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Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency epub

by Nigel Hamilton

Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency epub

ISBN: 1586486659

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Author: Nigel Hamilton

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Language: English

Publisher: PublicAffairs; Reprint edition (October 28, 2008)

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Now, in Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency, Nigel Hamilton charts the experience of the 42nd President as he took presidential oath of office- and how he fared therafter in the piranha pool of Washington . Hamilton charts what was possibly the greatest disaster and re-reinvention of a president in office in modern times. How Bill Clinton faced up to his failures, and refashioned himself in the White House is an epic story.

Hamilton, in this sequel to Bill Clinton: An American Journey (2003), examines the forty-second . Hamilton argues that Bill Clinton finally began to master the presidency and appear presidential after two events.

Hamilton, in this sequel to Bill Clinton: An American Journey (2003), examines the forty-second president's first term. By no means unsympathetic to Clinton, Hamilton views his subject as a man with a big heart and a big brain but also with a shocking inability to make decisions or manage personnel. In his previous book Hamilton shows that Bill Clinton is at his finest when he is running for office.

The story of how Clinton nearly ruined his presidency and - with the help of domestic terrorists in Oklahoma City and the zealotry of Newt Gingrich - managed to resurrect it is the focus of Nigel Hamilton’s book Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency. It is an interesting tale, partly because it’s hard to remember a time when Clinton was considered something of a political incompetent - and partly because, as Hamilton reminds us, Hillary Rodham Clinton had much to do with her husband’s early troubles.

The Clinton presidency began disastrously and deteriorated in a series of fiascoes. How Bill Clinton faced up to his failures and refashioned himself in the White House thereafter is the focus of this hitherto unwritten story. With his landslide win in the 1996 presidential election, Clinton began his second term as the undisputed, tremendously popular leader of the Western world. In vivid prose, this riveting narrative charts Clinton's dramatic reversal of fortune and his ultimate triumph over himself and his foes, a powerful reminder of what a great president can accomplish.

His personal background and lifestyle led to Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison to call him the first "black president.

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Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency. In episode two of Nigel Hamilton's scintillating biography, our hero has left behind the hick town of Hope, Arkansas - and his humble roots - and travelled, with his lady, to Pennsylvania Avenue. It has not been a journey without incident (or other ladies strewn in various states of undress across his path). But Mrs C, as ever, has stood by her man - which is when she enjoys most traction over this slovenly, sheepish political genius. So here we are in the White House, sorting out office space.

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Although the shelf of books about Bill Clinton is already a full one, Hamilton's Bill Clinton: An American Journey . Diğer baskılar - Tümünü görüntüle. Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency Nigel Hamilton Sınırlı önizleme - 2012.

Although the shelf of books about Bill Clinton is already a full one, Hamilton's Bill Clinton: An American Journey; Great Expectations (2003) is the only entrant in the category of full-scale. Tam incelemeyi okuyun. Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency Nigel Hamilton Sınırlı önizleme - 2007. Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency Nigel Hamilton Metin Parçacığı görünümü - 2007. Tümünü görüntüle . Bu kitaba yapılan referanslar.

From best-selling, award-winning biographer Nigel Hamilton, this is an insightful, prodigiously researched, and wonderfully readable account of Bill Clinton's first term in office. It shows how a well-meaning but naïve new president failed to assert true leadership in his first two years, and then illustrates how, in an astonishing act of self-reinvention, the president turned defeat into victory. Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency is a gripping tale of hubris and redemption—and a chronicle of one of the most dramatic reversals of fortune in modern American politics.
Hamilton's biography doesn't shy away from giving some early criticism to President Clinton, but eventually the praise can be laid on a bit too thick.

Having read Joe Klein's The Natural, a journalistic and short biography, which covers Clinton's personal flaws in an unbiased and critical way, it gives the ability to discern that Clinton is unabashedly human. Klein flawlessly points out when this works, and when it didn't and doesn't force a particular opinion down one's throat. Hamilton's slant is not always correct, or modern, and would be my main criticism of the biography.

Like the poorly organised start to Clinton's first term, it is retold in a poorly organised manner too. It read as an account of other people's verbatim quotes (often journalists) which just compounded as dribs and drabs stitched together to create a laboured point. The point being so clear, it seems as an early excuse for the rest of the book's sympathy.

