Scumble epub

by Ingrid Law

Scumble epub

ISBN: 0142419621

ISBN13: 978-0142419625

Author: Ingrid Law

Category: For Children

Subcategory: Geography & Cultures

Language: English

Publisher: Puffin Books; Reprint edition (August 9, 2011)

Pages: 432 pages

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Rating: 4.5

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Read the New York Times bestseller and companion to Newbery Honor winner Savvy ! It's nine years after Savvy.

Starring a cast both fresh and familiar, Scumble brilliantly melds Ingrid Law's signature heart and humor with the legendary Wild West.

Ingrid Law. I’d been heading for Sundance, thinking Rocket might not kill me quite as dead if I had Grandma’s last surviving jar in my hands sea of scrap. Maze-like lines of metal radiated from a single large, steel structure, a building that appeared to double as a repair shop and a house.

Ingrid Law is the New York Times bestselling author of two novels for young readers, Savvy and Scumble. Law's books have been placed on over 25 state reading lists and have earned accolades from Publisher's Weekly, Oprah's reading list, the Today Show's Al Roker's Book Club for Kids, and Smithsonian. Savvy was named a Newbery Honor book in 2009. Law lives in Lafayette, Colorado, where she writes full time and is currently working on her next novel. Other books by Ingrid Law at BookBrowse. Membership Advantages.

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Ingrid Law is a writer and an artist whose artwork has appeared in local and national art shows in the US. She was awarded a prestigious Newbery Honor for her first book, Savvy. Ingrid lives in Colorado with her teenage daughter. Библиографические данные. Ingrid Law. Издатель.

by. Law, Ingrid, 1970-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station07. cebu on December 18, 2019.

Ingrid Law is a huge fan of words and stories, of small towns and big ideas. She lives with her daughter in Lafayette, Colorado.

Ingrid Law is the New York Times bestselling author of three novels for young readers, Savvy, Scumble and Switch. Ingrid’s books have been placed on more than thirty state reading lists, and have earned accolades from Publishers Weekly, Oprah’s reading list, the Today show’s Al. Ingrid’s books have been placed on more than thirty state reading lists, and have earned accolades from Publishers Weekly, Oprah’s reading list, the Today show’s A. ore about Ingrid Law. About Ingrid Law. Ingrid Law is the New York Times bestselling author of three novels for young readers, Savvy, Scumble and Switch.

Read the New York Times bestseller and companion to Newbery Honor winner Savvy!It's nine years after Savvy, and Mibs' cousin Ledge is on the verge of turning thirteen. More than anything, he wants the power to run like the wind. But when his birthday comes, he discovers that his savvy is actually making things fall apart. It starts out with small things, but then it gets worse. To top it all off, someone outside the family has witnessed his destruction. Now, in addition to trying to figure out how to control - or scumble - his savvy, he's got to worry about how to protect the family secrets. Over the course of one amazing summer, Ledge learns a lot about himself and his family, makes a new - and very unlikely - friend, and learns to appreciate his newfound skills."Readers will delight in the tall-tale tropes and Ledge's authentic physical, emotional, and artistic challenges." - Booklist, starred review"The title stands alone in its fast-paced plot with twists and turns galore, and readers familiar with Savvy will eat it up and wish for more." - School Library Journal
Ledge and his family are not normal. Ledge's mother as an awesome magical power that allows her to persuade anyone with her words. Ledge's uncle Autry can manipulate bugs and insects with his commands. Ledge's grandmother? She can trap radio waves inside a jar that can later be opened a tiny bit to let the music or whatever was caught in there play.

Ledge's mother's side of the family always had the special powers they call "savvy" and it always came to them on their 13th birthday. The event was always unique, and was never forgettable. Ledge, however did not get any kind of an "obvious" power, and was kept in the dark until the family finally figured it out: taking things apart.

Ledge practically blew things up. A watch, timer, lamp, and even a full sized barn house crumbled under his command. The only problems were that
A: breaking and destroying things are not at all a handy talent
And B: he is not able to control his savvy, which leads to unwanted catastrophes.

So, after causing even major troubles, Ledge's parents leaves him behind at the summer ranch to hopefully later return to find him fully scrumbling (read the review title. Scrumbling means to be in total charge and control of you savvy), and so that is how his summer adventure begins!

I really enjoyed story, and mostly because it is a good fantasy novel and it talks about growing up, and learning to control your fears. It is a really good piece for book, and I am really looking forward to digging into "savvy" the original one.
This is an absolute perfect sequel. I read it in one day because I couldn't put it down. After reading Savvy as a read aloud in my fourth grade classroom, I very rarely read a sequel out loud to students because I want them to read it. However, this book was so amazing, I had to. The connections to the first book are subtle and amazing to remember the fun family connections from Savvy. Ledge is a very relatable character for middle-aged children to young adults. These books are filling the "Harry-Potter-shaped" hole in my heart very well. :)
If you are obsessed with realism, "Scumble" is not your book. But if you like a tall tale as much as the next feller, then hold on to your hat and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle until the ride comes to a full and complete stop. Oh yeah, and you might want to remove any metal or mechanical accessories.

