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The Nature of Leadership epub

by Dr. Anna T. Cianciolo,John Antonakis

The Nature of Leadership epub

ISBN: 0761927158

ISBN13: 978-0761927150

Author: Dr. Anna T. Cianciolo,John Antonakis

Category: Business books

Subcategory: Management & Leadership

Language: English

Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc; 1 edition (January 7, 2004)

Pages: 448 pages

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It is a must read for those who teach leadership. Anna T. Cianciolo received her PhD in engineering psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and her MA in cognitive and biological psychology from the University of Minnesota. She did two years of postdoctoral study at the Yale Center for the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise (PACE).

Affiliations: University of Lausanne

Affiliations: University of Lausanne. from the University of Michigan in psychology, and her . in cognitive & biological psychology from the University of Minnesota.

It is a must read for those who teach leadership. The Nature of Leadership will be useful to anyone with an interest in leadership.

The Nature of Leadership John Antonakis is Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management .

The Nature of Leadership. John Antonakis, Anna T. Cianciolo, Robert J. Sternberg. John Antonakis is Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management in the Department of Management of the University of Lausanne. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University, where he received the Frank Dilley best dissertation award for his work on the validity of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. Previously, Dr. Antonakis was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Psychology at Yale University (PACE Center).

Nevertheless, a better and promising picture of leadership has begun to surface in the last two decades and studies have been revived in a lot of fields that were considered as lacking in the aspect of consistency.

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This fully-updated text includes new material examining followership, gender, power, identity, culture, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Leadership scholars have made many inroads in understanding leadership; however, making sense of the thousands of studies and hundreds of books is a difficult task, which is why many still incorrectly think that leadership is an elusive phenomenon. The Nature of Leadership is the first concise and integrated volume that addresses current issues in leadership research, including emerging topics such as gender, culture, and ethics.
This book seems to be different. It is an edited book on leadership that covers important themes. Normally, edited books are put together in a slap-bang way--what makes them sell is the weight of the individuals chapters. How the chapters are put together is oftentimes irrelevant. This book is not like that at all. This book's strength is that the chapters cover the range of theories and approaches necessary to really understand what leadership is about in coordinated way. It is similar to Yukl's book (Leadership in Organizations) but written by many authors.
More importantly, this book is written by individuals who rely on the scientific literature--it is grounded in research and not opinion. It is not a "pop" psychology guide like much of the stuff out there today (e.g., the hype about emotional intelligence, Level 5 leaders, or whatever, which has almost put me off reading books on leadership). Nor is this book a overly technical academic guide. It is a serious, scientific reference book on leadership.
I am fascinated by leadership as a topic, both from an academic and a practical point of view. I own many books on leadership and this, I can predict, will be a good one. Buy it...if only for Warren Bennis's concluding chapter "The crucibles of authentic leadership." When you read it you'll see what I mean!!
This book provides an accessible review of leadership. Various models are presented that take stock of the past and the present. Proposed future models and approaches and also discussed. The book will appeal to practitioners but it is mostly targeted to researchers or human resources specialists. More than half the chapters will be easily read by practitioners (e.g., the chapter by Bennis on authentic leadership, Eagly and Carli on gender differences, Den Hartog and Dickson on leadership and culture, Cuilla on ethics, London and Maurer on leadership development, Sashkin on transformational leadership, etc.).
The more scientific chapters are also readable and quite useful. Not in the sense that they give a toolbox to managers about what to do to improve their leadership but on knowing which leader models are related to effectiveness (useful for interventions), traits or personality characteristics that predict leadership (useful for selection), and so forth. This book is definitely not a "how to guide" that you'd find at an airport bookstore. Rather, it is a book you'd find at a business school library.
As a director of organizational development in a large manufacturing multinational, I recommend this book in particular because the authors have ensured to present models that have been demonstrated to work based on scientific criteria. In one of the chapters (on Methods for Studying Leadership, I believe) they make the analogy that using leadership products is like using medicines. Educated and discerning people would not take medicines prescribed by a witchdoctor. Unfortunately, practitioners listen more to witchdoctors (consultants who are rather convincing and motivated to make a quick buck) and less to medical doctors (trained specialists who know what works).
This book has been very helpful. Especially the first chapter. It's the first time, really, that I have understood how leadership, as a body of research, evolved. Antonakis, Ciansiolo, and Sternberg divided the ways in which leadership models have been developed into 8 schools, classifying them according to the period they generated research interest and specifically how popular they were. Their classificaiton scheme has made me able to sort out and distinguish the various models of leadership. The leadership schools include:
*Trait (traits/attributes of leaders)
*Behavioral (types of behaviors linked to leadership)
*Contingency (how the situation is a moderator of leadership)
*Contextual (contextual factors inhibiting leadership displayed)
*Skeptics (those arguing that leadership doesn't matter/exist)
*Relational (describing the nature of relations between leaders/followers)
*New Leadership (charismatic and transformational leadership)
*Information processing (cognitive perspectives of leadership)
The book is based on the above 8 schools, and more. I think the book is realy useful for someone who is interested in leadership from a historical or a research perspective.
Some of the reviewers below are bit too excited about this book. Okay, it is a good book but a bit heavy (I got a hard cover)! For the almost 500 pages you do get good bang for your buck ($50/500=$0.10 per page). What I liked about the book is the way it's laid out. It's pretty well organized and covers leadership from many angles. That's an advantage of this book. It doesn't have one message but many messages. The authors of the chapters know what they are talking about. The editors are psychologists/leadership specialists and have good credetials from Yale University. The downside (for some an advantage) is that it looks more at leadership models and says a lot about the state-of-the-art regarding leadership research but not about practice (well the book is not about that and the authors don't claim to do that).

This book will help you if you want to know what leadership model to invest your money in. It's a bit like a consumer car guide. Tells you what's good and what's not so good. If you have this book then you know how to spend your money wisely on other leadership books.