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Cubs Nation: 162 Games. 162 Stories. 1 Addiction. epub

by Gene Wojciechowski

Cubs Nation: 162 Games. 162 Stories. 1 Addiction. epub

ISBN: 0385513003

ISBN13: 978-0385513005

Author: Gene Wojciechowski

Category: History

Subcategory: Americas

Language: English

Publisher: Doubleday; First Edition edition (April 12, 2005)

Pages: 432 pages

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Rating: 4.3

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In Cubs Nation, Gene Wojciechowski follows the 2004 Chicago Cubs from spring training until the end of the season.

In Cubs Nation, Gene Wojciechowski follows the 2004 Chicago Cubs from spring training until the end of the season. Throughout the season you learn about the players and what they're like on and off the field, you get to read all kinds of interesting stories, and you get to witness the classic collapse of the Chicago Cubs. I'm a huge Cub fan, so when I saw this book I had to read it. I've been a fan of the Cubs my whole life and I've been to Wrigley Field many times

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Cubs nation: 162 games, 162 stories, 1 addiction. Wojciechowski, senior writer for ESPN Magazine and a Chicago area resident, chronicles 2004, the year of yet another Cubs collapse. The book is an entertaining read as the author interviews players. GENE WOJCIECHOWSKI is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.

1 Addiction (Broadway Books), following the Cubs for a full season. The Last Great Game: Duke vs. Kentucky and the . Seconds That Changed Basketball by Wojciechowski was released by Blue Rider Press in 2012. He is also the author/co-author of nine books. He has also co-authored autobiographies with several sports personalities.

Gene Wojciechowski is a sports writer, best known for his work with ESPN. Wojciechowski authored a novel,

by Gene Wojciechowski.

Cubs Nation: 162 Games, 162 Stories, 1 Addiction by Gene Wojciechowski: A similar book to Game of My Life. There are more stories from former players (this time, one story for every day of the regular season totaling 162) and it's another fun read. Lots of history, and lots of interesting photographs for those looking to study up on their Chicago Cub history.

Cubs Nation: 162 Games 162 Stories 1 Addiction - Gene Wojciechowski

Cubs Nation: 162 Games 162 Stories 1 Addiction - Gene Wojciechowski. Baseball fans, baseball players, sports personnel, chicago cubs (baseball team), united states. Tim McCarver's Baseball for Brain Surgeons and Other Fans: Understanding and Intrepreting the Game So You Can Watch It Like a Pro - Tim McCarver, Danny Peary. Baseball-defense, baseball-offense, baseball fans.

Better than season tickets to Wrigley Field, this behind-the-scenes, vibrant, entertaining chronicle of the Chicago Cubs’ 2004 season (as well a retelling of one of the most interesting histories in baseball) takes readers into the clubhouse, onto the field, and into the nostalgic richness of the team that epitomizes pure baseball.The Chicago Cubs inspire a rare kind of devotion, a never-give-up, wait-till-next-year enthusiasm undiminished by ninety-five years without a World Series victory. In this thrilling day-to-day account of the 2004 season, celebrated sportswriter Gene Wojciechowski captures the indelible spirit of a team—and its astounding fans. With full access to players, coaches, front-office personnel, groundskeepers, and almost everyone else connected to the franchise, Wojciechowski opens the door and presents an inside perspective that all baseball fans will relish. From Ernie Banks, the legendary “Mr. Cub,” to Sammy Sosa, today’s record-setting sensation, CUBS NATION traces the history of a team that often had everything going for it and yet was so hampered by losses that it came to define the term “lovable losers.” Wojciechowski conjures up the classic ivy-covered stadium, its fabled manual scoreboard, and the ”ballhawks” who have caught literally thousands of home-run balls on the streets alongside Wrigley. In a wonderful blend of exciting moment-by-moment reporting, revealing interviews, and nostalgic vignettes, Wojciechowski pulls back the curtain to uncover the fascinating inner workings of a storied Major League Baseball team—and he shows why the Cubs stand for everything that is good about baseball, win or lose.
Gene Wojciechowski, writer for ESPN and Cub fan, has gone where several have blazed a trail before: writing about the day-to-day events in a season with the Cubs. Having read accounts before of 162 entries of Cubs games (or so), I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book and its premise was greatly improved over similar books. Wojciechowski interviewed over 220 individuals for this book and included a very wide range of stories, great humor and poignant episodes in the life of people associated with the Cubs, be they the struggles of ballplayers with injuries, ballplayers befriending kids with serious diseases, Cub fans and celebrities, Cub employees and weaving these tales around the daily game. This book takes place in 2004, when much was expected from the Cubs but the year unraveled for them in the last quarter of the season: players made mistakes, management made mistakes, the team blew leads and games, announcers were blamed for telling the truth, and the start of a wholesale personnel turnover at the park began. The stories are very enjoyable and Wojciechowski has a terrific sense of humor, and the drama of the last few weeks of the season just adds to the enjoyability of the book - it's definitely worth reading.
First off, I am not a Cubs fan (I'm a Yankees fan). However, I am a baseball fan and I love a good baseball book. I bought this while reading it at a bookstore and decided to get it. The book is part recap of the Cubs' 2004 season, part history of the Cubs and being a Cubs fan. This is not a very good book, although there are some nice things in it. Wojciechowski tried a different format, putting a different story with a brief account of that day's game. While I certainly can respect someone doing something out of the normal for a book, it adds too much length to it.

