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Love's Haven (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #21) epub

by Catherine Palmer

Love's Haven (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #21) epub

ISBN: 0373785380

ISBN13: 978-0373785384

Author: Catherine Palmer

Category: Bibles

Subcategory: Literature & Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Steeple Hill; Original edition (April 26, 2005)

Pages: 256 pages

ePUB book: 1135 kb

FB2 book: 1933 kb

Rating: 4.5

Votes: 765

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Love's Haven Steeple Hill Women's Fiction Mitic─â.

Love's Haven Steeple Hill Women's Fiction B. Julila.

April 2007 : UK Mass Market Paperback.

Catherine Palmer, Christy Award-winning author of Love's Haven. International intrigue and a handsome stranger combine in this. You will love this book! Susan May Warren writes a great suspense story, zipping you along with powerful word choices and electric, tension-filled dialogue. When her heroine, American missionary Gracie Benson, meets Vicktor Shubnikov, a kind-hearted, down-on-his-luck KGB agent, the story becomes a snowball barreling downhill, grabbing your heart and making you feel like you are in Siberia right along with them, running for your life from a serial killer.

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Religious & Spiritual Fiction. By (author) Catherine Palmer.

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Love's Haven by Catherine Palmer released on Apr 26, 2005 is available now for purchase.
Honestly, I loved the story. It was everything one could ask for in an Inspirational romance novel. There were, however, a few points with which I continue to struggle reconciling with reality. If one is able to set aside these few issues, the book is well worth reading.

First, I continue to be irked with the novel's premise that Mara & Brock had to be married for Brock to provide the assistance he promised to Mara. They wed so the wealthy Brock can provide financially for her & her unborn child, who have been left husbandless, fatherless, & penniless since the tragic death of Mara's husband, the best friend of Brock. Set in the 1800's, this premise would be more than logical. However, set in present-day, it rubs me as nothing more than a means to a beautiful love story.

Second, I have not been able to shake my husband's comment regarding the premise. He commented that it was a great, guilt-free way to get together with one's husband's best friend. Yes, I chided & corrected him, explaining the story, but the disconcerting thought has remained tucked in my mind. And my husband doesn't even have a best friend. So I'm not sure how men would take this book (or any romance novel, for that matter, I suppose).

Despite these personal issues with the story, I still remained completely enthralled from beginning to end. The characters are nicely developed, & the passion & intensity between the couple could possibly leave one breathless. Mara's struggle with accepting her husband's death & learning to love her new husband seem appropriate & well drawn out. The story is peppered with humor & insight, as well as some heart-wrenching moments. (Personally, I loved the amusing opening scene, imagining the two in the bathroom already fighting.)

Oh, how I wanted to give this 5 stars! If only I could reconcile my innate romanticism with my view of reality. Even still, I'd read it again whilst suspending disbelief.
Over and over it seemed to repeat itself. Just could not accept the storyline. But I kept trying until too late to return for refund. Palmer's other books I have read were all at least 4 stars. I just don't understand where this one came from.
I enjoy this authors works.
I do enjoy most of Ms. Palmer's books...this one with the handsome cowboy was much fun! It was old fashioned romance that was charming yet not fairy tale.
Boy gets girl in the end but not so predictable of a story line
so good to have that book back, I don't know what happened with my other copy. But it was read the night it came and is already on the book shelf collecting dust :)
This was an excellent read! So enjoyed the story line. Some sadness and then happiness and forgiveness. I cried and I laughed my way through it!
I really enjoyed this book. The book opens with Brock telling Mara that he is going to marry her. Mara doesn't want to marry Brock. The problem...Mara was married to Brock's best friend, Todd. Todd was killed in a climbing accident and Mara blames Brock because he asked him to go. Brock and Todd have been best friends since grade school. When Todd died, he left Mara (who is pregnant) and a company with lots of debt. Brock has lots of money and wants to offer Mara and her baby a future. In desperation Mara does marry Brock but it is a name only marriage to provide medical, food, a car and a home to them. But will it stay that way? They have many issues to work out and will "good timin" Brock settle down? This story is their journey. I thought Catherine did a wonderful job in creating these characters. It's one that will be a keeper on my shelf.