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The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need to Know From America's Baby Experts epub

by Linda HUghey Holt,William Sears

The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need to Know From America's Baby Experts epub

ISBN: 0316779148

ISBN13: 978-0316779142

Author: Linda HUghey Holt,William Sears

Category: Fitness and Dieting

Subcategory: Women's Health

Language: English

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; Reprint edition (June 1, 1997)

Pages: 448 pages

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Rating: 4.5

Votes: 377

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The Healthy Pregnancy Book book. The book goes month by month through pregnancy and explains things you may be feeling, symptoms and how baby is developing. It is also filled with tips for a healthy pregnancy. There are some great illustrations for different positions to labor in and chapters all about labor, birth and postpartum. Love that they are a bit more natural minded but aren’t biased at all in the books and include information on things like I love all of Dr. Sears books and The Healthy Pregnancy Book is no different.

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A Month-by-Month Guide Tag: Everythg. You Need to Know From America&.William Sears may refer to: William Sears (physician) (fl. late 20th century), American pediatrician and author William Sears (Bahá'í) (1911-1992), American author and prominent Bahá'í Faith William Sears (politician) (1868-1929), Irish politician William J. Sears (1874-1944), a . Representative from Florida. Источник: William Sears.

The Healthy Pregnancy Book is a comprehensive month-by-month guide for expectant mothers and fathers to all stages of pregnancy, from preconception through birth. The Searses team up with Linda Holt, one of America's leading obstetricians, and BJ Snell, a renowned midwife, to address what's normal, what's not, and what to expect at every stage of your journey. Written in a reassuring tone, and overflowing with tips and advice, this must-have resource meets the needs of today's savvy parents.

William Sears, MD, has practiced pediatrics for more than 40 years, and is an associate clinical professor at the . I find the Sears writing style to be very readable and have enjoyed every book written by Dr or Martha I've read.

William Sears, MD, has practiced pediatrics for more than 40 years, and is an associate clinical professor at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine. Martha Sears is a registered nurse and parenting and health consultant. They are the authors of more than 30 books and live in southern California. This is my second pregnancy and I wish I had this book the first time around! Lots of great info for anyone and goes beyond just nutrition and food.

Using a month-by-month format with nice illustrations that show normal fetal development, they discuss a wide range . The book walks you through each month of the pregnancy and describes what mom and baby should look like and feel like

Using a month-by-month format with nice illustrations that show normal fetal development, they discuss a wide range of pregnancy options without judgmental bias. Scattered throughout are helpful hints and stories from other pregnant mothers that give the book a comfortable feel. The book walks you through each month of the pregnancy and describes what mom and baby should look like and feel like. Throughout the text, the actual thoughts and feelings of expectant moms appear in italics. At the end of each chapter, there are questions and answers.

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Other books, like The Birth Book by William Sears, . and Martha Sears, . Though oral storytelling has been valuable to me as a pregnant woman, so have these books. Since I love to read, this shouldn’t have been a surprise. Midway through my first trimester, my aforementioned sister Heidi (whose son is now 18 months old), gave me a teetering stack of books, many of them passed down to her from our mother.

