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The Hite Report on Male Sexuality epub

by Shere Hite

The Hite Report on Male Sexuality epub

ISBN: 0345352483

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Author: Shere Hite

Category: Fitness and Dieting

Subcategory: Psychology & Counseling

Language: English

Publisher: Ballantine Books (July 12, 1987)

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Shere Hite (born November 2, 1942) is an American-born German sex educator and feminist. Her sexological work has focused primarily on female sexuality.

Shere Hite (born November 2, 1942) is an American-born German sex educator and feminist. Hite builds upon biological studies of sex by Masters and Johnson and by Alfred Kinsey. She also references theoretical, political and psychological works associated with the feminist movement of the 1970s, such as Anne Koedt's The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm. She renounced her United States citizenship in 1995 to become German.

SHERE HITE, one of the great feminists and cultural anthropologists of our time, is internationally recognized for her work on psychosexual behavior and gender relations. The Hite Report on Male Sexuality. Hite has lectured at universities around the world including the Sorbonne, Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics, and others. Hite also writes regularly for international newspapers and journals.

After "The Hite Report on Female Sexuality", Shere Hite aims at understanding what is behind male sexuality and tries to keep pushing the same theory: intercourse is not the right and only way to define "sex". Comparing with the female report, one cannot avoid noticing that the first work went to greater lengths to categorize sexual behaviors themselves, and one gets the impression that the thesis being pushed is something that arises naturally.

- Relationships with women. - Intercourse and the definition of sex. - - Other forms of male sexuality. - Men's view of women and sex. - - Rape, paying women for sex, and pornography. - Sex and love between men. - - The sexuality of older men. - - Thirty men speak about their lives.

PDF This updated version of the Hite Report on Female Sexuality . Female Sexuality Updated. London: Hamlyn, 2000.

Female Sexuality Updated.

The Hite Report, first published in 1976, was a sexual revolution in six hundred pages. The Hite Report, first published in 1976, was a sexual revolution in six hundred pages. To answer sensitive questions dealing with the most intimate details of women's sexuality, Hite's innovation was simple: she asked women, a lot of them, everything-and published the results.

In 1987 Hite published an update of her first study, The Hite Report on Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress, the content again culled from questionnaires. The Hite Report on Male Sexuality (1981) recounted the results of about 7,200 questionnaires completed by men. In 1987 Hite published an update of her first study, The Hite Report on Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress, the content again culled from questionnaires.

After all, Freud only interviewed three Viennese women

That's not all that I am about, you know," she says. The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality catapulted the then unknown graduate student to instant fame when it was published in 1976. After all, Freud only interviewed three Viennese women. She went on to write The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality (1981) and her most radical work, Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress (1987). The attacks continued and became more vehement. Hite endured death threats in the post and by phone.

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"A riveting document!"NEWSWEEKOver 7,000 men, ages thirteen to ninety-seven, speak out аbout: What they think of women--as wives, lovers, and friends; why a majority of men like marriage but are not faithful; what they think about love--and why they often distrust it; how they feel about giving women clitoral stimulation; why they often masturbate even with a regular sex life...and more.
If you want to learn more about men in general and in particular cases, "The Hite Report on Male Sexuality" Shere Hite is an excellent resource and place to start. Many times women stereotype men or make claims against them without doing the research (reading and listening to their man and men in general).

"The Hite Report on Male Sexuality" will teach you a great deal if you're willing to hear what the men in this book have to say without growing defensive, and if you're willing to be open-minded and withhold judgment, you will learn. Some of the stories may surprise you while others will be just as you suspected, but still these men need to be heard.

It discusses how they feel about women whom they've dated, married and/or divorced. It is about their whole "beingness" as men (marriage, love, family, relationships with their fathers and mothers, other men, and, of course, their relationship with women). I cried, laughed and gasped at some of the things I read, but I came away with a greater, much greater understanding and feelings of compassion for all men. This is, of course, and older book, but men have not changed so much that the information within is not still relevant to understanding them. It is highly recommended, because these men actually had something important to say to women (and to the world).
Interesting book, although perhaps a bit dated per social mores of the time. If nothing else, this book is interesting as an artifact of just where men stood in their attitudes about sex, women and gays, circa-1980. A lot has changed since then, but also much has stayed the same and will be familiar to the modern reader. An informative read of how American men regarded their sexuality just before the public became aware of AIDS.
This book far exceeded my expectations, it is full of valuable information. I think they covered every subject on human sexuality.
Sex researcher Shere Hite brings the same style from her earlier look at female sexuality. Again, Hite compiled information from thousands of anonymous questionaires from the late 1970's, publishing the results, comments, views and attitudes of respondents. The result is an interesting and informative look at male sexuality. This study dates from before safe sex and cyber porn, and many criticized Hite's methodology. Such criticism may be valid, but what sex survey ever got 100% honesty? This book was pretty good, but (perhaps as a male) her earlier book on women was more fun to read.
Whether the study was accurate enough or not, a lot of data in this book is still valuable. A great amount of men spoke out to a woman who knows how to interpret and how to write. Certainly during the time she wrote it, people were more loyal to any kind of study than nowadays, so you can't just say this book is only a nice thing to have on your shelves (referring to the review of the anonymous man from Argentina here below). It is not fair to state things are inaccurate and proven without mentioning the full (traceable) resources. In the book you can also see she has had many interviews with a lot of men. I still think Shere Hite has managed to collect valuable, timeless data.
The data in this book is deeply flawed. Reading this book will give you an inaccurate picture of what american sexuality is like. The data is responses from a survey in Redbook Magazine. The data is not timeless, nor is it correct. For full details, read "Sex in America", a fully designed and cross checked survey - and look at the differences in the numbers. Make up your own mind.
People have to keep in mind that this book came out during the Sexual Revolution and pop psychology or sociological writing took off. I often wondered, when I first read this book, how Ms. Hite decided what resources were available and whether they were credible. A lot of the study is taken from men who were in prison, for example. It's an interesting read, but the jury is still out on the level of accuracy. This book would have come out during the time as such other titles as Nancy Friday's 'My Mother, Myself'.