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Monogamous Intentions epub

by Shannon N. Davis

Monogamous Intentions epub

ISBN: 0976981319

ISBN13: 978-0976981312

Author: Shannon N. Davis

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Contemporary

Language: English

Publisher: DeLoach-Davis Publishing; 1 edition (May 24, 2006)

Pages: 240 pages

ePUB book: 1987 kb

FB2 book: 1583 kb

Rating: 4.4

Votes: 636

Other Formats: mobi lrf azw lit

Monogamous Intentions book.

Monogamous Intentions book. Details (if other): Cancel. Monogamous Intentions is a work of fiction  .

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Are you sure you want to remove Monogamous Intentions from your list? Monogamous Intentions. Published May 24, 2006 by DeLoach-Davis Publishing.

4 books of Shannon N Davis. Monogamous Intentions. More . Book rate: 0 downloads. Books of Shannon N Davis. Nothing Like Friends.

Monogamous Intentions is a work of fiction. Each character in this story deals with issues confronting our society today. Issues of adultery, jealousy, envy, violence, incarceration, AIDS and Attempt Murder and Yes Love. The main character is Sedonia Lacey. She goes to Hell and back before she finally finds out who she really is. Her early childhood starts out as a normal middle class little Black girl..Blissfully happy with her parents, but then she over hears her parents many fights___ and life for her becomes uncertain. She learns that something is not quite right, but is just too young to absorb it all. Her mother then meets with a violent attack and is almost killed! But who really did it? Sedonia ends up living with her Aunt Grace after her mothers violent attack____ that left her in a coma. As Sedonia becomes a young lady, she escapes home by marrying her ideal man. It was a whirlwind romance at first..But it lost its fizzle after a while and she becomes lonely in her marriage. Out of nowhere, one day the most handsome man unsuspectingly enters her world. She begins a steamy love affair. Caught up in a love triangle___ she becomes pregnant and finds herself asking "Whos the Dad?.. Now, she also has to be tested for HIV___ Which one tested Positive?...........

If you like drama and excitement,Then read this book! You will experience a Roller Coaster Ride of emotions like never before. This book is filled with adventure, mystery, and steamy love affairs that will keep you turning pages..

Monogamous Intentions was an excellent read. It's fiction but could very well be reality. The author takes you down the paths of infidelity, long lost loves, homosexuality, liviing with HIV, and finding happiness! Monogamous Intentions is a page-turner and a must read! The author left no open-ended questions and crafted a full-circle novel. Great Job Ms. Davis!

I've read the author's previous novel, "Nothing Like Friends" and I highly recommend "Monogamous Intentions" as well.

Overall rating: 10.0
This book was an eye opener and I think every female should read it. It teaches a valuable lesson and is not preachy. It is something that all women should be aware of. Even though this book was a good read, there are numerous errors in it that can be pretty distracting. Other than that, I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more books by this author.
Excellent read, Ms. Davis will leave you wanting more. Can't wait for your next book! Monogamous Intentions is suspensful and will keep you on the edge of your seat!!
For all appearances, Sedonia Lacey is happily married to a good man yet she feels something is missing. When Donnell Glenn walks into the shop where she works, Sedonia's life will forever be changed. Unable to ignore or explain the the deep connection they share, Donnell and Sedonia embark on a 6-month affair. An affair that ends in an unexpected pregnancy. Who is the father? Her lover or her husband? Deciding to give her child the family she never had, Sedonia ends the affair and endures intense counseling to repair her marriage. It is now 2 years later and while Sedonia thinks that things are going well, she is in for the shock of her life when her husband Jarvis reveals that he too had an affair. An affair that will change life as they know it. Monogamous Intentions is the story of one couple who despite their love and commitment to each other are forced to reexamine their relationship when they begin to develop feelings for someone other than each other. While there are a lot of proofreading/editing errors that sometimes distract you from the story, it is a story that will make you laugh, cry, or just sit and shake your head in disbelief. If you loved Ms. Davis's first book, "Nothing Like Friends", you will truly enjoy her follow-up, "Monogamous Intentions". Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks.
Sedonia loves and cherishes her husband and cannot wait to fulfill the sexual desires that continue to plague her every time she sees him. He is want people might feel if the perfect mate and Sedonia is glad to have him in her life. Jarvis is like no other man until Donnell steps into the picture. He is everything that Sedonia gets hot about. Not understanding her lust for this man, she doesn't know if she should make good on her promise to her marriage or try to continue the flames that ignite for Donnell.

Jarvis has what he has wanted all his life, a loving wife and daughter. Starting a family wasn't easy but he would not change it for the world. Even though his mother despises his wife, he will not give it up for no one. Jarvis keeps in the back of his mind that his life is perfect but cannot help the yearning that is deep within him.

Shannon Davis is well on her way into establishing herself from other authors with the same story. Where you might end up knowing the outcome of the novel before you are done, it is still packed with heartache, laughter and drama. I liked "Nothing Like Friends" and Mrs. Davis did not disappoint with her sophomore novel.
"Monogamous Intentions is a heartfelt read that focuses on an array of social issues and secrets that are unearthed, shaking up lives. An intense emotional read that will infuse various emotions revealing great life lessons."

"Sedonia Lacey is happily married to Jarvis until she meets Donnell and her life takes a turn. She gets her life back on track only to discover that Jarvis has a few secrets of his own."

"Dexter is the man that Sedonia grew up thinking was her father. He has been released from prison for brutally attacking her mother leaving her disabled. Secrets about what really happened this fateful night will emerge and explain why Sedonia's biological father is absent from her life."

"This thought provoking read explores friendship, love, heartache and triumph over adversities. Readers will experience sadness and joy through this interesting novel."
Monogamous Intentions was my second book by new author Shannon N. Davis. Her debut was a nice read and her second release fell nothing short of a remarkable book!

Monogamous tells a story of main character Sedonia and from the outside looking in you would think she had the perfect life until she meets Donnell a handsome stranger who forever changes her life as well as the life she shares with her husband.

In Shannon's sophomore effort she definitely has a winner!! This book deals with real issues of adultery and even the actual epidemic of HIV amongst the African-American community. What is also tackled as a topic is the taboo subject of homosexuality. The ending will definitely have you screaming "Oh my God!"

I sat down with this book and did not put it down until I was finished and that was some eight hours later. This book from beginning to end had all the twist and turns of your favorite roller coaster ride. It had the suspense, comedy and drama it was like all of your favorite television shows rolled into one great book! You definitely had the mini movie in your mind going on!
What happens when you think you have the perfect

marriage? Jarvis and Sedonia were happily married

until handsome Donnell walked into Sedonia's life.

The vibes were strong and there was no turning

back. Sedonia had to get a long taste of Donnell.

Will Jarvis and Sedonia be able to repair their broken

marriage after Sedonia and Donnell's hot, steamy,

adulterous affair?-Journee, LLC