As Clinton made changes in the administration and pulled himself together, so does the ease of read and enjoyment. As the subject matter improves (whether you like it or not) Hamilton's sympathetic slant creeps into the story. As a Briton, with no partisan baggage, Hamilton can tend to be hypercritical of the misguided Republicans, while basically leaving out all discussion of perpetually ineffective Democrats. While Hamilton's non-partisan, international perspective is a breath of fresh air; it tends to feel as if it lacks a balanced domestic review of a President, reviews that feel most balanced when delivered by the ones who made him President.

While Hamilton can criticise the media's obsession in the later years in regards to Clinton's personal life, Hamilton tends to lack the ability to identify most of this was brought on by Clinton himself. Hamilton, in a strange almost misogynistic way himself, tends to excuse Clinton's infidelities and even goes as far to criticise the woman involved.

Perhaps leaving the door open for a second-term sequel, the biography creates suspense in terms of the Monica impeachment and when the budget is brought to surplus, something I believe could have been included. Upon finishing the biography, I felt a little underdone.

Poor starts, sympathy and cues for a sequel aside, Hamilton's biography is a good read. Detailed in parts which are extremely interesting (Haiti, Bosnia and Morris), the biography is largely fulfilling. Hamilton has a brilliant ability to call upon history and relate to classical literature and philosophy which adds another dimension to the study. It is certainly worth a read and will entertain what you would have been looking for in a chronology of Clinton's first term.
I collect bios of all Presidents. It was difficult to find one about Clinton that remained factual instead of trying to push an agenda. This one seems to be the best of the lot.
Fantastic book !
So I'm doing a huge essay on Bill...But the book had nothing I knew or needed.Some stuff 12didn't need to hear we're heard.
If you want to read a book by someone who worships Bill Clinton, who throws rose petals in his path, who feels he is the second coming of Christ and can do no wrong, then this is your book. If not, then wait for another.
In the dozen or so books that I have read about Bill Clinton including his autobiography Nigel Hamilton's books always stand our. These are among the most balanced and well thought out books written on the presidency of Clinton. Hamilton takes time for painstaking research of not only presidential archives but newspapers and voluminous secondary sources. This book which follows Clinton's rise to the presidency and his time as governor focuses on the first term in office. It accurately and effectively assess the first years where Clinton learned how to be president. The book encompasses several areas from the scandals, the role of Hillary in the White House and of course domestic and foreign affairs.

The start of his first term can only be described in one word: disaster. Clinton was unable to effectively set up a transition team which would plague him through his early years in office when many of his candidates particularly in the justice department would have to resign over various scandals. Clinton himself was plagued by the scandals of Troopergate and Paula Jones while fending off his wife's scandals in Whitewater and Travelgate. These early years and political naiveté of the president were mastered by the end. As Hamilton points out and Clinton admits in his autobiography the stonewalling tactics that were used in these early scandals only fanned the flames quicker and in many cases particularly with Whitewater dragged the case along further than necessary. These scandals followed several legislative failures and executive failures from universal healthcare reform to gays in the military. Despite this those first two years were not entirely dark. The passage of NAFTA and the Oslo Peace accords were triumphs that came out of these dark days of his early presidency and a tax cut package that saved the American economy proved viable.

Hamilton argues that Bill Clinton finally began to master the presidency and appear presidential after two events. In his previous book Hamilton shows that Bill Clinton is at his finest when he is running for office. When Clinton decides to fight the contract of America and use Dick Morris triangulation arguments to reposition himself as a candidate he is given for the first time a solid position to run from since 1992. The bombing of the Oklahoma building was the second event that helped redefine his presidency. Here Clinton was able to be at his finest when empathizing with people and demonstrates leadership. He ends his co-presidentship with his wife and takes responsibility to lead the nation doing an impressive job for most people and his approval ratings soar. The Bosnian crisis gave President Clinton the best chance to showcase leadership and coupled with the republican shutdown of government he emerged on top of his republican opponents.

In the final analysis of President ClintonÂ’s first term he is seen as a brilliant politician but a flawed man. The scandals and poor organization of the White House plagued Clinton and forced him to spend his first two years at a public relations disadvantage. HamiltonÂ’s work is one of the best accounts on Bill Clinton and one of the fairest. It is encompassing of a wide range of sources and fairly asses them to come to logical conclusions.