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King-Cat Classix epub

by John Porcellino

King-Cat Classix epub

ISBN: 1894937910

ISBN13: 978-1894937917

Author: John Porcellino

Category: Comics and Graphics

Subcategory: Graphic Novels

Language: English

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly; 1st Hardcover Ed edition (May 1, 2007)

Pages: 320 pages

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FB2 book: 1887 kb

Rating: 4.9

Votes: 557

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The definitive collection of the influential comic zine John Porcellino has long been considered the greatest of all cartoonists coming from the self-publishing and zine movement of the early '90s. His spare approach with words and pictures focuses on the smallest of details.

King-Cat Classix book. A collection comprised of John Porcellino's favourite segments (and issues) of his quintessential comics series King-Cat Comics & Stories.

John Porcellino (born September 18, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois) is a popular creator of minicomics

John Porcellino (born September 18, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois) is a popular creator of minicomics. Porcellino's self-published, photocopied, mostly autobiographical series King-Cat Comics is among the best-known and longest-running minicomics produced today. Porcellino created King-Cat in May 1989, and to date has self-published 77 issues

King-Cat Classix by John Porcellino (2007-05-01) Hardcover – 1778.

King-Cat Classix by John Porcellino (2007-05-01) Hardcover – 1778. by. John Porcellino (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

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The definitive collection of the influential comic zine John Porcellino has long been considered the greatest of all cartoonists coming from the self-publishing and zine movement of the early '90s. His spare approach with words and pictures focuses on the smallest of details, revealing a wealth of meaning and emotion in everyday events that most of us overlook in our daily hustle and bustle.

King-Cat Classics& shows Porcellino's confidence and skill as it grows .

King-Cat Classics& shows Porcellino's confidence and skill as it grows steadily through the past fifteen years. Format Hardback 368 pages. Punk rock was a revelation to the young John Porcellino, showing him that anyone could make art without formal education or technical virtuosity. However, unlike many people who have taken this lesson to heart, Porcellino is a born artist, someone whose nerve endings seem more sensitive to both the pain and the mystery at the center of this existence. - - & City Paper& show more.

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The definitive collection of the influential comic zine
Since first discovering the work of John Porcellino, I've been an avid admirer of his oh-so-deceptively simple style -- but what depths there are in that simplicity! From his earliest, troubled, punk rock days to his growth into a more Zen existence, Porcellino tells direct, honest stories that lay bare his feelings, without any of it ever seeming self-indulgent or egocentric. He's just describing his life at the time, its frustrations & its unexpected joy It's a pleasure to accompany him through the years, from memories of childhood, to recounting his dreams, to an absolutely heartbreaking & moving tribute to his dog Sam, to his first steps into meditation & Buddhism.

It's fascinating the read the earliest stories, where his art style is rougher & more detailed. As time goes on, he begins to clarify it down to the fewest lines possible, which has the paradoxical result of becoming more richly detailed with its openness. It also reflects the shift in tone his life has taken over the years -- though I'll admit to a continuing delight in the drunken, foul-mouthed adventures of Racky Raccoon even now! Equally revealing are his Top 40 lists of whatever has captivated him at the time. These are eclectic & wide-ranging, offering an emotional snapshot of the man at that moment.

For anyone who thinks all autobiographical independent comics are drearily alike, you're in for a real surprise here: this is not only wonderfully readable, it's constantly re-readable. I find that I get something new out of this book each time I pick it up. It's very much in a particular American vein that's been tapped by the Beats & other marginal artists, in that it allows the reader to feel what it's like to be a young man in this country at this time, told in an utterly real & meaningful way. Porcellino has his finger on the pulse of life itself, and this is his report. Most highly recommended!
King Cat Classix is a "selected works" of John P's past ten years' of work, and it is a hefty book! I couldn't wait for it to come out and read other reviewers, but now I'm honored to be the first. This tome is full of comics ranging from dreams, childhood memories, Zen parables, elegies to his dog Sam, animals.... a collection of mini-memoirs that add up the life of an ordinary working class man brought up in the midwest and is now in Colorado. I called his previous book, Mosquito Abatement Man, a bizarre slice of midwestern life, but the Classix is a gentler work, thoughtful, inquisitive and passionate about the woods, mountains, lakes. His earlier work is rendered in scrawling, cruder line, but full of energy and rage, and his later work calms to minimalism and simple elegance.

Reading Porcellino, you truly get a feeling you know the man. Or better yet, you ARE the man, working through daily life, writing Top-40 lists, watching autumn leaves fall--getting totally drunk. The intimacy to his work is a rare and exceptional thing. There are shades of Harvey Pekar here, but also the Beats, Hemingway, the early modern greats of American lit. The Classix is such an expansive book that you can dip in at any point and read a lyric about winter, or about adolescent Porcellino experiencing the first anxieties about girls. Yet everything is done with sincerity, honesty and a painful sort of clarity. Real life doesn't get realer.
I've been a fan of comics for more than half a century, from newspaper comic strips to comic books. I worked in newspapers for more than 30 years and now am very supportive of preserving classics like LOAC Essentials Volume 4: Alley Oop 1939 and LOAC Essentials Presents King Features Volume 1: Krazy Kat 1934

If you're a lifelong comics fan, too, I also urge you to look at the relatively newer artists who have transformed this creative field in fresh ways. John Porcellino certainly is one of them! For example, if you're looking over this book page in Amazon and you're reading these reviews—I also recommend you look at the "annual" series of innovative comics. Here's the latest volume as I write this review: https://www.amazon.com/Best-American-Comics-2016/dp/0544750357/

The genius of comics as an artform and media "voice" is that this doorway is open to so many men, women and kids, too. For nearly three decades, Porcellino has been proving this point—self-publishing his own stuff, then building an audience and eventually resulting in a big, wonderful, hardback collection like this one. He came out of "nowhere," in publishing terms; published exactly what he wanted to publish; and he succeeded in finding a loyal following and, now, lots of folks "get" the storytelling creativity that blossoms from King-Cat.

If you love comics, even if you really love the classics, keep looking outward at all the new creators keeping this medium alive. Folks like Porcellino are a gift to the comics realm.
Occasionally I get lucky and stumble across an artist who is truly original with something to say. John Porcellino fits that to a tee. His sparse style hastily drawn on sheets of paper without the labored rendering to make each line perfect has the result of a stream of consciousness feel that is more real. A collection of short stories, dreams, a day in the life of John, top 40 lists, snippets of wisdom he's come across combine to make this a book your bookshelf has been crying for. And I can't forget about Marshmallow, Dakota, Sam and other assorted cat tales.
Picked up this book because I like how brutally honest comix can be. This is no exception. Porcellino's minimalist drawings really convey a touching story.

Included in here is the entire all-Sam issue, which he created to pay tribute to his childhood yellow lab. If you can read that section without crying, you're tougher than I am--what a touching tribute.

Porcellino comes from a Do It Yourself generation. It's no wonder he was inspired by the Minutemen, as another title for this could have been "This Book Could Be Your Life." There are a lot of memories packed into this book.