Ghoul epub

by Michael Slade

Ghoul epub

ISBN: 0450591131

ISBN13: 978-0450591136

Author: Michael Slade

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: NEL Publication; New Ed edition (1993)

Pages: 400 pages

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Rating: 4.7

Votes: 662

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The bodies were all the same-stripped, drained of blood, and heartless. Thepress screamediller every bit as gripping as Slade's first novel.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Michael Slade’s most popular book is Headhunter Reimagined. Ghoul (Special X, by. Michael Slade (Goodreads Author). Ripper (Special X, by.

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Michael Slade (born 1947, Lethbridge, Alberta) is the pen name of Canadian novelist Jay Clarke, a lawyer who has participated in more than 100 criminal cases and who specializes in criminal insanity, and several additional authors. Before Clarke entered law school, his undergraduate studies focused on history. Clarke's writing stems from his experience as a practicing lawyer and historian, as well as his extensive world travel.

The bodies were all the same-stripped, drained of blood, and heartless. Thepress screamediller every bit as gripping as Slade's first novel, Headhunter. com User, February 27, 2002. Slowly but surely Slade introduces us to the bits and pieces of his Special X squad. HEADHUNTER gave us Rovert DeClerq (not sure about the spelling), and GHOUL gives us Zinc Chandler. This guy is about as gutsy as 20 real-life detectives, and every bit as suave as James Bond.

Michael Slade Michael Slade. SUMMARY: Decades ago, Inspector Robert DeClercq suffered a tragedy when his young daughter was kidnapped and killed after he was unable to save her.

Swastika and Aryan believe they are acting as cleansers of society-necessary evils to empower a new master race. But there's still one secret about them no one knows. Only now, with a young girl named Katt in his life, can he put his demons to rest.

Also by Michael Slade. Published by Headhunter Holdings Ltd. Originally published by Penguin. Publisher’s note: This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

October 2004 : UK Mass Market Paperback

Ghoul by michael slade. Light cover edgewear, a crease to the title page corner. Dressed in a grey cape and top hat, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill.

Ghoul by michael slade. For Detective Superintendent Hilary Rand, an ambitious woman in a man's world, the carnage must stop or her career will be finished.

Michael Slade schreibt brutale, durchdachte Thriller

Michael Slade schreibt brutale, durchdachte Thriller. Er lässt den Leser bis zur letzten Seite fiebern, wer die grausamen Taten wirklich begangen hat. Die Ermittler arbeiten in der eilung bei der Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), den Mounties mit ihren traditionellen roten Uniformen. Unter dem Pseudonym Michael Slade arbeiten mehrere Autoren unter der Leitung von Jay Clarke. Clarke wurde 1947 in Alberta, Kanada geboren und ist Fachanwalt für geistesgestörte Kriminelle. Er hat schon über 100 solcher Fälle betreut.

This second in the Slade series of Special X novels is not as engrossing as those that follow it, but it still packs a pretty horrific punch. We meet for the first time Zinc Campbell, one of the Mounties' more colorful characters, and join him on his search for a mysterious rock band called The Ghouls. Earlier in the book, we meet a strange collection of young men who initiate a rather nebbish-like youngster in their group called "The Ghouls." His initiation rite sets the stage for some ghastly goings on as he grows up. Meanwhile in London, Hilary Rand, the female Chief of Police about to get ousted by her sexist peers, faces several ghastly killers: The Vampire Killer, Jack (a homophobe bomber), and The Sewer Killer. Just who these gentlemen are remains a mystery throughout the book and how they intertwine provides for some fascinating commentary on the psyche of a psychotic! Zinc manages to get involved with two women: the Amazon FBI beauty, Carol Tate, and the frumpishly beautiful Deborah Lane, who has some dark secrets and connections of her own. Other than Zinc and Bob George, the regulars from "Headhunter" and the upcoming novels are noticeably absent. The identity of the different killers is a little more obvious than in the other Special X books, but Slade still manages to pull a real whopper at the end. All in all, worth reading to maintain the flow of this outstanding series.
My boyfriend read this book years ago and encouraged me to do so. I love thriller novels especially when it tells both sides of the story, not just from the point of view of the detective. I read this book within a couple of days, and I reccommend that others do so as well. There is a lot going and a lot of characters to keep up with. For the casual reader it will be easy to forget things and it is imperative that you don't. If I was to rate this book on gore factor alone it would deserve 4 1/2 stars, however a large section of this book is filled with useless information on the characters that when reading you expect to have some significance on the story line but never does. Once you get past the long narratives and the poor editing this works out to be a pretty good book. The ending has a twist that I was a little dissapointed with and leaves you asking a few unanswered questions. I would not classify this in my top 10 favorites, however it did leave me wanting to check out other works by this group of authors operating under the pen name of Michael Slade. I just ordered Headhunter.
WARNING! If you are reading ANY Michael Slade book, BE AWARE that most, if not all, are meant to be READ IN ORDER from the very first book! If you read a book in the series out of order, you may well find referrences or statements that will RUIN THE PLOTS and ENDINGS of his PREVIOUS NOVELS should you decide to read them!

