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Superstar in a Housedress: The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis epub

by Craig Highberger

Superstar in a Housedress: The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis epub

ISBN: 1596090790

ISBN13: 978-1596090798

Author: Craig Highberger

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Subcategory: Arts & Literature

Language: English

Publisher: Chamberlain Bros.; Har/DVD edition (May 31, 2005)

Pages: 256 pages

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So you opened the door a crack, thinking it might be a mass murderer, an ax murderer, but instead you have this weird flaming creature, standing there covered with glitter with her hair all over the.

So you opened the door a crack, thinking it might be a mass murderer, an ax murderer, but instead you have this weird flaming creature, standing there covered with glitter with her hair all over the. place, in clothes that are safety-pinned together. And one of her signature things, which I don’t even think she began doing it on purpose – all these runs in her stockings. So one evening there is a knock at my door and it’s Jackie.

Based on author Craig Highberger’s documentary of the same name, Superstar in a Housedress is a striking oral biography of avant-garde, cross-dressing performer Jackie Curtis

Based on author Craig Highberger’s documentary of the same name, Superstar in a Housedress is a striking oral biography of avant-garde, cross-dressing performer Jackie Curtis. Even among Andy Warhol’s orbit of dramatic personas and colorful characters in the sixties and seventies, Curtis stood out. Whether done up in drag or portraying James Dean-to whom he bore an uncanny resemblance-he dazzled in films, plays, and cabarets.

The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis. Timeline of Jackie Curtis’s Life. A long time friend of Curtis’s, Craig had documented Curtis’s life since he was in NYU film school back in the ’70s. Curtis was in the prime of his career at that point, and Craig, having the foresight that he did, started rolling his camera creating what would become major drag world historical footage. This footage was the foundation of Superstar, and instrumental in the revival of Curtis’s Glamour, Glory & Gold almost thirty years later.

Andy Warhol described Jackie Curtis as A pioneer without a frontier. In this biographical documentary, Curtis’s co-workers and friends speak of her work and her influence, along with clips from Curtis’s Warhol films as well as never-before-seen footage from her stage shows.

Producer/director Highberger's award-winning documentary film Superstar in a Housedress, narrated by Lily Tomlin . Jackie Curtis is amazing and such an inspiration. The book is done in an interview style with several people from Jackie's life. I would love an actual biography of their story.

Jackie Curtis rose to (cult) fame in the 1970s as one of Andy Warhol's innumerable .

But Jackie - born John Holder Jr. in 1947 - stood out even from such curios as International Velvet and Penny Arcade. Author and filmmaker Craig Highberger knew Curtis very well in her heyday and has cobbled together an intriguing biography entirely from interviews with her friends. Superstar in a Housedress, which comes bundled with a DVD of Highberger's excellent film of the same name, is a breezy, often hilarious look at a uniquely uncategorizable personality and the New York homo-art underground typified by the wacky Warholians of the 1960s and &.

Book DescriptionIn the heyday of Andy Warhol's legendary hub of art, subculture, and insanity known as the Factory, one performer made his mark like no other: Jackie Curtis. A wildly creative, avant-garde performer, poet, playwright, and longtime friend and collaborator of Warhol's, Curtis was well known as a cross-dressing phenom whose personal life went even further and was even wilder than anything onstage and onscreen.

Written by. Craig Highberger. Manufacturer: Chamberlain Brothers Release date: 31 May 2005 ISBN-10 : 1596090790 ISBN-13: 9781596090798.

Based on author Craig Highberger’s documentary of the same name, Superstar in a Housedress is a striking oral biography of avant-garde, cross-dressing performer Jackie Curtis.

Director: Craig B. Highberger, Craig Highberger. Directed by Craig B. Highberger and narrated by Lily Tomlin, Superstar in a Housedress offers a unique retrospective of the late avant-garde actor and female impersonator Jackie Curtis, who was discovered in the 1960s by experimental filmmaker Andy Warhol. In addition to rare clips of Curtis in various underground stage productions, the documentary is supplemented by a surprising amount of never-before-seen archival footage, scenes from Women in Revolt and Flesh, and candid stories about Curtis from those who knew her best in her heyday.

Presents a biography of the cross-dressing performer who was a friend and collaborator of Andy Warhol that incorporates a time line, collected interviews, and selections from Jackie Curtis' writings.
Poor, poor Jackie. He was such a severe addict and so terribly unguided; a lost creature feigning pseudo sophistication within the streets of New York City 1960-1970 gutters and unlocked East Village hallways. Living in those times and that area, I remember Jackie, Holly and the La Mama crew and their frantic empty busyness all in the name of "art" which really wasn't. La Mama back then had productions of variable caliber - from unorganized street/drug trash to well thought-out experimental theatre. Holly survived until this year but Jackie succumbed to addictions and mental disabilities. His chutzpah kept him alive for as long as it did. I enjoyed this mediocrically written book (I kept it as bathroom reading) as it had occasional insight and wit plus the DVD that came with it was a treat.
If, like me, you ran across the book 'Superstar in a Housedress' while looking for the documentary of the same name, it may have taken you a few minutes to figure out that buying the book is, apparently, the only way to get the DVD.

