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The Moon Rock epub

by Boriana Todorov

The Moon Rock epub

ISBN: 1894965779

ISBN13: 978-1894965774

Author: Boriana Todorov

Category: For Children

Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Language: English

Publisher: Simply Read Books (September 1, 2007)

Pages: 110 pages

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FB2 book: 1977 kb

Rating: 4.4

Votes: 974

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Boriana Todorov's lengthy storytelling (the book is 110 big, dense pages) is exciting, if wooden .

Boriana Todorov's lengthy storytelling (the book is 110 big, dense pages) is exciting, if wooden, but Vladimir's photo realistic illustrations–many of them two-page spreads of impossible, medieval magic mixed with Victorian high science–are extraordinary. Vladimir Todorov has worked on such films as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Polar Express, and Beowulf, and it shows. The guidelines say that the book is for ages 8-11, but I would have picked it up because of the intriguing cover and read it to the kids at a far younger age.

Boriana Todorov grew up on three continents - Asia, Australia and Europe. She has a Masters degree in English and American Studies and is a certified TEFL teacher. After fifteen years of working with children and adult students in Sofia, Bulgaria and London, England, she finally settled in the . Her love of literature, storytelling and different cultures led to the creation of her first childre Boriana Todorov grew up on three continents - Asia, Australia and Europe. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Boriana Todorov's books.

Book trailer for "The Moon Rock". An illustrated novel by Boriana & Vladimir Todorov. Book trailer for "The Moon Rock".

Boriana Todorov, Vladimir Todorov

Boriana Todorov, Vladimir Todorov.

The Moon Rock by Todorov, Boriana -Hcover. Genres in Discourse by Tzvetan Todorov (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

The Moon Rock by Todorov, Boriana -Hcover. Théories du symbole Tzvetan Todorov. The Moon Rock: By Todorov, Boriana, Todorov, Vladimir.

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Summary Bibliography: Boriana Todorov. Author: Boriana Todorov Author Record 91245. The Moon Rock (2007) with Vladimir Todorov. Name Fiction Titles All Titles Year of Title Month of Title Month of Publication Series Publication Series Magazine Publisher ISBN Tag Award. Note: Wife of Vladimir Todorov.

When Elliot takes his grandfather's moon rock, he's not really stealing it, just borrowing it for further study. But the rock launches him into an adventure beyond his wildest imagination -- in fact, it launches him clear to the moon! That night, Elliot awakes in Great Nidor, a city built in the deepest crater on the far side of the moon -- a place where wickedness corrupts hearts and bodies, time can be twisted for good or evil, and wonder floats down every street. A civil war is raging between the Librarian and the Defiers. The Librarian rules over the Wings of the Past, Present, and Future. There's a problem, though: he's unable to open the Wing of the Future, where the most dangerous knowledge is stored, knowledge that will help him defeat the Defiers. Only Elliot can get the magical key that unlocks the Wing. But can he find it? And will the Wing of the Future help Elliot save his mother and his home from a terrible fire?
This is one of the all time best! This is so wonderfully written and illustrated. My grades 4 - 6 students all love and wish for another book like it. This purchase is my second copy. Transaction with Amazon was very satisfactory.
Beautifully written and illustrated.
I bought the book for a present to one of our friend's daughter. She loves it. I will recommend it to everybody.
After finally reading the copy of the Moon rock that had been given to me I was stunned. I never knew Boriana could write such an amazing book. I loved reading through the confusing twists. I was fascinated on how most of Vladimir’s drawing looked as if they were completely real. I extremely enjoyed turning through the pages of this wonderful read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a mysterious, fun, page turner.
Wonderful illustrations! Great book for teenagers. Would love to see the movie
The Moon Rock

A very exiting story. A boy who wants to experience unknown places.
A book with fantastic illustrations, above your imagination.
A very good present for children who like to be transport to a wanderland.
The Moon Rock, is the sort of book that takes you far into the world of fantasy, but with a firm grip on reality. Since we don't really know what's on the dark side of the moon hidden deep in her craters, Boriana & Vladimir Todorov's book could be real, especially with the wonderful illustrations. Just from the cover art, you can tell this is going to be a great story. The young boy looking down a strange rock at the widow of what appears to be a castle, with a whale floating in the background. What an imagination this pair of writers have.

The story is about a young boy who sneaks out of his house at night to gaze up at the stars. When he comes home, his house is on fire. Because his mother was hurt int he fire, Elliot has to go to live with a grandfather he never knew existed. His grandfather takes Elliot to his house in the woods, after a terrifying ride in the old man's car with a vicious dog in the back seat, Elliot is shown to his new bedroom in the attic.

Elliot learns that his grandfather was once an astronaut, after the old man shows him a genuine 'moon rock'. His grandfather tells Elliot never to touch the rock which is in a locked case, but of course, when given the chance, Elliot does just that, and it's when the the adventure begins.

You have to see the illustrations to appreciate how good this book is. Even without them, it's a wonderful story of courage, and finding your way back home. A real 'hero's journey' in the best Joseph Campbell tradition.

I read a lot of books over the years to our three children, and I'm sure if I would had The Moon Rock, it would have been a favorite. The guidelines say that the book is for ages 8-11, but I would have picked it up because of the intriguing cover and read it to the kids at a far younger age. Once I started reading, I had to know what was going to happen. The story contains nice lessons in it, lots of adventure for the imagination, and illustrations that fit perfectly.

This book made me wish that Vladimir Todorov could illustrate some of the other classics like the Hobbit or some of the Wheel of Time books. His artwork is so lush that you can almost feel the emotions of the characters, something I can't remember ever noting in other childrens' books.

I was given this book as a review copy in a PDF form, but I can't hep but thing that it must be outstanding in hardback.