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Strength Ball Training-2nd Edition epub

by Lorne Goldenberg

Strength Ball Training-2nd Edition epub

ISBN: 0736066977

ISBN13: 978-0736066976

Author: Lorne Goldenberg

Category: Fitness and Dieting

Subcategory: Exercise & Fitness

Language: English

Publisher: Human Kinetics; 2 edition (November 15, 2006)

Pages: 304 pages

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Rating: 4.7

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Strength Ball Training has been an important part of my hockey preparation for many years.

Ships from and sold by basementseller101. Only 19 left in stock (more on the way). Strength Ball Training has been an important part of my hockey preparation for many years.

Strength Ball Training book. Preferred by elite athletes, fitness experts, and strength and conditioning specialists, stability and medicine ball exercises are essential to developing core power, strength, balance, coordination, and stability.

Home Books Sports & Recreation Weight Training.

Includes bibliographical references (page 187). Develop sport-specific strength, power, and flexibility with strength ball training. Used by elite athletes in all major sports, Swiss and medicine ball exercises develop balance and stability while stimulating muscle growth for fitness and performance. Written by strength and conditioning experts Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist, Strength Ball Training presents 69 exercises including core stabilization, flexibility, and strength exercises that target all the major muscle groups

Strength Ball Training" also includes a sample 16-week program with an excellent array of strength . Lorne Goldenberg works with professional athletes as a strength and conditioning coach

Strength Ball Training" also includes a sample 16-week program with an excellent array of strength, flexibility, and balance challenges that may also be customized to design your own strength ball program. Read full description. See details and exclusions. Lorne Goldenberg works with professional athletes as a strength and conditioning coach. He lectures internationally on stability ball exercises and programme integration. He has written for the NSCA Journal of Strength and Conditioning, Ironman, Physical and the Journal of Hockey Conditioning and Player Development, which he also owns.

Strength Training and Conditioning. Muscle Up with the Strength Ball Video on Demand. High-Powered Plyometrics Video on Demand: Bounding Progression.

Strength Ball Training presents those exercises along with instruction and advice on achieving results. Inside you will find assessments to help you determine your current ability level and corrective exercises that address deficiencies. The exercises can be sequenced to create individual programmes that target specific regions or enhance total-body performance.

Lorne Goldenberg is the director of the UPMC Sports Performance Complex in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Sports Performance Complex provides services to athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports along with nonathletes and others seeking to improve their fitness. Goldenberg is the former owner of the Athletic Conditioning Center and Strength Tek Fitness and Wellness Consultants, which provides service to more than 20,000 people throughout North America in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Boston. Goldenberg has been active in the field of sport performance for over 30 years.

Strength Ball Training by Goldenberg, Lorne. Free US Delivery ISBN: 0736038280.

Develop strength, power, coordination, balance, and core stability using the medicine ball and stability ball exercises included in Strength Ball Training. Preferred by elite athletes, fitness experts, and strength and conditioning specialists, these exercises train the body as a linked system rather than targeting muscles in isolation.

Exercises start with the core, where most movements are initiated, and then move out to the periphery, combining strength and balance in all the major muscle groups and the supporting muscles. And the enclosed companion DVD shows you how to perform the most complex and advanced exercises.

Strength Ball Training also includes a sample 16-week program with an excellent array of strength, flexibility, and balance challenges that may also be customized to design your own strength ball program.

I'm pretty happy with this purchase. This a good-sized book at over 280 pages and most of the book is filled with exercises. The book divides exercises using medicine and stability balls by muscle groups and provides photographs and text explanations for each exercise. The exercises have a range of difficulty and includes exercises you can do with partner. Thankfully, most of the exercises are perfect for a solo individual. Lots of exercises took you busy with only a few pieces of equipment (stability ball, medicine ball, dumbbells)

The book is well-thought out. It provides example routines, guides to quickly find a particular exercise throughout the book. It has the obligatory fitness introduction but the writers are very direct about their thoughts on fitness, exercise, techniques, modifications, etc. No unnecessary wordiness that you might find in other exercise books.

