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The Up and Comer epub

by Howard Roughan

The Up and Comer epub

ISBN: 184115444X

ISBN13: 978-1841154442

Author: Howard Roughan

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Contemporary

Language: English

Publisher: 4th Estate; 1st Edition edition (2001)

Pages: 336 pages

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FB2 book: 1273 kb

Rating: 4.8

Votes: 306

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As he sat down, he asked me how I was doing. I'm here, that's how I'm doing," I told him curtly.

As he sat down, he asked me how I was doing. He held it in the air and gazed at it. "You know, I always used to think a gadget like this was strictly the stuff of secret agents. Lo and behold, now every Joe off the street can own one. Spy stores, I tell you, they're amazing. Veritable meccas for James Bond wanna-bes everywhere.

Laura Tucker for her intelligence, wit, and that most endangered species of personal traits: the willingness to take a chance. Richard Curtis for simply being the consummate professional. Rick Horgan for his ever keen insight and always cool demeanor.

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Howard Roughan is an American author. He has two novels in print: The Up and Comer (2001) and The Promise of a Lie (2004). The rights to The Up and Comer have been optioned by October Films, and Michael Douglas is attached to produce the movie-version of Roughan's novel. Roughan is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

I absolutely loved reading THE UP AND COMER I'm hoping there will be a sequel to this book because I'd really like to see Philip make a complete Up and Comeback!

I absolutely loved reading THE UP AND COMER. Despite the infidelity of the main character, Philip Randall, a man who seemingly had everything one could only dream about,it was difficult to dislike him. There were times I actually laughed out loud because the dialogue was that funny when least expected. I'm hoping there will be a sequel to this book because I'd really like to see Philip make a complete Up and Comeback! 0. Report.

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Poised to become his Manhattan law firm's youngest partner, up-and-coming attorney Philip Randall takes risks and a mistress-his best friend's wife. Then the game changes and the stakes get higher. by James Patterson ยท Howard Roughan. for these unlucky couples, the honeymoon's over

Books I have been reading: 2002 The Last Stand of Mr America. The Constant Gardener, John le Carre. The Code of the Woosters, . Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck. The Up and Comer, Howard Roughan. Sons and Lovers, D. H. Lawrence. Enigma, Robert Harris.

Books I have been reading: 2002 The Last Stand of Mr America. High Fidelity, Nick Nornby. The British Museum is falling down, David Lodge.

If you want to read about people with no moral compass, you will like this book. I Did finish the book, but when I got to the end, I felt like I had just wasted several hours of my life that I would not get back. Very Same old same old plot. This Author is much better when combining his writing talents with James Patterson.
I discovered Howard Roughan when he co-authored James Patterson's recent book HONEYMOON (4 star review 3/8/2005). Based on my enjoyment of the writing style employed in that novel, I decided to read this earlier work by Roughan. My reaction was very mixed, the writing was excellent (better than four stars) and the story had interesting potential; however, for reasons which are partially personal and I will summarize later the story barely rated two stars in terms of my enjoyment. Thus, my rating is a compromise and a reader with tastes different from mine might react quite differently. (As demonstrated by the fact this book has received ratings from one to five stars.)

This is the story of Philip Randall, a true UP AND COMER with a small but prestigious NYC law firm. Philip's beautiful wife Tracy is adored by her very rich daddy, who spares no expense for his daughter including the purchase of the luxurious downtown loft where Philip and Tracy live. Philip is truly on the fast track and also living life in the fast lane. He is smart, motivated and supremely self-confident - after all, he has always been able to stare down anyone and ad lib his way out of trouble. Thus, while he understands risk and in fact quantifies all his actions on a risk scale of 1 to 10, he can't resist tempting fate by engaging in an ongoing affair with his best friend's wife. They meet whenever possible at a small sidestreet hotel convenient to where they both work; furthermore, they engage in elaborate precautions to avoid ever being seen together in public except when attending events as a foursome with their spouses. However, as the reader undoubtedly expects and Philip should have expected, suddenly their secret is discovered and the risk factor associated with his affair has rises dramatically. Philip is contacted by an extremely dangerous individual, someone from his past with nothing to lose and a belief that successfully blackmailing Philip can both provide him with the means to start over and settle long-held grievances as well. In order not to provide spoilers, I will simply summarize the outcome with the following description - the risk continues to heighten and all the major characters in the story are severely damaged (or worse) by the conclusion.

