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by Gaelen Foley

Lady of Desire epub

ISBN: 0749907703

ISBN13: 978-0749907709

Author: Gaelen Foley

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: PIATKUS BOOKS (2006)

Pages: 416 pages

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Rating: 4.5

Votes: 342

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Excerpts for gaelen foley. Nervously, she checked her travel documents one more time, securely tucked between the pages of the book, while memories of her Continental tour danced through her head. Two years ago, her straitlaced eldest brother and main guardian, Robert, the duke of Hawkscliffe, had been assigned to the British delegation at the Congress of Vienna.

Gaelen Foley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author of twenty historical romances set in. .Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Gaelen Foley's books.

Gaelen Foley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author of twenty historical romances set in the glittering world of Re.

Lady of Desire (Knight M.has been added to your Cart. Foley neatly contrasts the dark, perilous corners of London with the dazzling world of the city's wealthy as she continues her Knights Miscellany series in another delectably entertaining, lusciously sensual historical Regency, proving herself once again to be an irresistible author skilled at blending passion and intrigue.

Give me my necklace, you rogue. Stifling a giggle, she reached into his coat pocket, but he captured her hand, whirling her around gently so that she found herself backed up against. She narrowed her eyes at him, fighting a smile. Lean and tall, his body packed with compact muscle beneath his formal black evening clothes, he braced one hand on the door by her head and leaned toward her, dangling the necklace before her eyes. Want it? Come and get it.

Gaelen Foley is an American author best known for writing romance novels set in the Regency era. She has also been self-publishing middle grade fantasy books under the pen name . Her books have been in the USA Today bestseller list regularly since 2000 and the New York Times bestseller list since 2008.

Lady of Desire Foley Gaelen Random House (USA) 9780804119740 : With the smashing success of Lord of Fire and Lord of Ice, Gaelen Foley has confirmed her place as one of his.

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бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. With the smashing success of Lord of Fire and Lord of Ice, Gaelen Foley has confirmed her place as one of historical romances hottest talents. Now with Lady of Desire, a sizzling tale in which a fiery young temptress tames the king of thieves, she delivers her most enthrallingand smolderingnovel ye.Impetuous Lady Jacinda Knight is the daughter of a scandalous woman. Though society predicts shell follow in her mothers footsteps, the spirited beauty stands unashamed of her passionate nature. Then one night, in flight from a safe but loveless marriage.

Gaelen Foley - the complete book list. Gaelen Foley is a native of Pennsylvania and a New York Times bestselling author of historical romances. Lady Portia Tennesley has always dreamed of marrying for love. Her bold novels are set during Regency era England as well as during the Napoleonic Wars. It was during her studies at University of New York, College at Fredonia that Foley fell in love with the Regency period while she was studying the Romantic poets for her degree in English literature.

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This book is sooooo good! I loved the heroine, Lady Jacinda Knight, I loved the hero, Billy Blade and I loved the storyline.

When our sweet girl Jacinda decides she doesn't want to marry the family friend her four brothers have picked out for her because they're concerned she will get herself in trouble, she decides to run away from home and head for the Continent. If you've read any novels about the Knight Family, you will know their mother played their father false, bearing four sons whose fathers were not her husband. The only two children that were her husband's are Robert, The Duke and Jacinda, the only girl and youngest of the siblings. In fact, Jacinda's mother is infamously known as the Hawkcliffe Harlot based on her behavior and reputation.

Concerned Jacinda might be a chip off the old block, Robert and his brothers, Lucian and Damien want Jacinda to marry the family's good friend, Marquess Ian Prescott, whose story is ultimately told in Her Only Desire. Jacinda will have none of it and of course the reader will be rooting for her all the way. However, when she's getting ready to leave London, she gets conned by a young boy who runs off with her travel funds. Jacinda runs after him and winds up getting lost in an area of London where gangs rule. Before she knows it, she's face to face with the infamous Billy Blade, known leader of the leading gang of the area. Unbeknownst to Jacinda, Billy is the heir to an Earldom but ran away from home after one too many harsh beatings by his father.

I won't go into a lot of specific details about the storyline, but rather I want to make it very clear, Billy is simply awesome as a match for Jacinda. Once he meets her, he is simply undone. Ms. Foley has an amazing ability to describe Jacinda in all her loveliness through Billy's eyes. My favorite parts of the story are when Billy's trying to wend his way back into Society, while continuing to hunt "Jackals" during the night hours. Although Jacinda doesn't immediately accept Billy's attentions as a suitor, she babies him when he has cuts and bruises and continually makes sure to cover his social gaffes and endeavors to bring him up to snuff. My favorite line in the story and one I have never forgotten from the first time I read the book is when the two of them are in the park, Billy's eating an apple and Jacinda makes reference to his family. Billy's reply - "You're my family" has stuck in my soul because it was revealing of how lost he had been, feeling totally unloved all of his life, until he finds Jacinda.

This is a hard book to read in some ways because it contains very descriptive abuse that Billy suffered at the hands of his father when he was young. I hated this part, but it did shape Billy's life. To his credit, he never lost the ability to be kind to others. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading a "bad boy meets good girl who changes his life" type of story.
I'm going back and rereading Ms Foley's better books. I enjoyed this one again but this time I noticed some very modern things. This book is part of a series about the Knight family. There are 6 children with four different fathers, as their mother had a number of affairs. Here the h is very aware of her mother's legacy and desperately wants to marry someone she loves so that she doesn't follow in her mother's footsteps. Unfortunately, she keeps getting involved in all sorts of mischief so her oldest brother, a duke, decides she needs to marry an old family friend asap. The h then plans to run away but she gets into trouble when a pickpocket steals her money at an inn. She chases after him and ends up being witness to a gang incident. One of the gang leaders is the H. He is gorgeous and there is an immediate attraction between them. It all seems impossible and the H delivers the h back to her family much to her horror. It then turns out that the H is the lost second son of a Marquess. i don't think I'll say any more because it's a good story. I'm still surprised that Ms Foley, who does a lot of research, names one of her Regency characters "Acer".
I have long been into this series. You meet Billy Blade in "Lord of Ice" about Damien Knight and his Miranda. He is a fabulous character as has been brought out by other reviewers but I take issue with so many negative things about Jascinda. Yes, she is spoiled. (I mean, how could she not be in this family of strong terrifying brothers hovering over her like protective warriors.) Jascinda is not in my opinion as some have said a 'too stupid to live' heroine. I detest the TSTL girls in these books, but Jas is not one of those. She proves herself to be a true Knight and even saves Billy's life at one point. From the minute they meet, and as the scriptwriters say it is a 'meet cute' she is running away and very unwisely. Yes she reacts badly when Billy takes her back to her family. LOVE the scene when he realizes her true identity. "You treacherous brat! You are Lucien Knight's baby sister! Are you trying to get me killed?" But you really see Jas's character grow through this book. She even thanks him later for making her return to the safety of her family. I found her to be a heroine that, although pampered really comes to grips that it is not all about her, and she finally proves herself worthy of Billy. He is so achingly lonely, and because of an abusive childhood needs Jascinda in his life. They make a wonderful couple and Foley has written this book like all of her stories with a wit that will keep you both sighing and laughing out loud. Honestly when Robert was giving her hand in marriage to Billy there is a line that will have you laughing out loud! Fabulous read and another keeper!!!