My only complaint might be that though the photographs do the job in depicting the exercises, they are a bit dark and should have probably been shot in a better environment.

If you are interested in medicine and stability exercises, this book is a must-read.
This book is worth twice the price. The accompanying DVD is also worth twice the price. It's a lot of information for the money!

Background: until a couple of weeks ago I exclusively lifted weights for strength training. Then I hurt my back, and decided I needed to get some more dynamic training into my regimen. I bought a few medicine balls, and immediately hurt my back again! (In a different spot.) I ordered this book (along with Gambetta's medicine ball book) to teach me the right way to use medicine balls. I was a bit unsure about this book because I really didn't want all those stability ball exercises -- I was just looking for med ball ex's.

In the meantime I went to a few stability ball classes at the Y because I figured that they wouldn't hurt my back. I actually enjoyed them and looked forward to the book's arrival.

The exercises in the sample program look pretty easy, that is until you watch the DVD and learn the *correct* way to do them. For all you macho guys out there who think that stability balls are for sissies, well let's just say that after I completed the beginner workout, I felt like I had been beaten by hammers all over my body. But in a good way! :-)

The DVD is very professionally produced. They film the exercises from multiple camera angles, and use slow- and stop-motion liberally to illustrate the critical parts of each exercise. (My 3 and 6 year-olds were mesmerized!) There is narration during the slow/stop sequences telling you what to watch for.

Short story, I sent Gambetta's book back because it pales in comparison to this one.

By the way, today I went to the Y and it was a beautiful day (60 degrees in February!) so the place was empty. I had my choice of an empty weight room or an empty aerobics studio. I chose the studio and the stability balls! What does that tell you?
For a number of years I have been doing a challenging program involving fairly heavy weights, stretching, and aerobic exercise. I was in good shape but not making progress, even when I increased the weight load. Lots of work on ab machines helped but did not completely shape up my core.

Last summer a trainer introduced me to a few exercises using stability balls. A few weeks later I found this book on Amazon. The first thing that impressed me was the quality, the amount of care that has gone into every aspect of the book and accompanying dvd. The introduction explains the approach and cites recent research. The instructions and photo accompanying each exercise are clear and helpful and the beautifully produced DVD demonstrates proper form for many, though not all, of the exercises.

I tried the sixteen-week program and saw dramatic changes not only in my core but also in my upper arms and legs. I'm now following the same pattern using some of the exercises from the program and some new ones, changing the selection every four weeks. Each exercise has advice about progressions so the possibilities are really endless. Some strength training programs are illustrated with photos of people who resemble the Michelin Man. The people in this book look like regular people in very good shape. That's how I'd like to look. Thank you Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist.
with "Audio/Video", but didn't have them. The Kindle read the book in "voice" mode, but that was no different than any other book on the device.
I also thought the program at the end of the book was incomplete since they didn't include how many days of the week each weeks' session was to be done. At least, in two readings I didn't see that info....
The exercises seemed to be adequately explained, though I think the picture sequences should've included some "middle" shots - not just the start and end.
In other books from Human Kinetics, the page number for an exercise was given in the workout session, and you could click on that page number to go directly to the exercise. This feature is very helpful when you're just starting and can't remember all the stuff.
This book may be of more use in the print version, provided the DVD and "audio" are included, but (at least for me) the Kindle version is a bit ponderous.

As far as the exercises, my only reservation is that it takes too much time to do a workout if you want to include it in with other forms of exercise. What I mean is that each technique I've read touts all these benefits so that you want to do them, but then you're spending more time than there are hours in the day if you do them all!
Book was in great condition, delivery on time what more can you ask for. This book is great for anyone in the fitness field especially those who are rehabilitation exercise specialist or medical exercise specialist. great book.
This books is basically good. There are many exercises at different levels and I feel an improvement in strength after using it. That said, the pictures could be better. It is not always clear the movement from the pictures and it takes careful reading.