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Children Of Green Knowe (Puffin Books) epub

by Lucy M Boston

Children Of Green Knowe (Puffin Books) epub

ISBN: 0140307893

ISBN13: 978-0140307894

Author: Lucy M Boston

Category: For Children

Language: English

Publisher: Puffin; New Ed edition (January 7, 1975)

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Rating: 4.6

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The Children of Green Knowe. As the third book in Lucy Boston's "Green Knowe" series, readers who are moving through the books chronologically may be a bit surprised at the extreme change of formula in the story that dictated the two previous books.

The Children of Green Knowe. There is no Tolly or Grandmother Oldknow and their discoveries of past inhabitants of the house, but rather two elderly women who rent the house and send away for a niece and two children from "the Society for the Promotion of Summer Holidays for Displaced Children.

Book 1 of 6 in the Green Knowe Series. LUCY MARIA BOSTON (1892-1990) purchased a ramshackle manor house near Cambridge, England, in 1935, which over a period of two years she lovingly restored. It is this house that inspired her, at the age of sixty-two, to take pen in hand and create the beloved Green Knowe series.

Green Knowe is a series of six children's novels written by Lucy M. Boston, illustrated by her son Peter Boston, and published from 1954 to 1976. It features a very old house, Green Knowe, based on Boston's home at the time, The Manor in Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire, England. In the novels she brings to life the people she imagines might have lived there.

In the beginning of Lucy M. Boston's wonderful children's book, The Children of Green Knowe (1954), seven-year-old Toseland (pet name Tolly) travels by train through the flooded British countryside to spend his Christmas holidays with his great-grandmother Mrs. Oldknow in her ol. . Oldknow in her old castle-like house Green Noah (true name Green Knowe)

Published 2000 by Faber and Faber. Children's Classics, Paperback, 124 pages. Published 1986 by Puffin Books. 1986 "Now on TV", Paperback, 158 pages.

The Children of Green Knowe (Paperback). Published October 5th 2006 by Faber. Paperback, 128 pages. Published 2000 by Faber and Faber.

Children of Green Knowe Tolly's great grandmother isn't a witch, but both she and her old house, Green Knowe, are full .

Children of Green Knowe Tolly's great grandmother isn't a witch, but both she and her old house, Green Knowe, are full of a very special kind of magic. There are other children in the house – children who were happy there centuries before. Running around Green Knowe's moat, gardens and mysterious rooms, Tolly slowly discovers them, their toys and animals, and their wonderful stories. River at Green Knowe 'What a lot of islands the river makes,' said Ida. 'We must go exploring and sail around them al. And so begins a wonderful, magical summer.

Stories can take you anywhere. From romances like Pride and Prejudice, to coming of age tales like Anne of Green Gables, the collection celebrates the best-loved classics, written by some of the best female authors in history.

Lucy Boston was born in 1892 in Southport, Lancashire . I have loved Lucy M. Boston's books ever since I read them as a child, and I am delighted that they - or at least these two so far - are no.

Lucy Boston was born in 1892 in Southport, Lancashire, one of six children. She went to a Quaker school in Surrey, and was married in 1917. Three displaced children are brought together to spend their holidays at Green Knowe by the largesse of a couple of eccentric maiden ladies. The star here is the river and the natural world around it which lead them to many adventures, some natural, some magical. Boston's books ever since I read them as a child, and I am delighted that they - or at least these two so far - are now Kindled. 8 people found this helpful.

This edition is disappointing. The cover art is out of sync with the timing of the story, and implies a creepiness that doesn't exist. The short excerpt inside the front cover looks as if it's a single passage from the book, a creepy passage -- and there should be some ellipsis (...) in there where they've left things out.

The worst parts are, some of the woodcut illustrations have been left out of this edition: Linnet in her nightgown beating her fists on the window to scare away the owl, for one.

But the real disappointment is the "cleaning up" of the story. I suppose this is to meet some moral majority standards. Percy Boggis, Boggis's grandson, has the name Boggis NOT because Boggis's daughter married a cousin, as it says here, but because she bore the child out of wedlock. And Boggis gives Percy a box of Licorice AllSorts every year for Christmas as a joke, because had his daughter married the father, the boy's name would have been Percy Licorice. THAT's the story in the book I took out of the library so many times in the '60's. I'm about to re-read it to find out where else they've changed the original.

If someone's going to change the original text, surely it's only right to mention that, in the seller's blurb.
I have given this to several children since I wrote this review and they also loved it! A classic! 2/27/2012. When I was ten, I read an enchanting book which I remembered fondly and thought about occasionally throughout my adult life.I didn't know the title, nor the author, so I expected to never come across this gem again. Then, at about 45 years old, I came across an article about Lucy Boston and her wonderful books. I immediately recognized the story of the little boy who went to live with his grandmother in the enthralling Greene Knowe! I bought it at once, read it with joy and appreciation, and have ordered copies for children I love. I have seen the Taj Mahal and loved it, but the memory of this book is dearer to me. It left me with unforgettable memories of mystery and love across time. Don't miss this book!
This book really struck a chord with me. The relationship of Tolly and his grandmother is a very fine achievement by Boston. I loved the way they communicated and that they ate in the kitchen in front of the fire and shared their stories and adventures; it felt real and true. I think their relationship is beautifully articulated. It made me long for such a bond - where the sharing of thoughts, memories, ideas and emotions is expected and welcomed. Theirs was a mutually nurturing connection.

There is so much to recommend here: a ghost story, a Christmas story, and elements of magic and the fantastic. So much of life is seemingly magical to children. Tolly's discovery of the "other" children and the mouse and so many remarkable things in the garden are appreciated as extraordinary but without a sense of incredulity.

The prose here is far and away superior to most literature for children. This piece seems to transcend the genre. There was one scene with St. Christopher that was so beautiful it I found myself in tears and I had to stop reading, mark the page and then had to read the whole section aloud to my sister (who was also quite moved).

I'm trying to keep my comments vague. However, half the enjoyment of this book is the "writing," the way in which the story is told - quite beautiful. I'm not going to reveal any more so early. I just hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
I first read these in grade school, and checked the same books out from the library over the years from time to time. They are bittersweet fantasy, sweet and beautifully written. Tolly's and Ping's and Ida's and Oskar's adventures are timeless, set in the same timeless English manor house the author lived in. I consider these a necessary series of fantasy literature, good for children of all ages.
The Green Knowe series is absolutely excellent! You just can't put these books down once you start reading them. Very entertaining, great character development and lots of excitement. I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who likes to lose themselves in a magical fantasy world that seems so real.
After watching Julian Fellowes movie "From Time to Time", I was fascinated by Lucy Boston. Timeless story that kept my whole family captivated from grade schoolers to adults. This series led me to Julian Fellowes and then onto Downton Abbey
I enjoyed this book very much and plan to read the rest of the books in the series.
I rented the movie version and was hooked. When I found out the movie was based on a series of books,I looked them up, however my local library one had a few books from the series. Thankfully I found the series available and ordered this. I love it! I hope other's discover this magical and well written series as well.