Yes, this is the full, ninety-plus minute release of the DVD available for rent from Netflix and other rental venues. How the choice was made to market the film as a "companion piece" to the book, without (as far as I can tell) releasing it as a stand-alone purchase, I dunno. I hope it will be released separately in the future, since the current marketing format, I'd think, would tend to lessen its circulation to a wider audience.

Not that there's anything wrong with the book: it's a compendium of reminiscences by people who were close to Jackie. Some of the material repeats what's in the film, and some fills in gaps in backstory that 90 minutes can't provide, such as details on the life and death of the remarkable (and remarkably messed-up) Andrea Feldman. Still, a nice chunky paperback book of commentary in a boxed DVD set might have been a better way to sell the package, which is truly a good one. It's just that the DVD overrides the book in its excellence. There's no good reason why the book needed to be published in hardcover; it's really liner notes for the DVD.

And then there's the strange, spooky, *sealed* envelope that the DVD itself comes in. Glued furtively into the back of the book, there's a lengthy disclaimer proclaiming in no uncertain terms that you MUST NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE ("Simply return the sealed package.") if you think that the DVD might in any number of (enumerated) ways ruin your life. Talk about user-friendly!

But the good news is -- once you get over the fear, and open the potentially-deadly "package", you find that after all it's just an ordinary DVD, and a great one, at that. Densely packed with interviews, historical stills, film clips, and even a fair amount of very early videotape, this documentary is a detailed and very loving portrait of one of the most defiant gender-bending artists in the history of gender-bending and the stage itself.

The past several years have seen the release of the Paul Morrisey/Andy Warhol films on DVD, and that's brought these previously hard-to-get-at movies to a new audience. This in turn has increased curiosity about the Warhol scene in the 60's, 70's, and later; and that period is increasingly interesting, as civilization lurches inexorably (or so it seems) toward a dessicated, triple-filtered, don't-drink, don't-smoke cultural puritanism.

What was going on in New York in the 50's, 60's, and 70's transformed the American culture. A whole lot of the sexual freedom that we have today, whether it's embraced or bemoaned by whatever faction, comes from the crazy explosion that was the 60's and 70's. There's no shortage of information on the cultural revolution that happened then, but there's also no end to what can be added to it. This story about Jackie Curtis is no small addition.

As a smart kid escaping the wilds of Connecticut who started hustling the streets in NY at 16, I knew a number of the people in this film peripherally, and for the most part they were the people who informed my perception of what life was all about. There was a communality, and a total lack of hierarchy (but for a few bitchfests) and everyone was welcome; I think, in retrospect, that this was what the hippieness of the 60's led to: a kind of a hybrid of the rejection of popular culture with the co-opting of it. At the time, the most visible manifestation of pre-packaged pop culture that could be harvested was the Hollywood star system of the 30's and 40's. Jackie Curtis was hip to this, but also added a Dada-style twist to it. Warhol became the catalyst, but what 'Superstar in a Housedress' demonstrates is that he couldn't have done the things that he (or rather, Paul Morrisey, working under his aegis) did without girls like Jackie, Candy Darling, or Holly Woodlawn (whom, I have to say, is looking absolutely GREAT in this doc, and QUITE the polished lady.)

This is an absolutely essential documentary for those interested in the period, its quirks, and its consequences. But moreso, it's a great tribute to the unbridled, mad creativity of Jackie Curtis, who should never be forgotten. Hopefully, this DVD (and its companion piece, the book) will help assure that.

Also -- at the time of this writing, the book and DVD are pretty consistently available from housing_works_bookstore @ Amazon at a cheap price. Housing Works supports homeless people affected by HIV/AIDS in New York City, so purchasing from them is a win-win thing. They got my order to me very quickly and in perfect condition, so what could I do? I ordered another one from them right away. Somebody's getting it for Christmas. Don't know who yet. Somebody who will have been REAL good this year!

Seriously, though -- if you're interested in the history of the NY art scene in the period, this is very much worth buying.
I just personally wanted to learn more about Andy Warhol's superstars and this book was the very best at introducing me to Jackie Curtis. I loved it and the way his life was told through other people's recollections. What a beautiful person, what a sad end. I especially loved the little DVD movie included, it was basically the book retold from the actual interviewed people but still, seeing these just extravagant personalities just made Jackie all the more real in how special she was to these people.
I have many books on this genre. I've been collecting them for years. I enjoyed the book, it was a quick read same for the DVD. I would like a little more juicy stories. If you like this genre, Warhol & the Superstars then you need this one for your collection.
Book was in great condition as well as the DVD. She was so much more then one of Warhols "Superstars" and the book enlightened me to his many other talents. Love Holly Woodlawns comments!
The DVD Documentary alone is worth the $17 or whatever the cost on Amazon. Entertaining in the same vain as "The Cockettes" documentary, there are modern interviews with Holly, Joe, Harvey, Lily and all of the fabulous folk who are still with us. Truly a job well done.
a great read about one of warhols often overlooked superstars.
Good book on an interesting Warhol protege. Great taste of an era that was exciting & no longer exists. Even better DVD comes w/ the book. I had seen the DVD previously, but it was unfortunately missing from the book. NO WORRIES tho' because the price was SO reasonable......very satisfied w/ prompt service.