To all those complaining and waffling about the mutiple-personalities angle - *THAT* folks, was the POINT of the whole book!

WHAT would we find if we could get inside the mind of a hardcore psychopath? WHAT do we get when we rip away the mask? WHO do we find behind that mask? And the answer will scare the HELL out of you!

Frankly, I enjoy matching wits with a talented mystery writer and, like virtually everyone else who read Slade's first novel HEADHUNTER, I was led around by the nose to the very end.

Ghoul however - while a great read - didn't remotely replicate that mental challenge of HEADHUNTER. I snapped to the gimmick relatively early (Still, no easy trick) and it was simply a matter of watching the crafting of the story and further clues to validate my theories. Slade writes like a DEMON in every novel and readers will seldom be disappointed in his(their) prose or pace.

Unfortunately, I need to say something bordering on "Sladist" blasphemy here. The Slade group, when they are on top of their game, simply can't be beat! They make Silence of the Lambs and PSYCHO look like psychological tinker toys. Unfortunately, that "Got game!" scenario has become the exception rather than the rule - especially since Jay Clark began writing with his daughter. Uninspired is the word that springs readily to mind.

The FIRST FIVE novels were super, even though there was a slight amount of plot and writing "slippage" becoming increasingly apparent between books. As Slade is a formula writer - ala apparently unrelated past/present connections - it becomes far too easy to quickly guage the overall quality of writing and plot between any book and the ones before it. Evil Eye, to my thinking the absolute WORST book in the series, Slade apparently just gets LAZY and leaves readers with an unfair "It's either ____ or ____ who's the killer. Oh, okay it's ____. The end." ending in which the reader has no way of deducing from the clues which person was the actual killer. He just picks one of two suspect's name and fills it it in. No excuse for that.

For those who genuinely enjoy a dark jaunt into the minds of ultra-violent psychopaths, Jay Clark should know the subject about as well as anyone. He's a former DEFENSE ATTORNEY for the CRIMINALLY INSANE.

Bottom line: BUY THIS BOOK! But buy HEADHUNTER and read it FIRST!
After book five, expect a major change from stellar brilliance to ho-hum/Please God, let the NEXT ONE be better!
Slowly but surely Slade introduces us to the bits and pieces of his Special X squad. HEADHUNTER gave us Rovert DeClerq (not sure about the spelling), and GHOUL gives us Zinc Chandler. This guy is about as gutsy as 20 real-life detectives, and every bit as suave as James Bond. To paraphrase a review I read elsewhere, he more or less becoems catnip for women in this book. Here we encounter 3 killers...and you know what, it's been so long since I read this book that I honestly can't remember all 3...but I DO remember that Slade grips you by the throat once aghain and leads you leeringly through his mad house of horrors. AS in all his books, Slade's story depends on the rotation of several plotlines that skip back and forth between time, location, and characters. Slade is one of those authors who you either love or hate; his "numerous plotlines" trick either annoys or intices the reader, as well as his tendency to never pull a single punch when it comes to descrbing murder scenes (either during the act or the aftermath). But one thing is for sure: there is no inbetweens with Slade, and that is the sign of a damn good author.