a very good one. The book can be monotonous at times but, over all, it is vey instructive. The book filled some gaps I had on the "Nazi" saga after reading the biographies of Hitler, Himmler and, Goering.

Goebbels was a very effective propagandist and a great orator. Hitler's aura and mystique was, to a certain extent, the result of Goebbels's propaganda efforts. Goebbels stood firm behind Hitler up to the bitter end.

The story is compelling and the narrative is decent. You will not be disappointed with this biography.
Writing a bio on a man such as Goebbels? Is he evil?It's like shooting fish in a barrel to say yes. You could say his infamy was the product of the post WW1 Versailles Treaty legacy of injustice in regard to Germany? Lots of Joe Goebbels types running around Germany at this time,one of them was bound to rise to the top.Ph'd's unemployed,in debt and "slighted off" to the point of serious injury.Was Dr.Goebbels a monster waiting to hatch at the beginning of his career or did he graduate to his foulness by "baby steps"?There's the question. I believe this bio shows his gradual arrival,(though at times considerable leaps),at the circus freak he became.
The book traces his career from Catholic altar boy to high religious priest fanatic of the Hitler regime.At times he seems to out-Nazi his own Nazis in an attempt to maybe convince himself through his fanaticism? A favorite phrase I borrowed from one of Goebbels critics quoted in the book,"small town rabble rouser".A guy on a stump box shouting much like a religious fanatic.No one would dare shout back at him because by 1923 Goebbels had the backing of the SA thugs.So early on he's a "kid in a candy shop". Free limousine,mansion,love affairs,the works.Anyone who disagrees or even questions him gets paid a late night visit by a Nazi goon squad.A lack of opposition not exactly conducive to intellectual growth.So early on Joe's body and mind are both stunted.(He does stay thin however,very thin).We've heard it all before.His squabbles for power involving other Nazi hirarchy are covered well in the book.Goebbels particularly goes after the Nazi party intellectual Alfred Rosenberg,calling Rosenberg's book,an "intellectual hiccup".Squabbles with Goering,Bormann,and everybody else lead to the conclusion he was not prejudiced but"hated everyone including himself equally"!
If you want to read a good book on the"spiteful dwarf" this is definitely one of the better.By the way Goebbels in the book tries to project the image of himself as the correct and master"patron of the arts".In fact according to the author with Dr. Joe's book burnings and destruction of paintings,he outdoes the worst of the medieval religious fanatics.Yikes!!