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North To Disaster epub

by Jim Craig

North To Disaster epub

ISBN: 0961711213

ISBN13: 978-0961711214

Author: Jim Craig

Category: Literature and Fiction

Subcategory: Action & Adventure

Language: English

Publisher: Bushak Press (January 1, 2008)

Pages: 324 pages

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Rating: 4.2

Votes: 436

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Hopefully Johnny Wainwright's gonna have more adventures. 4 people found this helpful.

Craig writes with a strong sense of place. His love of the Alaskan wilderness and of flying shines through Johnny's thoughts and actions. Readers are treated to grand views of Seward and is surrounding bay, mountains, and islands. But that's just the setting: Craig has put together quite the thrilling adventure. Hopefully Johnny Wainwright's gonna have more adventures.

Hopefully Johnny Wainwright's gonna have more adventures. A great debut, Jim Craig - don't keep us waiting too long!. Nov 18, 2008 Jacamo Peterson rated it it was amazing.

Johnny Wainwright is a bush pilot repo man struggling to make a living in Seward, Alaska. Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover.

Johnny Wainwright is a bush pilot repo man in South Central Alaska. There must be an easier way to barely make a living

Johnny Wainwright is a bush pilot repo man in South Central Alaska. One September afternoon he flies Alaska State troopers to a remote island in Prince William Sound on a routine case of domestic violence. There must be an easier way to barely make a living. In this sequel to Jim Craig's first Alaskan novel, North to Disaster, you'll be reacquainted with Johnny's quirky cohorts, old flames from the Yukon Bar and the infamous Alaskan weather. If you like adventures with twists and turns, buckle up for a ride into the off the wall world of Johnny Wainwright and the bizarre bush pilot lifestyle unique to Alaska.

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North To Disaster by Jim Craig - an exciting Alaskan thriller!

North To Disaster by Jim Craig - an exciting Alaskan thriller! . Опубликовано: 28 февр. 2008 г. North To Disaster by Jim Craig - an exciting Alaskan thriller! Категория.

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Johnny Wainwright is a bush pilot repo man struggling to make a living in Seward, Alaska. All he wants to do is fly and get by, living a simple life in the Final Frontier. But when he reclaims stolen equipment from remote Johnstone Bay, the trouble begins. Bush airplanes, murdering thieves and a beautiful Learjet pilot fill Johnny's days during a life and death struggle in Prince William Sound. Alaska's mountains and river valleys are unforgiving and treacherous for small airplanes, especially in rough weather. Johnny's story takes you inside a strange new world survived by only a select few. Join him and his eccentric friends from the Yukon Bar in this first of a new series of Johnny Wainwright thrillers.
North To Disaster makes you want to drop everything and live in the comparative wild of Alaska - It is fast paced, entertaining, and leaves you wanting more...
Johnny Wainwright is a pilot who sometimes does repo work - retrieving objects that people 'forgot' to return from rental places. Between that and the tourist season, where folks want to see the amazing terrain of Alaska, he gets by.
Flying a small craft in the wilds of Alaska can be tricky - you have to know the area as well as know your craft - and Johnny has that knowledge.
It all starts innocently enough - Johnny's hired to get some rental equipment and gets stuck in a larger more dangerous scenario - Seems there is a major theft ring of SuperCubs - small aircraft that are easy to disassemble and sell parts or to sell to other disreputable sources -
Johnny and friends - and what colorful friends he has! - hang out a a local bar, the Yukon - Some of the most hilarious parts of the book occur in this bar, and revolve around an invention one of Johnny's friends is creating - it's a laugh until you cry scenario through the end with this 'invention'.
When Johnny's friend and mentor Willie's SuperCub is stolen in a case of mistaken identity, Johnny steps in and goes to find the source of the ring.
The main character of this book is the beauty of Alaska - the majesty as well as the seductive danger of the territory and the volatile weather - play a major part in the success of the book. And that puts it over the top.
I wanted to book my ticket to Alaska and saddle up to the Yukon Bar!
Adventure, mystery, intruige, romance, humor - all in a great scenario makes North To Disaster a fun read.
Craig's writing has a touch that puts us in the cockpit with him as well as at his side as he fights for survival in the wilds -
An enjoyable read!
Looking forward to more from Jim Craig!
Johnny Wainwright, bush pilot and sometime-repo man finds himself in a peck of trouble after reclaiming a chainsaw from a remote location. Johnny and his friend Willie are beaten up and Willie's plane stolen in retribution. Wainwright then goes in search of the men in order to retrieve Willie's plane, which results in more than he bargained for.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Alaska, this well written novel is everything I expected, and more. Masterfully written and with some unexpected twists and turns, the author has created an unforgettable piece of writing. Don't expect a happy ending all tied up with a red bow, this is real life; and real life is not always pretty.

The end of the novel has the perfect set up for a sequel and I can only hope we see a Jonathan Wainwright series in the future.
His business card said Scenic flights to the Kenai Fjords, air taxi and wildlife viewing Johnny Wainwright, pilot and flight instructor.He was barely making ends meet, so the equipment repo sideline was much needed cash and typically wasn't very difficult. That was until he repossessed a chainsaw from Andrew Baxter. Seems Andrew was into something very illegal and just wanted to be left alone and didn't want to be messed,just trying to get by and do a little business. They put Willie in the hospital in a coma, which seemed like a pretty good warning except they took Willies Super cub when they left. That plane was Willies life, his lively hood his reason to live. Johnny had to get it back.
Well written fairly fast past story with a collection of interesting characters.
Climb in a Bush plane and strap yourself in for Adventure. Don't worry about the nasty flying weather, the turbulence, the rocks stabbing at the little plane from the mountains, or even the bullets zooming at you from the ground--Pilot Johnny Wainwright will get you through it. Full of real Alaska characters, scenery and thrills--described by author Jim Craig in such a way as to make the reader think he's been to this part of Alaska, even if he's never left the big city--this book should get your blood pressure up quicker than a session of kick-boxing. Throw in the babe-factor with his at first, reluctant partner, Brandy, and a particularly-nasty bad guy, this is a must read.

M.D. Kincaid, Author of Alaska Justice
Fly along with Johnny Wainwright in his 1953 SuperCub airplane as he soars through the skies over Alaskan mountains, through deep gorges and over the rough waters toward tiny islands that dot the bay of Prince William Sound. His business is taking adventurous souls on scenic flights over fjords and for wild life veiwing. Piloting and flight instruction fills his days. Evening finds him and his cronies, quirky characters that are drawn to the wilderness of Alaska, at the local bar, drinking beer with the same gusto they put into everything else they do.

Johnny becomes a sort of "bounty hunter", reclaiming stolen items to their rightful owners. Then someone stole his best friend, Willie's small plane, which leads Johnny and Brandy- Willie's daughter- on a dangerous mission in search of the hidden craft. Shootings, abductions, rescues and one wild, blind, air chase through thick fog and mountain passes- all lead to one of the most exciting endings one ever hopes to read.

Jim Craig's descriptions have a way of placing readers right there in the action, holding onto the seats of his airplane as we fly along with him. Don's miss this wild adventure story- it is highly recommended.
The story of this repo-bush pilot puts you into the heart of Alaska with its wonderful descriptions as you can really "see" what the author is talking about. A true, breathtaking adventure!