Frost Dancers epub

by Garry Douglas Kilworth

Frost Dancers epub

ISBN: 0586214631

ISBN13: 978-0586214633

Author: Garry Douglas Kilworth

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Contemporary

Language: English

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; New Ed edition (1993)

Pages: 400 pages

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Rating: 4.3

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Garry Douglas Kilworth (born 5 July 1941 in York) is a British science fiction, fantasy and historical novelist. Kilworth was raised partly in Aden, South Arabia, the son of an airman.

Garry Douglas Kilworth (born 5 July 1941 in York) is a British science fiction, fantasy and historical novelist. Having an itinerant father he travelled widely, both in Britain and abroad, and attended over 20 different schools before the age of 15. He later went to military school and subsequently was himself in the Royal Air Force for 18 years. In 1962 he married Annette Bailey, the daughter of an . Catalina aircraft pilot.

Garry (Douglas) Kilworth is a varied and prolific writer who has travelled widely since childhood, living in a number of countries, especially in the Far East. His books include science fiction and fantasy, historical novels, literary novels, short story collections, children's books and film novelisations. This autobiography contains anecdotes about his farm worker antecedents and his rovings around the globe, as well as his experiences in the middle list of many publishing houses

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Kilworth has captured the often-overlooked nobility and resilience of the hare beautifully in this book with his lagomorphic hero, Skelter.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In the Highlands, Skelter the hare led a wonderful life - browsing among the heathers, taking in the scenery and chatting up females.

Garry Kilworth (1941 -) Garry Douglas Kilworth was born in York in 1941 and travelled widely as a child, his father being a serviceman. After seventeen years in the RAF and eight working for Cable and Wireless, he attended King's College, London University, where he obtained an honours degree in English.

Kilworth is a graduate of King's College London. He was previously a science fiction author, having published one hundred twenty short stories and seventy novels. Books by Garry Kilworth. Mor. rivia About Frost Dancers.

Frost Dancers: A Story of Hares. A set of beautifully crafted tales of the imagination by a writer who was smitten by the magic of the speculative short story at the age of twelve and has remained under its spell ever since. These few stories cover three closely related sub-genres: science fiction, fantasy and horror.

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This is the first book I've ever read by Garry Kilworth, and I must say, he has left an excellent first impression. It's not necessarily a break-neck pace, stay-up-all-night-even-though-you-have-work-tomorrow-but-you-gotta-read-one-last-chapter kind of read (at least not until the second half, when the action REALLY picks up speed!), but it's immersing and engrossing, grand and sweeping, a little tiny bit like Tolkien's fiction, in that you're not reading it for the non-stop action, but for the inspiring journey.

Kilworth has captured the often-overlooked nobility and resilience of the hare beautifully in this book with his lagomorphic hero, Skelter. At first glance, he seems like any other likable, everyman sort of character (with his own share of faults, like stubbornness, obliviousness, and a touch of racism against rabbits), but as the story progresses, he becomes a creature of grit, courage, and cunning worthy of The Fabled Hare. He and his kind live on the very cutting edge of survival, whose only defense is in their incredible speed.

The heroics of The Fabled Hare must always be counterbalanced by a wicked adversary of equal mettle, and Bubba, the monstrous harpy eagle who thinks he's a human being, is definitely a worthy foe (and worthy of making my list of top favorite literary villains). He is a terrifying, badass, and hideously twisted serial killer, but also tragic, evil not by nature, but by nurture. It is in this way that he is reminiscent of Mary Shelley's nameless Creature, a monster cut off from all of animal society by the "parent" who created him and forced him to forge his own destructive path, being neither wholly beast nor man. The ultimate tragedy of Bubba is that his plight is firmly rooted in the hideous reality of the exotic pet trade. I'm looking at you, douchebag YouTubers who like to show off videos of your servals and wolfdogs so you can brag about how "badass" you are for having a wild animal as a pet.

Garry Kilworth has so far proven himself a very worthy xenofiction author. While he may not quite reach the same level as the venerable Richard Adams, he certainly comes close. I'll be keeping an eye out for his earlier, and more popular novel, Hunter's Moon. Because everybody loves foxes.
I love this book. The author does a fantastic job of telling the story from the animal's perspective. I learned a lot from it.
Thank you , all is well , great book and great service,,
Good condition. Nice gift.
This book is fasanating! Its about a blue hare(Skelter) who comes from the highlands, then to be trapped from his beloved home and taken to the flatlands by the sea. After escaping a coursing he meets many animals and joins up with a colony of brown hairs. He soon finds out that the land is terrorised by a flying monster so called the flogre. This is where Skelter trys to find a way to save these hares and himself!

Along the same line of Watership down Kilworth has made this book into a masterpiece. Along with reading his other books, Midnights sun and Hunters moon this story has to be the best!

To any animal lover such as myself, I advise you to read his books! You are sure to enjoy them!