In here in detail, stories about how obsessed Greg Maddux is with his performance and how he has been a success for so long. Also a touching tribute to Frank Hernandez Jr., who was shot and killed outside of Wrigley Field. Michael Wilbon adds while he knows Steve Bartman isn't at fault for losing Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, he still blames him.

"Cubs Nation" has its share of drawbacks. It is way too long (417 pages?). Wojciechowski tries too hard to be funny and excessively uses the phrases "honk" and "take it in the shorts." There are mulitple spelling errors, including inexcusably misspelling Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew's last name "Killibrew." The Mets' Eric Valent is referred to as "Joe Valent." Believe it or not, there is even an instance where the Cubs' home field is called "Wrigley Stadium"! Geez, no wonder Jeff Gordon got it wrong.

I'd only recommend this book to the most avid Cubs fan. To all others, steer clear of this one.
As part of a research project I have been pursuing, I needed a way to relate the fans of the Chicago Cubs to Wrigley Field through written documentation. This book caught my eye and I am glad to have been able to use it. While it is true that all sports fans are fanatic in one way or another, Cubs fans really have to be near the top of the list (and I can say that as a lifetime Cubs fan myself). Wojciechowski weaves a brilliant story of Cubs fandom in 2004 and shows that there are plenty of stories to share nomatter the result of the game. The stories really helped me develop how to showcase Cubs fans at their best while also being an excellent read and hard to put down.
Friends affectionately and accurately compare my obsession with the Chicago Cubs to Jimmy Fallon's character in "Fever Pitch", so I was quite excited when "Cubs Nation" was published. Each chapter provides an all-access glimpse of all things Cubs -- everything from the "ball hawks" who shag home run balls on Waveland Avenue to the beer vendors who work the Friendly Confines day after day. The book begins on opening day of the 2004 season and follows the team faithfully through the 162 game schedule to the heartbreaking September collapse and unfortunate failure to make the post-season after watching a World Series berth slip away in 2003 (after the Steve Bartman foul ball debacle in Game 6 and the subsequent nuclear meltdown against the Florida Marlins).

Each chapter offers a brief synopsis of that day's game and any notable stats, but the focus is much broader than that. Through painstaking research, Gene Wojciechowski weaves a rich, timeless tapestry of the stories behind the team. As an avid reader, I typically devour books. However, I savored each well-told story in "Cubs Nation" and took my time reading the book. The writing is excellent, but non-Cubs fans or casual baseball fans might not appreciate the nuances in the same way that a die-hard fan would. However, if you are a die-hard fan, "Cubs Nation" should be at the top of your reading list.

See you in the bleachers with a hot dog and an Old Style! Remember, there's always next year. :-)