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The Gathering Flame epub

by Debra Doyle,James D. MacDonald

The Gathering Flame epub

ISBN: 0812534956

ISBN13: 978-0812534955

Author: Debra Doyle,James D. MacDonald

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Tom Doherty Assoc Llc; 1st edition (July 1, 1995)

Pages: 442 pages

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Rating: 4.1

Votes: 410

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The Gathering Flame: The Prequel to Mageworlds (Mageworlds Book 4. Debra Doyle & James D. MacDonald - School of Wizardry.

The Gathering Flame: The Prequel to Mageworlds (Mageworlds Book 4). Debra Doyle James D. MacDonald.

It does a very good job of setting the stage for the amazing Mageworlds trilogy.

Ships from and sold by belskiy. It does a very good job of setting the stage for the amazing Mageworlds trilogy. It's a fast-paced read with old characters you're glad to see again and new characters you want to know more about.

James Douglas Ignatius Macdonald (born 1954) is an American author and critic who lives in New Hampshire with his wife and frequent collaborator, Dr. Debra Doyle. Macdonald was born in 1954, and raised in White Plains, New York. He attended the University of Rochester, and went on to serve in the US Navy for fifteen years

Book four of mageworlds. Debra doyle and james D. macdonald

Book four of mageworlds. A TOM DOHERTY ASSOCIATES BOOK NEW YORK NOTE: If you purchased this book without a cover you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as "unsold and destroyed" to the publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payment for this "stripped book. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

Free books to read or listen online in a convenient form, a large collection, the best authors and series. Doyle, Debra; Macdonald, James D. Read online. Download (PDF). Читать. The Wizard's Statue (Circle Of Magic, Book 3). Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald, Judith Mitchell. Doyle & MacDonald. 641 Kb, en. Doyle, Debra & MacDonald, James D - Mageworlds 2 - Starpilot's Grave.

Authors: Doyle, Debra, Macdonald, James D. Categories: Fiction.

You can read book The Gathering Flame by Doyle, Debra in our library for absolutely free. Authors: Doyle, Debra, Macdonald, James D.

Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald live in Colebrook, New Hampshire. Their fantasy novel, Knight's Wyrd, won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. Библиографические данные. The Gathering Flame: The Prequel to Mageworlds.

Читайте Mageworlds (автор: Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald) . Starpilot's Grave: Book Two of Mageworlds. Macdonald) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Читайте книги и аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. By Honor Betray'd: Mageworlds Автор Debra Doyle. The Long Hunt: Mageworlds Автор Debra Doyle.

When the Magelords begin to plunder the civilized galaxy, effortlessly destroying opposing warfleets and taking over entire planets, the only hope lies in three reluctant individuals: Perada Rosselin, Jos Metadi, and Errec Ransome. Reissue.
Another book in the dreamworld series that deals with the ongoing working done to unite the galaxy. The books weave in and out of time, except for the first 3, which cover the end result of the magical working. Great fun, huge adventure and well thought out plot twists enlliven not just the 1st 3 books but the whole series. Don't miss it!
a fun series
Fills in the gaps from the trilogy by getting to see how it all got started. A very good book to set the stage for the rest of the series.
Would like to see more by the Proffessor, especially more about the Mages and any connections to the great working
This book is listed as the 4th book in the Mageworlds series, so I read books 1-3 first. Turns out that this book is actually a prequel to the first three books. While I would have preferred to read the books in story order, rather than publication order, at the same time it was rather fun reading this book knowing what would happen to many of the characters.

It was fun seeing all the almost side-characters from the first three books in their youth (not to mention people that hold assorted bad-guy roles in the earlier books!). I would have liked to see a bit more on a few characters - one in particular seemed to be a bad guys simply because the first three books said that he was. At least there was a second that we could see a bit of what lead him from being a school friend of Perada into a needed trouble.

This book did do a bit better of having a consistent plot than the first three books. Many times in those books I felt there were characters along for very little reason or things that happened almost randomly. This time everything flowed together in a more logical and consistent way.

I was hoping that book 5 would continue this story - the end of this book left lots of room to see how Perada goes from Domina of Entibor to Domina of Lost Entibor, the formation of the republic and the defeat of the Mages, but it looks like we bounce back to well after the end of the second Mage War.
The prequel to the first Mageworlds trilogy, THE GATHERING FLAME is the story of Jos Metadi and Perada Rosselin - the parents of the main characters from the trilogy. It's a fantastic look at the history of the Mageworlds universe and lets the readers explore the history of Errec Ransome, Jos, Perada, the Professor - even Nivome the Rolny and Tarveet of Pleyver.

It does a very good job of setting the stage for the amazing Mageworlds trilogy. Doyle and MacDonald once again write amazing space opera and add depth to an already amazing universe. It's a fast-paced read with old characters you're glad to see again and new characters you want to know more about.

I wouldn't suggest it for people who haven't read it yet (go read THE PRICE OF THE STARS! (The Price of the Stars: Book One of Mageworlds), but it is well-written and very satisfying.

The authors use alternating 'present/past' chapters that not only let the reader see what happened during the first Magewar but let them see what shaped the people who would later re-shape the galaxy.

I can't recommend the Mageworlds series highly enough and if this is your first foray into that universe, I know you'll fall in love with it, too. If you're already a Mageworlds reader (good for you!), then this book is one you shouldn't pass up.
The Gathering Flame (1995) is the fourth novel written in the Mageworlds series. At this time, however, it is the third in internal chronological sequence, following A Working of Stars and preceding The Price of the Stars. Five hundred years before, a Great Working was performed to bridge the eiran across The Gap Between. The only surviving Mage from that Circle, Arekhon Khreseio sus-Khalgath sus-Peledaen, had returned to his lover Elaeli Inadi syn-Peledaen, known as the Maestra Elela Rosselin, on Entibor and now serves her descendants as Ser Hafrey, the Armsmaster.

The Mages have begun raiding across the Gap Between and threaten Entibor. Perada Rosselin has just inherited the title of Domina of Entibor and, in the company of Ser Hafrey and Nivome do'Evaan of Rolny, is traveling from Galcen to Entibor to receive her crown. On the way, she takes a side-journey to Waycross on Innish-Kyl in order to converse with Jos Metadi, the leader of a fleet of privateers attacking Mage conveys. Perada wants Jos to command her fleet against the Mages and is offering to take him as her consort if he will become her General of Armies. Metada turns her down and tries to leave, but finds the door locked from the outside. Escaping the building by the back way, Jos and Perada are fired upon by unknown assailants and flee to Metada's ship, the Warhammer. Errec Ransome, an Adept who survived the Mage attack on Ilarna, is the navigator on the Warhammer, Nannla and Tillijen are the gunners, and Ferrdacor the Selvaur is the engineer.

This novel tells the backstory of the First Mage War and the formation of the Republic. It shows why Errec Ransome is called the Breaker of Circles, how Entibor was Lost, and what caused the Rolny enmity toward the Rosselin-Metadi clan. It also gives some background on the other planets involved in the original trilogy.

This novel may be a prequel, but it throughly enjoyable in itself. Recommended for all Mageworlds fans and anyone who enjoys interstellar politics and intrigue.

-Arthur W. Jordin