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After You've Gone: A Novel epub

by Jeffrey Lent

After You've Gone: A Novel epub

ISBN: 0802144551

ISBN13: 978-0802144553

Author: Jeffrey Lent

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Grove Press (December 29, 2009)

Pages: 256 pages

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FB2 book: 1189 kb

Rating: 4.9

Votes: 573

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After You've Gone book.

After You've Gone book. Jeffrey Lent is still a great writer, but he just went through some mad-lib motions for this one. It felt like a rip-off of about 100 different things, most notably, a heterosexual spin on "A Single Man" meets the most depressing scenes from "The Shipping News" smushed together with the intolerable parts of "The End of the Affair.

Jeffrey Lent has taken that event and constructed a fictional character (that . This latest effort by Jeffrey Lent escapes traditional confines in the service of an innovative writing style.

Jeffrey Lent has taken that event and constructed a fictional character (that has his own story back story) - and put him in the center of the historical time and event. I found this book to be a page-turner, until the very end when I put off reading the events for the same reason you would close your eyes at a movie. I've never been a fan of westerns, nor have I ever read one, but make no mistake that this is an "eastern".

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com User, June 24, 2010. can't say enough about the books of this author. Have read all of them and have never been disappointed. He spins a good yarn that resounds in your mind long after completion.

After You’ve Gone in paperback, it is a moving, sublime love story set in the cataclysmic decades around the turn of the twentieth century. com User, June 24, 2010. Wonderful depth of character.

Jeffrey Lent has a different style of writing that not everyone will appreciate. I did what I very seldom do after finishing a book. I went back to re-read scenes of especially well-done dialogue, because they are some of the great charms of this charming book. I found it harder to read because many of his sentences run on. In my case, that forced me to slow down as I read and not skim. We sink neck-deep into Hewitt’s psyche, and watch him take his painful steps toward a more balanced emotional outlook. Mr. Lent grants his hero the capacity to give and also gives him the knack of communicating, through a forthright and laconic way - almost a shorthand - that captivates.

You’ve probably got a few minutes. We’re going to move you onto a spinal board, okay? You may be a bit uncomfortable for a minute, but I’m going to give you some morphine to make the pain a bit easier. I make to leave, but something stops me. The man is staring at me, his eyes two tight little buttons of anxiety. The man’s voice is calm, level, as if it were the most normal thing in the world to be lying broken on concrete, staring up at the dark sky. I want to laugh.

After You is a romance novel written by Jojo Moyes, a sequel to Me Before You. The book was first published on 29 September 2015 in the United Kingdom. A second sequel, Still Me, was published in January 2018

After You is a romance novel written by Jojo Moyes, a sequel to Me Before You. A second sequel, Still Me, was published in January 2018. It continues the story of Louisa Clark after Will's death

His other novels are Lost Nation, A Peculiar Grace, After You've Gone .

His other novels are Lost Nation, A Peculiar Grace, After You've Gone, and A Slant of Light that was a finalist for the New England Book Award, as well as a Washington Post Best Book of 2015. His most recent book, Before You Sleep, came out in 2017. Lent lives with his wife and two daughters in central Vermont. Jeffrey Lent was born in Vermont and grew up there and in western New York State, on dairy farms. He studied literature and psychology at Franconia College in New Hampshire and SUNY Purchase.

After You’ve Gone in paperback, it is a moving, sublime love story set in the cataclysmic decades around the turn of the twentieth century. Henry Dorn has spent years building a family, but it only takes a single afternoon for it to fall apart. Abruptly widowed of the love of his life, Henry buys a steamer ticket for Amsterdam, the city of his heritage, hoping to start life anew. But nothing could have prepared him for the woman he meets on the ship: the fiery, self-sufficient Lydia Pearce, one of a new generation of women. Before long the two have fallen into an affair of a depth and significance for which neither was prepared. But the memory of his wife and the vexed relationship he had with their son haunt Henry in the midst of his new beginning. Jeffrey Lent is one of our finest novelists, and After You’ve Gone delivers a tale that beautifully charts the sweep of a life, the grim reach of a war, and the discovery—and loss—of life-defining love
Someone once said that Cormac McCarthy could write instructions on how to operate a microwave and it would be a good read. I think the same thing can be said of Jeffrey Lent. Each of his novels have been so different that I think it is impossible to compare them, one to another. In this novel a man who has lead a fairly normal life with a successful career and grown children is faced with a sudden terrible accident and finds himself alone. Lent takes the reader back through parts of the characters childhood, his marriage, his failure to come to terms with his sons addiction, and sets him on a course of refinding himself. I thought the best phrase of the whole book was "how alone a person lives", this somehow makes the reader identify with that phrase. The ending while unexpected was, to me, the only way it could have ended, perhaps giving hope that there is grace in each decision we make along the way.
I read, "In the Fall" and then, "Lost Nation," and since I loved them both - I've been inspired to snatch up any book by Jeffrey Lent. After You've Gone is a different kind of story than I'd usually be drawn to. I was reminded of Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson (an older male narrator looking back at his life, his love, his family) . Although, somewhat subdued, I was quite swept up by the story, and the authentic characters that are revealed to you slowly, until the final climactic scene that crashes with an unexpected ending. Can't wait to read the next offering by this author. Each novel has been vastly different, and continues to stick with me.
I enjoyed this novel a great deal, except for the ending, which i found disappointing. Lent tells a story that is fundamentally about loss and the attempt to find redemption. The protagonist, Henry Dorn, is sympathetic and believable, and the other characters, major and minor, are memorable and contribute to the story arc as well as the theme. Lent's habit of writing in sentence fragments is sometimes distracting, but I enjoy his writing enough to accept that. This book jumps around chronologically, which to me seems to reflect Henry's mental state very well. The ending let me down, but after all, it is Lent's story to tell. I recommend this book.
Entertaining book and well written. I thought the ending was too abrupt which left me feeling upset. It was worth reading until the end
A terrific study of one man's life, family, and coping through decades. Definitely a must-read for those who enjoy excellent writing style and a deep story.
I really enjoyed this book and was sorry when it was finished. The people seemed real and I cared about them.
I believe that I have now read all of Jeffrey Lents novels, well four of them. In The Fall was one of the best books I have evwer read..lokking forward to a mew book by Jeffrey Lent.. After You've Gone is the book I am now revewing
This was a disppointing read after some of Jeffrey Lent's other books. A so-so read.