America's foremost baby and childcare experts tell you what to expect, month by month, from conception through birth In this uniquely authoritative and comprehensive guide, Dr. Bill and Martha Sears, the pediatrics specialists whose books on birth, babies, and parenting have become widely praised bestsellers, team up with one of America's leading obstetricians. The result: the definitive book on pregnancy for expectant parents today. The Pregnancy Book explains what is occurring in the womb step by step, so that you can better appreciate why your body behaves the way it does and why you feel the way you do. The topics covered include: * how your baby is growing, as well as how you may be changing, both physically and emotionally * concerns and questions you may have about tests and technology, genetic counseling, childbirth options, and bonding with your preborn baby * essential information on eating right for two * how to protect the womb environment and recognize potential household hazards * advice on working while pregnant-from informing your boss to dressing for the job * exercising and keeping fit during your pregnancy * selecting a childbirth class * helpful tips on everything from traveling while pregnant to overcoming morning sickness * and much more With a detailed special section on labor and delivery, a glossary of obstetrical terms, and a chapter covering "the tenth month"-postpartum-The Pregnancy Book is an unrivaled source of information, counsel, and comfort for every prospective parent.
I got this book for myself to deal with first time mom jitters. This book helped me understand what was happening to my body and to be prepared for what was coming up. It was an amazing gift to myself. I seriously kept this book alternatively by my bedside and on my coffee table so that it was on hand for any question (or oncoming fear) I might have. While the book is organized monthly, it works well as a topical reference due to its detailed index in the back and the authors' tendency to deal with all aspects of an issue at once. So you're not flipping all over the book to find the information you need on pain management tools, for example. Having this book on hand helped me stay calm and informed regarding all issues and aspects of my pregnancy. Being calm and informed, in turn, helped me make better decisions regarding my birth plan, my baby registry, dietary changes, and so on. There is so much good information, it surpassed my classes at the delivering hospital in terms of usefulness! My next door neighbor is now pregnant with her first and I lent the book to her. This book does deal with caring for your newborn, but it doesn't go past the first few weeks. So, because I liked this book so much, I also purchased the companion Baby Book for my questions regarding my newborn.
I purchased this book in the early stages of my pregnancy as I was looking for alternatives to "What to Expect". I used this book more for confirmation of information than as an actual "what's going on this week" type of book. To me, the information seems poorly laid out and a bit dated. If you are looking for more anecdotal information instead of scientific facts, this book will be perfect for you, however, if you are just looking for the down and dirty of what your body and baby are going through, this is probably not the best book for you ( I recommend the Mayo Clinic Book).

So, as the three stars say, this book is okay, but I would not buy this book again for myself or for any of my pregnant friends.
If you're looking for practical and thorough information and guidance to help you through pregnancy, this is the book to get. I very much appreciated that this book, based on the language it uses, assumes that the reader is an intelligent woman who wants to be empowered to make the right choices. I also liked that in the month-by-month breakdowns, it covers all the mixed emotions you may be feeling, offers explanantions why, and then reassures you that it's all perfectly normal. This is such a comprehensive book, it's hard to list all that it covers. Some of the areas it covers: what your body will be going through each trimester; how the baby will be developing each month; how to exercise properly; how to negotiate maternity leave; what federal laws exist to protect you; how to care for your hair and skin; the differences between hospital, birth center and home births, and the pros and cons of each; the difference between seeking care from an OB vs. a midwife -- and all that is covered by the time you're reading about the second trimester!

I have to add that people who believe that pregnancy is some sort of illness or disability will not enjoy this book. Neither will those who just want to get to a hospital, be hooked up to medicine and "get it over with." This book treats pregnancy as the natural, exciting occasion that it is, one that should in no way hinder you from leading an active, healthy life. It also goes to great lengths to empower women to dispel a lot of myths about "alternative" options (such as using midwives or home births) and urges them to be active, informed and vigilant stakeholders in their own pregnancies.
Overall this book does the trick. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first child, and so far I find this book pretty useful. I like the way they put all the unlikely risks/ diseases in an appendix at the back, so as not to scare the vast majority of mothers who will have a healthy pregnancy and baby. On the other hand, they devote so many pages to morning sickness, it makes one believe every woman will have this. Lucky me, I don't, and I find the way they go on and on about it annoying. Even more annoying is the way they date pregnancy by gestational weeks, not the way every midwife or doctor dates it (from the first day of the last period)....this means that when you are "20 weeks" by all conventional standards, according to this book you are only 18 weeks. I find this really discouraging, especially in the first half of pregnancy when it still isn't showing and any progress is appreciated.

Also, people into Attachment Parenting might be drawn to this book, as I was. I reckon some of those people are also the types to want to give birth in a birth center or at home. Well, just know that, although AP is not exactly mainstream, the Searses are VERY mainstream in their view of birth. They basically believe the hospital is the best place to give birth, and are against home birth. They continue to perpetuate the myth that home birth is not safe. So, if you are planning or thinking about a home birth, please do not look to this book for any encouragement.

Besides my few complaints, I find this book overall to be very useful and would recommend it.