THUS.THIS IS REALLY AN OLD FASHIONED MORALITY PLAY. How the high and mighty have fallen! Play with fire and you will get burned. Pride goeth before a fall. Do not covet your neighbor's wife. Take your pick - this combines them all. I liked many aspects of the story; the author's research was good and his phraseology excellent. I work in the same area of midtown NYC which formed the locale for the action, the meetings in Bryant Park and lunches sat the Oyster Bar rang true and imparted authenticity. Many of the mental asides which we experienced with Philip as the first person narrator were truly enjoyable. And certainly Philip is a composite of many of many of the NYC (superficial) glitterati. Several twists and turns of the plot were quite clever and in a few instances unexpected; several of the minor characters including Jack and Sally Devine were also interestingly drawn. Finally, the very last few pages did provide some brief commentary on the correct priorities in our lives and the possibility of redemption as counterweights to the great majority of the book.

A portion of my dislike for this novel is simply due to a misjudgment on my part concerning its nature. I found it tense, disturbing and uncomfortable. I simply had not understood the focus of the drama or how depressing it would be. I also thought that it would be both more plot driven and have a better balance of the ethical and moral dimensions of the characters. If my dislike were purely due to my taste, however, I would not have lowered my rating to three stars. The factor would caused me to downgrade the book was the same factor which caused the story to be the quintessential morality play, the apparent inevitability of the chain of events once set in motion. I found it hard to accept the fact that at a few key decision points in his life Philip would have been so egotistical as to have continued his increasingly reckless conduct when he recognized how greatly the risks had escalated. He didn't have to be able to predict the tragic outcomes which ensued for so many of the participants to realize that his foolishness had become foolhardiness and stupidity. Thus, while I found the story well written enough to finish the book and while the first person narrative helped maintain an immediacy for me as a reader, I became increasingly uninvolved and thus my enjoyment lessened.

In summary, this is a well written, thought provoking book which I admired but did really enjoy. The goal of this review has simply been to attempt to provide enough information to help potential readers decide whether it will appeal to them, since it has been both highly praised and panned by others.

Tucker Andersen
I'm excited that I found another excellent thriller writer!! Thank you, Mr. Patterson (Honeymoon). I read this book in one day!! I honestly couldn't put it down. It appealed to my dark side....LOL!. I like books that are written in the first tense. It involves me more. Philip had the world by its tail but he blew it. Too much arrogance and confidence destroyed him. I loved the build up and the take down. What a ride! I am now going to start Roughan's next book. Don't miss out on this book!
This is, simply put, the best debut fiction I've read since Scott Smith's "A Simple Plan" Donna Tartt's "The Secret History" and Jay McInerney's "Bright Lights Big City." The pages fly as Roughan creates a pitch-perfect rendition of the self-absorbed tragically-hip, irony-spewing, super-successful upwardly mobile of New York City. The first page of the novel is one of the best hooks I've ever read, with a magnificent punchline that basically sets the tone for a book you can't turn away from. The narrator is a guy whose guts you want to hate, but you find too much about yourself in him to do so. And that's the essence of Roughan's spectacular success. His lead character pulls you into his misdeeds, and he makes the reader complicit in the action. Brilliant debut.
It's 2 am and I have a 7 am golf tee time. I'm on page 243 and I am wide awake. Why? Because I can't turn the pages to the Up and Comer fast enough. Am I getting my point across? Absolutely one of the finest pieces of fiction to come along. Great character development, perfect plot, a little bit of spice -- all this adds up to the perfect book. Word of advice -- make sure you've got an uninterupted 8 to 12 hours because once you start, you won't stop. Make it 10 Stars for Up and Comer!!!!!!!
Thank you Howard Roughan!

I haven't enjoyed a novel this much in a long time. I devoured this book in less than a day and lost count of how many times I laughed out loud or chuckled at a turn of phrase. After reading only fifty pages I knew I had found an author I liked and ordered Mr. Roughan's other books from Amazon.

I found "The Up And Comer" reminiscent of Tom Wolfe's "The Bonfire Of The Vanities", however, Roughan's style is his own and I appreciate beyond words how well written this book was. Kudos to the book's editor as well, it is a rare pleasure to read a book that doesn't ramble on with seemingly endless description or contain long passages concerning the author's pet peeves or hobbies.

This book was pure story all the way through and a pleasure to devour. Thank you again Howard Roughan, you've made a new fan.
Simply put, if you like books that move quickly but still are well written, have very clever satire, and still have a good plot with strange but believable characters, you will like Howard Roughan's "The Up and Comer". I don't know how I missed this book when it was released but Mr. Roughan truly can write in this genre. I often find books of this type to be simply trash, ones you might finish but never really admit to having read. This one is different. Someone who willingly allows their life to get out of control and thinks they can always put it back on the rails. That AND is very funny along the way. Read this book. On the beach, on a plane. It is not serious literature but it is seriously good.
A great thriller... very entertaining & a 10 on my "can't put downalble" scale. I was late to the party with this book.....I am so glad I found it! Now on to read whatever else Mr. Roughan has written. Highly recommend!