by Randall K McGlone


ISBN: 0671760629

ISBN13: 978-0671760625

Author: Randall K McGlone

Category: History

Subcategory: Americas

Language: English

Publisher: Pocket (July 1, 1992)

Pages: 240 pages

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Rating: 4.2

Votes: 771

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12 people like this topic.

Guts & Glory book. Guts and glory by Randall k. Mcglone Is a overall great book it is it's action-packed a and a well told story. This story takes place at the Vietnam war. The main character Mcglone had one goal in this hole war and that is to get behind enemy lines and take out their strongest defense. Mcglone loses a lot of fellow soldiers and friends throughout his hard brutal fight. The . marines take a hard betting by the NVA while pinned down in a stream.

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Guts & Glory was a recurring title that was taken up and dropped several times in the drafting of what would become Worm. Its rotating protagonists and point-of-view characters were Panacea and Glory Girl. The first draft of Guts & Glory extends from the Brockton Bay Brigade's adoption of Amy Dallon to her trigger event. The second draft of Guts & Glory starts when Amy discovers the identity of her father and begins to break down.

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Top Gun: Guts and Glory is a modern jet flight simulation that was released in 1993 for the original Nintendo Game Boy in Europe and North America. This video game is loosely based on the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise

Top Gun: Guts and Glory is a modern jet flight simulation that was released in 1993 for the original Nintendo Game Boy in Europe and North America. This video game is loosely based on the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise. Essentially controlling a modern . Air Force jet through ten levels, players must take out enemy jet fighters in addition to battleships.

A Vietnam veteran describes the war in Vietnam, discussing his role in taking the Cua Viet River back from the Viet Cong, saving the lives of five thousand fellow Marines during the Tet Offensive, and more. Original.
Very accurate account. True story,I was within a couple of hundred feet of author at most times. Brought back many memories of a time with some fantastic Marines, who never got credit they deserve. Some true heros when they weren't loved by America.
based on real experiences, Randy did a good job of capturing the time period of the TET Offensive in Vietnam
This book is not an embellished story of some macho gloryhound's tour in the Republic of Vietnam. It is about a teenager named Randall K. McGlone and his experiences during Operations Badger Tooth and Badger Catch with the Third Battalion, First Marines, Special Landing Force Bravo. Both operations overlapped the 1968 Tet Offensive, which mostly saw 3/1 taking on the NVA at a village called Mai Xai Ti on the Cua Viet River. The NVA objective was to block US river traffic carrying supplies to the beleaguered 26th Marines at Khe Sanh. McGlone's descriptive narrative is vivid. Operation Badger Tooth put 3/1 through a buzzsaw, and McGlone's platoon was nearly wiped out completely. McGlone puts you right there during a disastrous ambush the Marines had walked into. Badger Catch was a mission of vengeance on the part of 3/1, as they evicted the NVA from Mai Xai Ti East, withdrew, retook it, and finally assaulted the NVA stronghold in Mai Xai Ti West, decimating the enemy and chasing him across the DMZ. In Mai Xai Ti West, the Marines discovered a large field hospital that was "equipped with the very latest in medical equipment: syringes, new battle dressings, IVs, bottles of antibiotics, and on and on. All made in the USA!" In passages like this you see the great societal divide that already existed in the 1960s and persists to this day. Marines like McGlone did their duty and returned home to live quiet lives, while the communist sympathizers who sent aid to North Vietnam attended universities and eventually taught there and chaired departments. As 3/1 advances across the DMZ in hot pursuit of the enemy, the order is given to stop, turn around and return to Mai Xai Ti. McGlone writes, "At this moment the United States lost the Vietnam War. Had the Marines been allowed to continue north, they could have captured Hanoi within a week and hanged Ho Chi Minh and General Giap on the main street of the city." McGlone offers no apology for his part in killing enemy soldiers. The book was not written to assuage feelings of guilt, but to tell it like it was during Tet 1968. McGlone's characterization of individual Marines, including his company commander, with whom he became close, makes those Marines come alive. Those looking for battle action will not be disappointed. If you can get this book, you will not regret it. This review was written after my second reading. Thank you, Randall McGlone, for writing this memoir.
This book should be required reading in schools and colleges. This account is written by someone who was there trying to survive, not by someone trying to make a political point. Our military won the war. The author's Marine unit was in North Viet Nam with a clear road to Hanoi when his unit was called back. Our politicians snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I was serving at Naval Hospital San Diego during the Tet offensive. We were elated when we heard thru the grapevine how successful our forces had been. The news media accounts bore no resemblance to what we knew to be true. I'm a retired Devil Doc with 18 years serving with Marine units. Based upon my experience, Randal K. McGlone's account rings true.
this book stays with you for ever. I know the leader of this group and he is a honest quiet person that you would never know the hell he and his men went thru for our country. I would love to meet Randy and try to explain how his book touched my heart. Your heart just cant hold all the strong feelings for these men. this is a must read.
I was there and know Randy, great guy and friend. We all have our own memories, and thank him for writing this
cause the rest of us are to afraid or lazy!
A book that tells the story of Vietnam from one Marine's view. No politics, no curveballs and no bull. Well written and great insight. The reader will enjoy the straight forward approach of this book. Well done.
Book received fast and I wanted to read about what my buddy went through in Vietnam. This is a true story and he was one of the men who this book was written about. A buddy of his wrote this to try and let people know what it was like to be on these patrols. Very true to life and completely factual.