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Night of the Loving Dead epub

by James Futch,James Newman

Night of the Loving Dead epub

ISBN: 0976791412

ISBN13: 978-0976791416

Author: James Futch,James Newman

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Khp Industries (June 30, 2005)

Pages: 104 pages

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FB2 book: 1803 kb

Rating: 4.3

Votes: 593

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Where the movie shows us the horror of being devoured by flesh-hungry ghouls, the book delves into the inner life of a few characters trying to survive something they simply don’t understand.

Shelves: classics, read-2018, horror, movie-tie-in. and for a decent price. Where the movie shows us the horror of being devoured by flesh-hungry ghouls, the book delves into the inner life of a few characters trying to survive something they simply don’t understand. I’m pretty sure that if something like this happened today, we would be more prepared than those innocent folks, having been brought up on The Walking Dead and Z Nation.


Night of the Loving Dead. Death Songs from the Naked Man. (with Donn Gash). In years to come, when we talk about great writers of the Southern gothic, we’ll be mentioning Newman alongside Massie, McCammon, Crews, Farris and the aforementioned.

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Dead of Night (VHS) James Purefoy, Rachel Shelley, Chris Adamson OOP RARE HT. Night of the Loving Dead by Futch, James; Newman, James. All Kinds of Dead by Craig, James (Paperback book, 2017).

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No Rest for the Wicked...

What do ancient Satanic curses, rock n' roll, the Mafia, urban legends, Internet porn, Tourette's Syndrome, and zombies have in common?

Read Night of the Loving Dead, and you'll find out. You'll also never go to sleep again.

Night after night, in Grady Memorial Hospital's Autopsy Room #1, the dead awaken. For several hours they rise, with an unholy urge. But these reanimated corpses are driven not by a hunger for human flesh, but by an evil lust for carnal knowledge!

Night of the Loving Dead is a novella of hardcore horror, a trashy, B-movie hybrid of The Sopranos, Day of the Dead and Showgirls. Throw in a demented dash of drive-in camp and a blood-spattered ode to sex on the information superhighway, and you've got a story that might just be the most twisted tale you've ever read.

Night of the Loving Dead. You'll never look at sex and death the same way again...

A Demonic Clown Book

In this novella, you get exactly what you hope for: a raunchy ride through a horror tale. Like watching a great zombie flick or listening to some kick ass music, this book by James Futch and James Newman is loud, extreme, but pleasing to the soul. Definitely not a read for younger fans, more mature audiences should take this for what it is. All the time I was reading this, it felt like I was actually watching a better version of Return of the living Dead and couldn't get the Lordi song Night of the Loving Dead out of my head!

The writing is engaging. The story is just plain wild. Yes, it's a bit gory and a little disturbing but I, for one, get tired of the "safe" tolerant politically correct trash pushed our ways these days.

Shelia is working a night job at the local hospital on the graveyard shift, hoping to pay her tuition. Alex, her main squeeze, is a videographer for a local, low budget adult film company. Shelia discovers that things are going on that are hard to believe but impossible to deny. Alex, with his trusty camera,swoops in to save the day, supposedly...but is blinded by dollar signs and a little too much Mary Jane.

People, this is plain and it's fun. It was just the right length and can be read over a day! Pick it up now and have a Night of the Loving Dead!
Awesome read! I couldn't put it down!
The concept for this novel is based on any number of zombie books and movies. For whatever reason, supernatural or scientific, the dead rise and stalk among the living to quench their dreadful hunger. In James Futch and James Newman's cojoined imagination, however, the zombies aren't hungry for flesh or brains, they're hungry for sex. Their carnal appetites are loosed upon the world each night within the confines of the Grady Memorial Hospital morgue, where rumor has it ancient, arcane practices that predated the hospital's construction still haunt the site and cause the nightly resurrection.

"Night of the Loving Dead" could have been a clever twist on the zombie genre. But no, Futch and Newman take the concept entirely too far, coating themselves and their readers in blood, bile and other bodily fluids. The detail with which they describe grotesque and graphic zombie sex -- and the sexual damage the undead can wreak on themselves, their zombie partners and any living humans who get in their way -- tells me these two lads spend an unhealthy amount of time imagining this sort of thing -- right down to its festering core. Believe me, they will detail for you exactly what body parts will tear, what will break and what will burst in a viscous explosion.

Come on, boys, you can dress it up in occult trappings, but rape is never funny, even if the character is drugged and/or is someone we're not supposed to like. Don't be fooled by the hype that makes "Night of the Loving Dead" sound like a comic horror romp. It's vile.

On the other hand, if the thought of sex with dead things appeals to you, this book is just your thing.

by Tom Knapp, Rambles.(n e t) editor
I really enjoyed the premise of this book. A couple stumble upon a way to make adult films with actual zombies and of course s*** gets crazy!
The storytelling is fantastic and kept the pages turning! Some people attempt this style of horror and seem like they are trying too hard to shock people but I didn't feel this way about Night of the loving dead... as I read it I could tell the authors had a true mastery of their craft and though it was brutal and gory and naughty it all came together to an awesome story! I highly recommend this book to fans of all types of horror!
Another of James' extremely creative writing successes it seems. Just wish it was in book form.
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