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by Walt Morey

Canyon Winter epub

ISBN: 0460066498

ISBN13: 978-0460066495

Author: Walt Morey

Category: For Children

Language: English

Publisher: Dent (July 18, 1974)

Pages: 202 pages

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Rating: 4.4

Votes: 614

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Stranded for six months in the Rocky Mountains following an airplane crash, a 15-year-old boy is taken in by an old hermit who teaches him the ways of the wilderness.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A fifteen-year-old boy, stranded in a canyon after a plane crash, learns respect for nature from an old man and his animal friends.

Morey lived on property he owned in Wilsonville, Oregon and wrote many of his books there. After his death, his widow sold the property to developers.

Morey won awards for his books Gentle Ben, Kavik the Wolf Dog, Canyon Winter, Runaway Stallion, Run Far Run Fast, and Year of the Black Pony. Dutton Animal Book Award for Gentle Ben and Kavik the Wolf Dog. Sequoyah Book Award. Morey lived on property he owned in Wilsonville, Oregon and wrote many of his books there.

The private plane taking Peter to his wealthy father's ranch crashes. I loved Walt Morey's books growing up. Recently had a chance to re-read this after 12+ years, and it still holds up! Obviously a book for young adults, but it's an exciting, thrilling tale of a boy struggling to survive after his plane crash-lands in the wilderness.

Canyon Winter Canyon Winter is a book written by Walt Morey. The main part of the story takes place in the mountains. Lucky To Survive It's a story about a boy who was involved in a plane crash which the pilot saved him in. Peter and Omar became best friends. One of them lives, and one of them dies. You better read the book to find out. You Better Be Ready I liked this book because new things kept popping up. Each page was full of excitement and adventure. Wild animals attacked Peter, and Omar saved his life. Their friendship grew stronger every day. I loved this book because every time they turned a corner there was another adventure for them to experience.

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ISBN 10: 0525274103 ISBN 13: 9780525274100. Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers, 1972.

Canyon Winter Walt Morey. Earthquake Terror Peg Kehret. My Side of the Mountain Jean Craighead George. First published in the United States of America by Cobblehill Books, an affiliate of Dutton Children’s Books, a division of Penguin Books USA In. 1989. Winter Camp Kirkpatrick Hill. The Wolfling Sterling North. Molly looked up the side of the mountain, and her breath caught in her throat.

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Awesome story!
While this is technically a YA book, plenty of adults would enjoy it just as much. It's the story of 15-year old Peter Grayson, trapped in a canyon in the Rockies after the small plane carrying him crashes, killing the pilot. He's found & rescued by Omar Pickett, a self-described "canyon rat," who grudgingly takes him in ... and as the weeks go by, a strong friendship grows between them.

The story of Peter discovering the beauties & wonders of the wild under Omar's tutelage is compelling in itself. Walter Morey knows how to evoke the wilderness & its inhabitants with a few brief, vivid strokes; the reader is there in the midst of it. But more than that, this is also a cautionary tale, warning us just how easily the short-sighted greed of some men can destroy what took centuries to create, leaving only a ruined waste once the last quick dollar has been made.

So Peter's journey is two-fold. First, he finds himself in his ongoing encounter with Nature, maturing & growing as a decent human being. Secondly, he becomes an advocate for the environment, and gets his first glimpse of the more ferocious & unforgiving wilderness that is human greed & vanity. And he realizes that Nature needs people like him to help preserve it for future generations ... a struggle that continues today, making this a most timely & relevant story.

Don't worry, though -- the message is woven in gently, with the emphasis always on the adventure of discovering the wild. That's more than sufficient argument for the defense of the environment. This is a book that deserves to be in print once more -- highly recommended!
I remember reading this book in the early 80s, and loved it. I bought a copy at the time and saved it and now love to read it to my own son.

It is filled with a lot of good lessons for children, lessons about the sanctitiy of all life and about the reciprocal relationship between man, wildlife and the environment. It is a story that thoughfully illustrates how man is part of nature, as opposed to man being above nature.
I have recently read a book called "Canyon Winter". A guy named Walt Morey is the amazing author. He has also written more than 15 books. The genre is fiction. I think the age level for this book is 10+ because it has some violent scenes in it.
The summary for the book is that it's about a boy named Peter who went on a fishing trip with a pilot, Frank Eldridge. When they were going, they had to fly in a plane. So in this book there is a lot violence, some scariness, and sadness. The violence is that it talks about someone getting killed and blood everywhere. The excitement part is about a boy that gets lucky. The scary part is when a really big blizzard comes through and they almost get stuck in the house. The sad part is when people and animals die. Oh yeah, one more important thing is...I can't tell you. You'll just have to read it to find out!
My most favorite part is when the plane crashed. Why I liked this part is because it had a lot of details and not a lot of warning before it happened, so it was kind of a surprise. Some details about when the plane crashed is: "the engine is stopping, we're going down!", and then they crashed. Some details are "BOOM! BANG! SCREECH! AAAH!" I would give this book a solid four stars.
Why I recommend this book is because it has some important lessons to learn. It is exciting and it keeps the reader's interest, it also has more than one climax, it has multiple ones. It is a really good book and I would recommend it to a tough person and someone who can handle sad things. But mostly, I would recommend it to anybody.
Other books by this author are: "Angry Waters", "Deep Trouble", "Gentle Ben" "Gloomy Gus", "Home is the North", "Kavik the Wolf Dog", and "Scrub Dog of Alaska". Books that might be similar to this author are "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen, and "Blizzard's Wake" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
The author, Walt Morey was born in Hoquiam, Washington on February 3, 1907. He has written a lot of award-winning children's fiction books. He wrote 17 books, and most have pilots in the stories and a bond with man and animals. They also include survival stories of people in the wilderness. He moved to Jasper, Oregon in 1912 and went to school there. He also never liked school that much. In 1934, he started working in a veneer factory making paint brushes and also doing work in the woods. On July 8th, 1934, he married his first wife, Rosalind Ogden, in Portland, Oregon. Rosalind died February 28th, 1977 after 43 years of marriage. Then, about a year later, on June 26th 1978 he got married again to a lady named Peggy Kilburn. Walt died on January 12th 1992. They were married for 14 years. Most of Walt's life, he was a boxer and a diver. The titles of the 17 books he wrote are:
No Cheers, No Glory
Gentle Ben
Kavik, the Wolf Dog
Angry Waters
Runaway Stallion
Gloomy Gus
Deep Trouble
The Bear on Friday Creek
Scrub Dog of Alaska
Canyon Winter
Home is the North
Run Far
Operation Blue Bear
Year of the Black Pony
Sandy and the Rock Star
The Lemon Meringue Dog
Run Fast
Death Walk
This book for some reason has stood out in my mind for the last 12 years. Ihave never forgotten the tittle or the author. I read the book somewhere around the seventh grade and it has inspired me ever since. Probably because of the young boy overcomming the unbeatable odds of the wilderness. I really can't say enouph about this book, except for that I've looked for it ever since and have never found it untill now. If someone hasn't read this book they are really missing out. Even though the reviews state it is for young adults I recall it beeing very graphic and detailed, and would reccomend it to anyone!! Mathie Brown Dallas Texas