Scumble, like its predecessor and companion book "Savvy", is a coming of age tale of a thirteen-year-old in a family "misfits" who each get a special and unique talent ("savvy") on their thirteenth birthday. The protagonist of this book is Ledger "Ledge" Kale, cousin of Mississippi "Mibs" Beaumont of Savvy fame. Ledge's talent is destroying mechanical things, which is unfortunate, as the family is trying to drive cross-country to get to his cousin's wedding.

Needless to say, Ledge's savvy doesn't mix well with the wedding. But that itself wouldn't be such a problem, as the wedding is held at his uncle's secluded ranch and attended solely by people who either have their own savvies or are at least familiar and comfortable with the idea. Except for one person, that is. Sarah Jane "SJ" Cabot, the daughter of the man who happens to hold the deed to Uncle Autry's ranch and publisher of the "Sundance Scuttlebutt", stows away in the Kale's van, attends the wedding and witnesses not only Ledge's savvy in spectacular action, but also the savvies of other members of the Kale/Beaumont/O'Connell clan.

Left by his parents at the O'Connell ranch to learn to scumble his savvy, Ledge must try to retrieve a special savvy object which SJ managed to abscond with and persuade the infuriating SJ not to publish his family's secrets, all while trying not to destroy every vehicle and structure in his path. Unfortunately, however, he is forbidden from seeing SJ because Uncle Autry doesn't want to anger her father Noble Cabot, who is trying to "protect" his daughter - from what or why, we're not really sure. Oh, and did I mention that Ledge also has rather wild twin cousins Mesquite and Marisol who use their levitation savvy to torment him, largely under the guise of "helping" him learn to scumble his savvy? Or that he's relegated to living in a concrete bunker far from the main house with his cousin Rocket whom he's convinced holds him in utter contempt? With what he has to contend with, it's amazing a single nut or bolt manages to stay in place anywhere in Crook County, Wyoming.

Of course, in true Ingrid Law fashion, everything all comes together in a fantastical whirlwind of events. There's a saying something like, if a gun is described as hanging on the wall on the first page, it better have been fired by the last page. Ms. Law is a master of this. Casually mentioned facts and events have a way of popping up again at just the right time to tidy the tale into a neat packages with all loose strings tied up. To a reader who's been paying attention, much of this wrap-up is somewhat predictable, but it only adds to the fun to try to guess where the story is headed.

Ms. Law herself has a savvy - the ability to make words dance on the page. Her use of alliteration, metaphors and similes make the book both visually and aurally delightful. Of course, even a well-scumbled savvy doesn't always work perfectly (unless you're Jenny Beaumont!) and some of the verbal contortions fall a bit flat, but most are witty and well placed. I could practically feel icy ants in soccer cleats marching across my own skin.

If you liked Savvy, you'll like Scumble - they compare very favorably. I found Scumble a bit harder to get into, the characters a bit harder to get to know. I think that may be because the cast of characters is quite a bit larger in "Scumble", so it takes a bit of time to round them out. But the final dramatics in "Scumble" make it an even taller tale - and wilder ride - than Savvy. As in Savvy, Ms. Law tends to get a bit heavy-handed as an author - there are times she needs to learn to loosen up and trust her readers. Much of the last chapter, for instance, could have been left to savvy readers to understand for themselves - like exactly what it was that Rocket needed to learn about scumbling.

But the minor flaws, such as they are, hardly detract from the overall impact of the book. "Scumble" is a rompin' read, and I recommend it to anyone - kid or adult - who's ever felt a bit out of place. It is truly our differences - no matter how seemingly negative - that when well-scumbled, give us our identity and our sense of belonging.
My kids LOVED this book. They're sister/brother, nearly 9-year-old twins. I also loved reading it with them.The characters are vivid, the use of language colorful in the way you want it to be for kids. They both can see a simile, metaphor or hyperbole coming a mile away after this one. But more important, they couldn't put the book down and the story has inspired many make-believe games and stories of their own. It's been a joy and we can't wait to ready Ingrid Law's other books.
It's from a different viewpoint then I thought it would be from, but I liked it anyway. Personally, I would have like the main character to be someone I already was introduced to, but overall it was a good book. I liked the ending where he finally accepted his savvy. That was my favorite part.
2nd book in the series. My non-reading 4th grader is willing reading this after her class read the 1st one together. The class used the first one to teach the kids that each of them had a special gift and that they had to find it and use it to the good of everyone.
My kids are absolutely enthralled by this story and the predecessor, I read this to them at bedtime. It is kind of like Harry Potter set in the Deep South with much quirkier characters and I think very clever magic / supernatural elements.There is a teeny bit of tween / teen romance but totally age appropriate (first awkward kisses and such). My kids jump in bed eager to hear another chapter. Great writing and story.
Sequel to Savvy and a romping rollick through another 13 year old's savvy. The novel stands alone yet is a wonderful companion to Savvy and has left me wishing for more. Fish gets married and Ledge, freshly 13, is coping with a destructive Savvy . Ledge and Rocket both struggle with scumbling on the ranch for the summer while their sisters hang with the twins on their own adventures. Great read!